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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 19, 1999, Darmstadt, HessePace 18 stars and stripes sunday december 19, 1999 stars stripes Thomas e. Kelsch publisher George m. Webb chief operating officer Max Lederer general manager Europe it. Col Barry Williams Usan commander Deputy general manager news and editorial Bill Walker european editor Doug Clawson managing editor Europe Kimberly Mielcarek Andy Savoie european desk editor letters editor Joe Gromelski electronic edition editor assistant managing editors Chris Carlson news Harry Thompson sports cherish May graphics Brian Bowers features addresses . Mail unit 29480, Apoate 09211 International mail Postrach 1330, 64345 Griesheim Germany fax Dan 349-8416 Civ. 491 0 6155/601416 email news letters Central office 529 14th Street new suite 350 Washington do 20045-1301 phone Dan 312-763-0900 or Civ. 1 202 761-0900 fax 11 202 761-0890 ombudsman currently vacant. Send comments to director afis 601 n. Fairfax Alexandria a 22314 or email How to Call us commander publisher. Dan 349-8202 Civ. 49 0 6155/ 601202 editor Dan 349-8237 Civ. 49 0 6155/601237 letters Dan 349-8400 Civ. 491 0 6155/601400 sports Dan 3-49-8225 Civ. 49 0 6155/601225 news bureaus Germany country code 49 Bamberg Sally Roberts unit 27535, Box 23497, Apo a 09139 Tel. Dan 469-7957 or Civ. 0 951/36896 fax Dan 469-8007 or Civ. 0 951/300-8007 email Heidelberg Marion Callahan room 117, Rome str. 104, 69115 Heidelberg Tel. Dan 370-7010 or Civ. 0 6221/600554 fax Civ. 0 6221/23421 email Kaiserslautern Kevin Dougherty and Cory Lancaster Apo a 09227-3717 Tel. Dan 489-6585 or Civ. 0 631/52104 or 0 631/57140 fax Dan 489-6357 or Civ. 0 631/5366357 email , Span Dahlem Kevin Dougherty building 125, Apo a 09126 Tel. Dan 489-6585 or Civ. 0 631/52104 or 0 631/57140 fax Dan. 489-6357 or Civ.0 631/5366357 email Dougherty mail. Stuttgart Cindy Elmore building 3307, 3rd floor Kelley Barracks Apo a 09107 Tel. Dan 421-2088 or Civ. 0 711/7292088 fax Civ. 0 711/729-2337 email . Wurzburg Richelle Turner Collins unit 26233, Apo a 09036 Tel. Dan 350-6308 or Civ. 0 931/700541 fax Civ. 0 951/300-8007 email Belgium Mons Gregory Piatt car 451, Box 188, Apo a 09708 Tel. Dan 423-5317 or Civ. 32 0 65/44-5317 fax Dan 423-5352 or Civ. 32 0 65/44-5352 email Italy Aviano Gary Kunich pc 54, Box 782, Apo a 09601 Tel. Dan 632-5176 or Civ. 39 0434 66-5176 fax Dan 632-5222 or Civ. I 39 0434 66-5222 email Naples Ward Sanderson and Keith Boydston pc 810, Box 56, Fpo a 09619 Tel. Dan 625-3527/3528 or Civ. 391 081 0724-3527/3528 fax Dan 625-3526 or Civ. 1391 081 0724-3526 email , Simonella Sicily Jon r. Anderson and Anthony Burgos pc 812, Box 3520, Fpo a 09627-3520 Tel. Dan 624-2590 or Civ. 391 095 86-2590., fax Dan 624-2589 or Civ. 39 095 86-2589 email , Spain Rota Marni Mcentee pc 819, Box 1, Fpo a 09645 Tel. Dan 727-1099/1686 or Civ. 34 0956 82-1099 fax Dan 727 1034 or Civ. 1341 0956 82-1034 email Bosnia Tula stars and stripes operation joint forge Apo a 09789 Tel. Civ. 387 0 75/814-167 email Macedonia Kosovo Skopje stars and stripes Ulica Naum Ohri ski 49, Skopje Cernica Macedonia Tel. Civ. 1389 0 91-110024 email Turkey Izmir Terry Boyd room 509, Akin building Alsan Cak Izmir mail ing address stars and stripes co Boyd pc 88, Box 3137, Apo a 09821 Tel. Dan 675-3388 or Civ. 901 232-441-6488 United kingdom Raf Mildenhall Ron Jensen building 465 Cess us Raf Milden Hall Apo a 09459 Tel. Dan 238-4868 or Civ. 44 0 1638/544868 fax Civ. 1 441 0 1638/ 718013 email Washington . Chuck Vinch and Jason Sandford Oast a the Pentagon room 2e756 Box 46095, Washington do 20050-6095 Tel Civ. I 11 703 697-6695 fax Civ. 1 703 693-6366 email , this newspaper is an authorized unofficial publication for Mem Bers of the military services overseas. Contents of stars and stripes do not necessarily reflect the views of or endorsement by the .government, the department of defense or the . European com Mand. The appearance of advertising in this publication including inserts and supplements does not constitute endorsement by the department of defense or stars and stripes of the products or services in the United kingdom by 2000 print services Ltd. Printed in Italy by edit Rice Tel Estampa expulsion letter this is in response to the letter expulsion Flap . 