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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 19, 1999, Darmstadt, HesseSunday december 19, 1999 stars and stripes Page 17 sunday Horoscope today s birthday Decem Ber 19. Get Back to basics this year by recalling your original dreams and fantasies build a life that makes room for them. New relationship Are fun this month but make easy come easy go your mantra. In March a significant other probably a Sagittarius or Taurus will make him or inure herself known and much of your Energy will be devoted to nurturing this Stellar romantic connection. Aries March 21-april 19. Attack a challenging project head on just to prove to yourself that you can do it. A Long talk will fix almost any relation ship. You will be the Star of a party if you choose to go. Taurus april 20-May 20. Taking things at face value is a huge mistake. A Friend has More to offer than it first seems. You May be deluged with compliments possibly from a romantic interest. Be tactful and keep secrets to yourself tonight. Gemini May 21-june 21. Winning a contest can make the picture brighter. Vacations Are in the works. Being useful is More important than being the Center of Atten Tion now. Give your mate a Chance to explain. Important phone Calls come Early. Cancer june 22-july 22. Your Cool exterior belies the turmoil inside. Writing and other forms of expression will help you get Back in control. A love interest is moving too fast insist on setting the Pace. Leo july 23-aug. 22. Let others know you Are available. Reach out and help others instead of sitting in judgment. It is difficult to employ logic when analysing a passionate relationship but try involve a partner in your artistic Endeavor for Success. Virgo aug. 23-sept. 22. A secret comes out. A Lover May try to lean on you financially but the need is probably More than you can give without ultimately feeling resentful. Romance is terrific fun if you keep sense of humor. Libra sept. 23-oct. 23relationships Are maddening do what you can and then let it go. Trying to be everything to everyone will backfire. Business deals Are heating up but it s not time to sign yet. Scorpio oct. 24-nov. 21. Relocating or switching careers is More appealing than Ever. All Busi Ness deals Are easier to agree upon people want the same thing. Communication either written or spoken is favored. Healing Powers Are profound. Sagittarius nov. 22-dec. 21. Focus on consolidating Finan Cial matters before they get Jillson it of nand a cnan9e i your personal appearance and wardrobe can put out the right signals. Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. 19. Long Range plans become Crystal Clear. You could easily change the Way you feel about someone even one who rejected you in the past could be a love interest this afternoon Solitude is liberating. Aquarius Jan. 20-feb. 18. A dormant project suddenly comes to life and you Are calling All the shots. Things could go Well with the in Laws despite what seems to be a brewing storm. A mini vacation cures stress related ills. Pisces feb. 19-March 20. Follow your curiosity about a new love interest even though you May not end up with this person. A party or casual open House brings friends and family closer. Regarding upcoming work a collaboration is Neces sary. Forecast for the last week of the 2oth Century Here Are some Lucky As sign ments that will help us gracefully close out the year and pave the Way for a Bright new future. Aries conquer an employment or health Issue once and for All. Taurus finally Tell that special someone How you feel. Gemini Branch out and make new contacts for your business. Can cer get exercising not just your body but your mind too. Leo make big resolutions and keep them Virgo indulge yourself in ways you never usually allow. Libra tie Loose ends and sign contracts that contribute to your future financial Success. Scorpio commit to love with your whole heart soul mind and body. Sagittarius schedule hours even Days of restful recupera Tion. Capricorn tone Down the drama and get close relationships Back in working order. Aquarius take the Burden from someone else s shoulders they la never forget the favor. Pisces Don t Compro Mise the whole week and see How things change for the better. Creators Syndicate daughter s former be does t know How to Back off dear Abby what do you do when your daughter s sex boy Friend continues to Call you and ask for information about her personal life and activities after two years of dating Anna ended the rela " Tio ship. There were vast differences in their Matu Rity and goals and she had been unhappy for some time. Our family always welcomed him into our Home and i think because of this he feels that i la sympathize with him. I have told him that i cannot and will not give out information that is no longer his concern yet he continues to Call. He cries and tells me How much he loves her that he cannot live without her. This is beginning to frighten me As i have seen him driving Down our Street late at night with the headlights turned off. He is not a teen Ager he is 24. My daughter insists that he would never harm her but his denial of reality makes me very concerned. A worried mom dear worried mom the next time he Calls and cries Tell him that the signals he s sending out Are not those of love but oses him that he has been seen Abby driving by with his lights off and it s not a sign of Devotion it could be considered stalking. Explain that you Are concerned about him because his behaviour in t Normal and if he s unable to accept reality he should seek professional counsel ing. If he persists con Sider getting caller id and notify the police about the drive Bys. Dear Abby i am in love with a 44-year-old Man i la Call he was a guest for about five months Here at the hotel where i work. Mark would stay Here monday through Friday and go Home every weekend. His Job Transfer was the reason he was staying Here. After he sold his Home he planned to move closer to , a few