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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 19, 1999, Darmstadt, HessePage 16 stars and stripes sunday december 19, 1999 i kiss you Turk is Caber celebrity by Kim Curtis the associated press san Francisco Mahir Cagri a 37-year-old Bachelor from Izmir Turkey about As far As one can get from Silicon Valley set up a personal web site a year ago. Welcome to my Home Page i kiss you he wrote listing his hobbies and posting photos of himself playing Ping Pong and wearing a skimpy bathing suit. He figured he would meet a few pen pals maybe Welcome a guest into his Home near the Aegean sea. Then a month and a half ago hackers invaded and embellished his site spicing up the text with i like sex and adding that Mahir enjoys taking photos of Nice nude the hackers also moved it to a new location and quickly spread the word about the site. Cagri soon became a most unlikely Caber celebrity. People found the site hilarious and took Delight in goofing on Mahir and his fractured English. The Mahir Homepage at mall Mahir has since received 2.5 million hits and inspired Doz ens of fan and spoof Sites. As for Mahir once the hackers did their work his phone would t Stop ringing his 5-year old computer froze up overloaded with messages. There were thousands of email messages that i could t reply to because i could t leave my computer at least six to seven hours a Day. There were thou Sands of people that want to visit my House the free Lance journalist said. Ninety nine percent of the messages and critics were Posi Tive. And Only 1 percent criticized my the combination of broken English who is want to come to Turkey i can and the primitive design amused Leah Cunningham so much that she set up a webring or a list of Cagri re lated Sites. Her collection includes Sites that superimpose animals on Cagri s photos games like where s Mahir instead of where s Waldo a Mahir search engine and a game in which play ers try to kill the evil Mahir Char Acter who is playing an Accordi on. It s amazing the things people have come up with said Cunningham who works for Earth link network an internet provider in Sacramento. It struck me As so strange the Way people were going crazy Over this Guy s Pamir Bezmen who has set up a company in Istanbul designing web Sites said no other turkish site has had such Success. It s so bad Bezmen said laughing. And that May be these Cret of Mahir s Success he said. Had he written it in Good English it would t have had such a tourism officials in Turkey said Mahir s invitation and the excitement his web site has stirred could help the country s travel Industry which suffered greatly this year after a series of rebel bomb attacks and two Earth quakes that killed More than 18,000 people. But others said Mahir gives a bad image of Turkey. If a woman from Europe goes to the internet site Shell think that everyone Here looks like him said Sami Zoradya who works in a record shop in a hip neighbourhood of Istanbul. Mahir has already visited new York and san Francisco and will head to los Angeles on saturday. This Guy s like the living breathing web site said Jim Lanzone of , which sponsored Cagri s trip to the United states. This is amazing. Everybody wants to meets this he graciously gives Auto graphs poses for pictures Wear ing dark sunglasses and answers reporters questions through a translator. He is juggling talk show invitations and marriage proposals. At his new and expanded web site he says i m too Happy that i made lots of people laugh and for a minute i could take them away from their private of / it to & from the Usa Boston new m Washington Alban Bangor Newark Pittsburgh Philadelphia inti More Rochester Syracuse Hartford go Cincinnati Cleveland Dayton Detroit Indianapolis Kansas a Louisville Milwaukee Minneapolis Omaha Stlouis Atlanta Charlotte Knoxville tic Nashville Norfolk Raleigh-durham1 165275 180299 4qcrichmond Greensboro greens Villa y 100 Miami Orlando Tampa Jacksonville t oq5 it Lauderdale it Myers key West fest Palm Beach. Naptes Sarasota san Francisco los Angeles Phoenix 4 22519 vegas Seattle Austin san Diego san Antonio Portland Albuquerqu Eow Mari until mar 31/2000, my other Destin Tion on discounts for children to to 12 yrs City trips-3/4 Day weekend lond Nathens rom Prague $269/319w$299/339 up $299/339 up 279/329 2 adults 1 child up to t4 yrs 10992 adults 2 children up u f 1320 China Triay Jirair $875apr m3-flights first class hotel Globetrotter travel service voc Jelweh Pariser str 350 67663 Kaiserslautern Tel 0631/54091 Ifon Fri 10-18h, Salt if life student explores life As Lizard the associated press Albany . His Tongue is surgically forked his forehead ridged with implants this Green scaled Man breathes fire and lifts car batteries with chains running through his nipples. Erik Sprague 27, is slowly turn ing into something of a 5-foot-8 reptile. His next step might involve a prosthetic Tail. It s not to Shock or provoke peo ple the University at Albany Grad uate philosophy student said Fri Day but rather to see How people react to new stimuli. It s not usually a monster movie situation he said. But there s already a question in their mind the conversation has Al ready started on their Sprague s Tongue was split by a plastic surgeon in the Albany area. The forehead bumps were inserted without anaesthesia in a new York City Bod mod shop by a specialist in extreme Pierc Ings tattoos and other body modifications. The Green Scales Are Tat Toos and More Are planned. The changes Haven t harmed his academic performance or his teaching assistant work said Bon Nie Steinbock chairwoman of the University at Albany philosophy department. As a matter of fact i be heard very Nice things she said. The professor who had him As a to said he was an excellent Sprague graduated first in his High school class and was a National Merit scholarship finalist. These Days Sprague is a col lege hangout bartender called satan who picks up Metal bar stools by the carabiners Slung from his ears. With the Jim Rose circus he s Amago whose antics include blowing up hot water bags and lighting cigarettes by sticking his head in a Shower of Sparks. He s gotten very adept at an swering the question Why i try to give people As much As they seem to want he said. Obviously i could sit Down and ram ble on about the theory of Art. The most Basic answer is be cause i want at to stars and stripes Christmas gift receive a free newspaper when you stay at arc hotels 18 december 1999 3 january 2000 receive a free newspaper each guest at arc receives a free stars & stripes newspaper 18 december 1999 3 january 2000, we wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday season & a Happy new year. At to t s All within your reach. Stars stripes o

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