11. I think there Are some topics the writer should have firsthand knowledge of in order to write effectively and i think racism is one of them. Most people agree racism will always be an Issue and ignorance is at its Root. Rac ism in t Only Black and White and All peo ple who do wrong should be held account Able and punished for their actions. The writer s final comment was let s Start respecting each other instead of annoying one but statements by the writer annoyed me. When referring to the statistics of Blacks in jail he said maybe some of those people did t get fair trials or got thrown in jail by Acci i would love to hear that explanation in court. Excuse me your Honor but i accidentally arrested that in 1984, it was no Accident when a Black Man and his wife stopped at a very Busy convenience store and the Man was pulled out of the car his arms were pinned be Hind his Back and he was frisked while other patrons were allowed to go into the store. Why did this happen because the police had responded to an alarm at the restaurant next door which had been Bro Ken into 10 minutes earlier. This is reality. This happened to my husband. In 1994, it was no Accident when a Man was told that a piece of land was not for Sale Only to have a Friend of a different color inquire about the land and have it offered to him. This is reality. This happened to my Uncle. It was also reality when on a recent trip to the states i had to explain to my boys Why out of everyone else in the depart ment store where we were shopping we were the ones being so closely watched. Time after time we have heard stories of people being killed falsely accused run out of town cheated out of what was theirs and put in jail All based on their skin color. This in t looking for someone to blame. This is the reality we live in and until we All face it racism will always be around. Yes maybe the Rev. Jesse Jackson made the situation in Decatur 111. Worse As Well As did the Kun flux klan s appear Ance. But the Rev. Jackson has repeatedly said it was t a race Issue or that the Young men involved should t be punished. The Issue was the length of the expulsion being excessive. It was Only after the Media got hold of the Story did it turn into a race Issue. It was Only after ignorance became involved did it turn into a race Issue. While those who do the crime should do the time and take the blame for their actions so should everyone else whether it is a crime that May land them in jail or crimes against humanity. Kimberly Gibbs sem bled air base Germany pay Gap officers have been attempting to justify the pay Gap Between themselves and the enlisted ranks. It was amusing at first Reading the replies of captains and Colo Nels dancing around the pay Gap Issue but it s getting a Little annoying now. If i recall correctly one lieutenant Colo Nel actually replied in a letter that because the Buck stops with the officer corps they Are entitled to More pay. I know of a few Bucks who have fallen and hit some noncommissioned officers pretty hard. I guess those Bucks did t know they were supposed to Stop. Pro sports teams might be a successful Model to follow. The coaches get paid respectably meaning they Don t wait in line at the food shelter after the games to feed their families. The players who actually Tell us what you think stars and stripes welcomes your comments on editorials and columns that Are published in the newspaper and values letters on topics of importance in the lives of our readers All letters must be signed and must include the writer s address or base and Telephone number. We Reserve the right to edit letters for length. Send your letters to . Mail stars and stripes unit 29480apoae 09211 International mail stars and stripes Postrach 133064345 Griesheim via fax country code 49 0 6155/601395dsn 349-8395 email letters o rail stripes void Mil win the wars of i mean games get paid millions. Somehow that seems right and fair to me. After All anyone can come up with a decent game plan but it s the players who win or lose the games. I have a solution to Shear some of the Mil itary s lard. Hire a few efficiency experts and turn them Loose in the Pentagon. For fun we could take bets on the number of the Buck stops Here officers looking for work tomorrow. Of course they won t have to wait in food lines to feed their families. Even the fallen and disgraced like Gen. David Hale Are Given More retire ment pay in one month than a sergeant first class on Active duty will earn in three. All the cos out there who Are More than qualified to attend officer candidate school but choose not to for love of truly leading from the front have my continuing respect. The officers should spare us the lame and offensive justifications for Why it s of for their soldiers to beg for food while they continue to pad their own nests with this most recent Sham of a pay raise. It makes them appear greedy and foolish. I wish i d had an Opportunity to train the lieutenant who wrote the letter potential nov. 12 somewhere along the line. He would have Learned that those whiners he referred to Are not whining for themselves but fighting for their families. They Are the very soldiers who will make or break him. Do us All a favor and follow the lessons Learned by president Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. He is an Apt i Ole Model for some. Clinton held his own by simply ignoring the allegations. Not until he opened his Mouth and tried to de fend the indefensible was he sgt. Patrick rather bombard Germany pokemon dispute stars and stripes published the Story school pokemon a pain in the Pik Achu . 