Days ago Mark got promoted and now he has to work in Detroit. He lives Only a couple of hours from Detroit so he might not have to sell his House after All. The bad thing is not Only is Mark working in Detroit he also has a wife. I know this whole thing is wrong but i love him. He prom leave me his pager and cell phone numbers when he left but he did t. In fact my Boss was the one who told me that he got the new Job and would never be Back again. Mark and i saw each other for most of his stay Here and i miss him so much. I Don t know Why he left the Way he did or Why he has t even called. I have a Boyfriend and he happens to like Mark. He does t know about us i have Mark s address and Telephone number at Home but i can t Call because of his wife. I m in the process of making plans to move to Detroit just so i can be near him. Abby i love Mark and will do anything just to see his face and hear his voice even if it s for the last time. What should i do missing Mark in Michigan dear missing Mark a Man who cared about you and respected your feelings would not have left it to your Boss to Tell you about his promotion and the fact that he was t returning. Not Only Are you missing Mark you also seem to be miss ing the entire picture. Face it my dear you be been dumped. Letters for this column with your name and phone number should be addressed to dear Abby . Box 69440, los Angeles Ca 90069. Readers can write to Abby on the internet at . Universal press Syndicate credit card loss insurance May be just another scam dear readers tins letter May not be the most interesting you be Ever read in this space but it could be one of the most Impi Tant. Please pay attention. Ann this definition Cut and dried Knight Ridder Tribune service q. I recently heard a film critic put Down a mystery movie As Cut i knew what he meant in a general Way but i won dered How the saying developed. A. Merriam Webster s collegiate dictionary defines Cut and dried sometimes seen As Cut and dry As done according to Aplan set procedure or formula or the reviewer was Proba Bly telling you that the film lacked originality and was just an other version of a familiar Story. Originally Cut and dried referred to the medicinal herbs sold in herbalists shops of 17th-Centu by England. Whether for the Sake of convenience or because As sources claim the herbs were More effective As remedies in dried form the herbalists liter ally Cut and dried Large quantities of various herbs and made them available in this prepared time Cut and dried became a set phrase meaning ready made and far from used figuratively the expression had a negative connotation. The earliest known use of the expression was in a 1710 let Ter to a minister the writer complained that the minister s ser Mon was ready Cut and dry prepared by the editors of Merriam Webster s collegiate dictionary tenth edition. Send questions to Merriam Webster s word watch . Box 281, 47 Federal st., Springfield a 01102. Dear Ann the Federal Trade commission and the nation s attorneys general need your help in warning Consumers about unscrupulous telemarketers who pitch expensive Protection against credit card loss. We recently sued a number of scammers who were telling con Sumers often senior citizens that thieves can get their account information from the inter net and ring up thou Sands of dollars in unauthorized purchases. The scammers have also been telling older people that the y2k glitch might cause unauthorized charges to be placed on their accounts. They Are offering insurance against such is the message we want to get across to your readers if you get one of these Calls Don t fall for the pitch and Don t buy the loss Protection insurance. If you did t authorize a charge Don t pay it. Follow the proce dures of your issuers for disputing charges that you have not authorized. According to Federal Law your liability for unauthorized charges is limited to $50.for More information about your credit rights Tell your read ers to Call the Etc toll free at1-877-Ftc-help 1-877-382 4357or visit our web Sites , or . Jodie Bernstein Landers Bureau of consumer Protection Federal Trade commission Washington d.c., Anddrew Edmondson attorney general state of Oklahoma dear Ann like millions of others i have grown up Reading your column but never thought i would need to write to you. Today s incident however has changed All i sat in the doctor s waiting room in walked a woman who smiled pleasantly and took a seat next to me. Within a minute i thought i d pass out. She had on enough perfume to asphyxiated an army.1 should Tell you i m a smoker but i do try to be respectful of others. I obey All no smoking signs and never Light up in Ano smoking area nor do i smoke in a group without asking Permis Sion. My complaint is about women who douse themselves in perfume. After being around them i get choked up to the Point where i cannot breathe and i lose my know i can t be the Only person in the world with this problem so please Ann print my letter in your column. D.p., somewhere in Texas dear . Here s your letter and for whatever Cornmon it May be you have a lot of company. Have received hundreds of letters from both men and women who cannot tolerate perfume Cologne or men s after shave lotion. I Hope your letter will Alen Mil Lions of readers to the fact that a dab of perfume behind the ears is Fine but please Don t drown in it. Dear Ann i be Learned a lot from your column. The most valuable bit of advice was the counsel Given by my grandmother when i married. It was this Don t look for perfection in your mate. You will not find it. And it s just As Well. Living with a Saint can be tiresome. Learn the Wisdom of Compromise. It is better to Bend a Little than to Norfolk va., Reader dear a words of Wisdom not Only for newlyweds but for All of us. Remember them. Letters should be addressed to Ann Landeis . Box 1562, Chicago in 60611-0562. Or write to Annun the internet at wow. . Creators Syndicate

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