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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 19, 1999, Darmstadt, HesseSunday december 19, 1999 stars and stripes Page 19 what newspapers Are saying at Home the following editorial excerpts Are selected from a Cross Section of newspapers throughout the United states. The editorials Are provided by the associated press and other stateside syndicates. On Boris Yeltsin Minneapolis Star Tribune russian president Boris Yeltsin was in Strong form thursday when from Beying he told the United states to Back off on Chechnya. President Clinton Yeltsin said seems to have forgotten that Russia has a full Arsenal of nuclear whoa Nellie that s one thing Clinton never for gets. Yeltsin s intemperate outburst partly was him being his unpredictable self As reassurances from Moscow made Clear. Yeltsin also was performing for China s Benefit. His new buddy president Jiang Zemin played his role to perfection announcing Complete understanding and sup port for Russia s actions in combating terrorism and extremism in in re turn Yeltsin expressed Russia s full sup port for the chinese claim on Taiwan. Quite a pair of Mutual Back scratches. None of this can Hurt the candidates Yeltsin backs in the election for the Duma Russia s lower House scheduled for later this month. That election is critical to the future course of Russia and will be an important indicator of who will fare Well in next june s presidential election. Swiss Banks looting Miami Herald if Swiss Bankers wanted exoneration for their looting of jewish Bank accounts Dur ing and after world War ii they did t get it from the Independent audit commission headed by former Federal Reserve Board chairman Paul Volcker and they should t have it. The commission report is damning in its descriptions of How How the Banks thwarted the efforts of holocaust survivors to re claim their accounts. Four years ago Swiss Bankers told the . Congress they had found 775 accounts valued at about $35 million. Auditors located some 54,000 accounts. Because auditors also reported finding no evidence of systematic destruction of records of victim accounts or organized discrimination Swiss Bankers association chairman Georg Krayer was emboldened to claim the Banks had acted correctly except in a few isolated non sense. The audit commission s report de tails How Swiss Banks routinely thwarted the search for accounts after the War issuing deliberately misleading statements to jews but not non jews. That s not Correct behaviour by an stretch of moral or Legal imagination. Re ported anecdotes salted through the report fairly scream discrimination theft Lia sales Tulsa okla world Catalon mail orders and internet shop Ping account for a significant and increasing share of the retail business in this coun try. Internet Sites generated $300 billion in sales in 1998, according to a study by the University of Texas and that number is expected not just to grow but to multiply in the next few years. Of increasing mail order and internet sales. Are an Issue to local governments be cause much of that business is at the expense of local merchants who collect. Sales taxes and pay property taxes. Those tax revenues support City and county ser vices and to an extent local schools. The . Supreme court has ruled that a traditional Catalon operation like . Pen Ney which maintains a local presence such As a warehouse or a Catalon store can be required to remit locally imposed sales taxes. However a strictly mail order operation like . Bean cannot be. And no rules. Cover internet sales. Obviously As mail order and internet sales continue to grow. Cities and coun ties that depend on sales taxes will be faced with either finding other resources of Revenue taxes or cutting Back on Neces sary services. Given the supreme court s ruling on mail order sales it probably would take a Federal Law to allow states counties and Cit ies to collect sales taxes. That s not Likely to happen anytime soon but at some Point Congress will have to address the Issue. Catalon mail order and internet sales not Only deprive local governments of sales tax they create a competitive disadvantage for local property taxpaying Mer chants. Voters1 message the olympian 0/ymp/a, Wash when 56.2 percent of the voters approved initiative 695 in november they sent a Strong message to elected official about setting budget priorities. In effect voters said enough is enough pay for essential programs with the tax dollars we have already Given you. Set priorities and learn to live with in a let Ter to the governor state auditor Brian sonntag wrote we must not shrink from our responsibility to listen. We must Wel come it As an Opportunity to reassess whether the Way we do business aligns with the desires and expectations of Washington sonntag got the message delivered by voters on nov. 2. Were gov. Gary Locke and state lawmakers listening our worst fear is that the governor and legislators will order across the Board budget cuts and refuse again to do any kind of performance evaluation of state programs to determine where dollars Are spent wisely and achieving their Pur pose and where tax dollars Are being wasted. Cuban boy Albuquerque . Journal barring some question of parental fit Ness Law and Public sentiment would lean toward returning Little Elian Gonzalez to his natural father if the cuban boy s custody Case had taken place solely on Ameri can soil. Elian s Mother and Stepfather Are dead victims of a failed attempt to leave Cuba by boat. Juan Miguel Gonzales 31, is Remar ried the father of a new baby and still in Cuba and he wants son Elian to come Home. But what s Best for this boy who turned 6 monday May be drowned out by the nationalist rhetoric that fuels and frames what is now an International incident As his father s own words attest he is the son of the cuban Are not helping the situation however. Scenes from the Home of Florida relatives seeking his custody show Elian Ina to shirt emblazoned with the cuban american National foundation Castro s influential Nemesis. And the . Govern ment s position that a Florida court should decide whether biological custody Trumps immigration status is too by the Book to be applied to a Young child s life. A Florida newspaper s online poll Mon Day revealed that 75 percent of its readers favor the boy s return to his father. Yet if Public sentiment sways . Officials to re turn Elian it will Mark neither a Victory in Castro s Battle for world opinion nor an indication of the number of Castro s friends in America. It will reflect instead the conviction that a Young boy should live with his father until he reaches an age to decide for him self whether to pursue his Mother s fateful dream of Freedom. To programming Toledo Ohio Blade the supreme court heard arguments last week in a Case that has important ramifications for free speech the Content of our airwaves and the responsibility of parents to Monitor what their children see or hear. At Issue is the question of whether the rights of adults to watch what they want when they want must be abridged in order to protect children from unsuitable Materi Al and we would not disagree that the material on such adult programming As that of the Playboy entertainment group is unsuitable for Young kids. The government should not once again adopt the role of Nanny taking the place of parents who should be controlling what their children see. It is not the role of government to step in and mandate what appears on our television screens obliged to do so because two working Parent House holds leave the television As a baby Sitter. We agree that children should not be Able to View unsuitable material. But the Means to restrict Access Are available through technology and it is a matter of parental supervision and responsibility to ensure that those restrictions Are in place. Police sentencing new York times Short of murder it is hard to imagine a crime More vicious than the torture Justin Volpe inflicted on Abner Louima. The corrosive effect of or. Volpe s crimes on Trust Between new York City police and Many communities May take years to mend. The suffering he caused or. Louima and his family cannot be fully measured. The 30-year sentence imposed by Federal District judge Eugene Nickerson will not heal those wounds but it sends a Strong Mes Sage to Law enforcement officers that police brutality will face severe punishment

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