3. It reported that a woman slapped another woman s son Over a pokemon toy. Amusing As this Story was i am surprised to find How close it hit . 13, my teen age daughter was at the Ramstein Germany base Exchange shopping for a birthday present for an 8-year-old boy finding a Small $10 pokemon toy she reached up and touched the toy to inspect it further despite the fact that she actually had the toy in her hand a grown woman grabbed it out of my daughter s hand. When my daughter con fronted her saying she had had the toy in her hand the woman childishly replied finders keepers and walked off with the Pik Achu asked my daughter if she said anything else to the woman. She said she did t since she had been taught to respect peo ple older than herself. Even though i com mended my child for her restraint i questioned whether this person deserved the re Spect shown. Parents should remember that these Are Only toys not life or death necessities for their children. And they Are certainly not any Good reason to be rude or disrespect Ful to others. Pokemon will come and go but the impressions parents and adults in general leave regarding the importance of these toys will linger much longer. How much better to teach kids that Courtesy and respect is a far More desirable end than a plastic toy. Tech sgt. Marilee j. Philen Ramstein air base Germany Joyner assessment i have to agree with the letter Joyner Flap . 13 which said the Tom Joyner radio show is meant to be humorous. How Ever just because it is meant to be funny does t mean it is All right to offend other races genders and cultures. In today s society it seems to be acceptable to make fun of certain races but not others. If a person publicly makes fun of some races that per son is called a racist not a comedian. It seems to be a double Standard. An used the lame excuse that the Joyner show is popular and that is Why it is aired. But Howard Stern s radio show is also extremely popular much More nation wide than Joyner s. Is Stern anywhere to be found on an no. Does Stern offend races genders and cultures sure. But re member an used the rationale that if a show is popular then an should air it. So an when is Howard Stern s show going to be aired i m sure the answer is that it won t be. Again there is some soft of Dou ble Standard. As for other shows such As Rush Lim Baugh offending others Limbaugh s radio show is aired for Only one hour a Day from 6 . To 7 . On the am station not for three hours during the most listened to time of Day on pm. Limbaugh is not aired during duty hours when most of us listen to the radio and Are in an environment where we May not have the option to just turn it off in fear of offending someone who enjoys Joyner. Saturday night live and Seinfeld Are usually viewed at Home. This makes it easier to just turn it off or turn to another Chan Nel. After All the majority of servicemen Bers in Germany now have Cable or Satel Lite television and the option of viewing other English speaking channels. Freedom of speech is a great thing. Everyone should have the right to their Opin ions or views. However an seems to be saying that it is All right for Joyner to express his Freedom of speech and degrade and make fun of others while people like Stern need not be heard. Who made an the god of what we the military members it is serving should hear i know that there was a Survey that an was doing but it was t very in depth. Maybe an should ask its listeners if they want to hear Stern or Don Imus or any of the other popular radio programs it currently chooses not to air. Maybe the Best thing would be to air ail of them equally so that everyone can be heard and every one can either enjoy listening or be offended whichever the Case May be. In my opinion an should just air a mix of All types of music All Day Long on pm. That Way everyone would get to hear the music they like mixed in throughout the Day. Then shows such As Joyner and other predominately talk radio shows could be aired on the am station. I realize that this letter probably won t have any affect on an s programming. But hey Don t i have the Freedom to express my opinions and views under the first amendment tech sgt. Randy Marks Mainz Kastel Germany

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