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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 18, 1999, Darmstadt, Hesse 2 cubans surrender 1 hostage is freed by Alan Clendenning the associated press St. Martinville la. A two cubans holding hostages at a South Louisiana jail have surrendered and released one hostage and three inmates officials said Friday. That leaves Only Warden Todd Louvierre and Deputy Jolie Sonnier being held hostage at the St. Martin Parish jail on the fifth Day of the standoff. Sheriff Charles Fuselier said. Five other inmates were being kept in the wardens office by six hostage takers he said. The surrender and release happened during the night but was not announced until mid morning. The sheriff said the cuban rebels no longer have control Over any inmates other than the five. The standoff began monday. Four hostages were taken at knife Point As they escorted a group of cuban detainees from an exercise area atop the two Story jail in downtown St. Martinville. One hostage was released after six hours in what the cubans said was a sign of Good Faith. The cubans Are among Tho Flordia teen Ager questioned about Columbine threat the associated press Washington a the Fri has taken a youth into custody in Florida and begun questioning him about a threat that closed Columbine High school in Littleton colo., a Federal Law enforcement official said Friday. Initially Fri spokeswoman Julie Miller said a Man had been arrested in Florida in the Case but then said she had been wrong. A Law enforcement official who requested anonymity said that instead a minor had been brought in for questioning about the threat that led to cancellation of two Days classes at the Colorado High school. Fri agents served a search warrant thursday for the America online account of the person using the computer alias soup 81, the Denver Rocky Mountain news reported. Authorities cancelled classes thursday and Friday after a threat was sent by a soup 81�?� to 16-year-old Columbine student Erin Walton. Baton Rouge morning advocate Mark Saltz the associated press police and workers listen at the Gate to the St. Martin Parish jail in St. Martinville la., As hostages talked on an intercom thursday night. Sands of illegal aliens housed by the . Immigration and naturalization service at jails across the United states. The cubans involved Here have completed sentences for various crimes in the United states ranging from burglary to aggravated assault. However the . Government wont release them to american soil because it considers them subject to deportation and there is no agreement Between the United states and Cuba to have them sent Back. The hostage released overnight was Deputy Brandon m. Boudreaux who the sheriff said is doing Fine. Boudreaux went immediately to see his Grandfather who was dying. A this Grandfather just died a Fuselier said. A the has been ill. It was Nice that he could see him before he Fuselier refused to talk about negotiations. A we have control of everything except that Small room a the sheriff said. The cubans no longer have control of the jail control room where the locks video and Public address systems Are located. Still inside the jail Are 38 immigration detainees including 35 cubans As Well As 21 male and five female state and Parish county prisoners. Those five females Are the ones in the wardens office. It was not Clear whether the hostage takers were counted among the 38 detainees. The cubans had moved the female inmates into the office on thursday. Fuselier said they were concerned a that some of the other prisoners would get to among those still holding the hostages were two convicted killers a Lazaro Elisanto Orta in ins custody since March 1997, and Anthony Deveaux in ins custody since june 1998. Fuselier identified the two cubans who surrendered As Mario Mora Medina and Gerardo Santana. Mora Medina a convictions include burglary sexual assault escape from custody and drug Sale. He has been in ins custody since october 1995. The sheriff did not have details for Santana. State rests in Tripp wiretapping Case by Pete Yost the associated press Ellicott City my. A the Maryland state prosecutors office concluded its questioning of witnesses Friday at a pretrial hearing in the wiretapping Case against Linda Tripp. After five Days of testimony Deputy attorney general Carmen Shepard announced the state would rest its Case. Prosecutors and lawyers for Tripp were meeting with Howard county circuit judge Diane Lea sure to discuss what is next. Tripp could Call her own witnesses in an attempt to show that her immunized testimony to Independent counsel Kenneth Starr was used in the state wiretapping prosecution. The last prosecution witness assistant state prosecutor Thomas m. Mcdonough said that in the Early stages of the wiretapping probe he and his fellow investigators read everything they could find having to do with Tripp. Later they a backed off As they Learned More about the Legal arrangements granting Tripp limited immunity from prosecution. By the time starts impeachment report was released everyone in the Maryland prosecutors office was told they a should not use this information a Mcdonough testified. Mcdonough said he told an office aide a i did no to want to have any of the information from the aides memo summarizing the Starr report. On Cross examination Tripp lawyer Joe Murtha pointed out Gore says office fund raising Calls Legal by Larry Margasak the associated press Washington a vice president Al Gore has told Justice department criminal investigators that he believed political fundraising Calls from his office during the 1996 Campaign were a completely Legal and proper a while president Clinton said he never made such solicitations from his official office. The House government Reform committee on thursday released Fri notes of two Justice department interviews with Clinton and three with Gore during the 1997-1998 period As part of the departments investigation of democratic Campaign fund raising abuses. The notes were made Public the same Day that a Republican presidential contender sen. John Mccain r-ariz., reminded voters that Gore had said previously that there was a no controlling Legal authority that forbade his widely criticized fund raising activities during the 1996 presidential Campaign. 4 those activities included solicit ing donations at the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in Hacienda Heights calif., concerning which Gore said thursday a i have acknowledged my mistake in attending the Temple fund Raiser. The notes of Clinton a interview said a the president has no specific recollection of placing fund raising Telephone Calls from any place in the White House other than his study. Although he sometimes places Telephone Calls in his private office off of the Oval office he has never placed fundraising Calls from Federal Law prohibits conducting political activities from an official , workplace but the White House which also is the presidents Home also has unofficial areas where can be properly made. From december 1995 through May 1996, Gore made 48 Calls from his West Wing office using a Campaign credit card according to records Given to Senate investigators by the democratic National committee in 1997. In one of Gores interviews the Fri notes said a vice president Gore stated it was from the Sun the prosecutors never told the grand jury that indicted Tripp not to read the Starr report. On thursday night the defense and prosecution agreed that pretrial testimony be needed from a number of witnesses that the prosecutors had planned to Call. One More witness had been scheduled to appear a confidante of Tripp Kate Friedrich who listened to one of the secret tapes of Monica Lewinsky. But Friedrich who was in the Howard county courthouse waiting her turn to testify was told she would not be needed. Friedrich could prove to be a problem for the prosecutors Case. Last summer Lewinsky suggested to state prosecutor Stephen Montanarelli that his investigators talk to Friedrich. When they did the investigators struck Gold. Courtesy of Tripp Friedrich had actually listened to a tape recording of Lewinsky purportedly made on dec. 22, 1997, that is the foundation of the wiretapping Case against Tripp. But Lewinsky a attempt to be helpful to Montanarelli could turn out to be a favor to Tripp. Under questioning by Trippe a lawyers in a Howard county courtroom Lewinsky acknowledged thursday that she probably Learned Friedrich a last name from Starr office. Starr in turn May have gotten Friedrich a name from statements Tripp made under a court ordered Grant of immunity from year s Day talk shows that he first became aware that there May have been a problem if the Calls were made from his Gore said a it was his belief that making the Calls from his office was completely Legal and proper and that a there were no Legal issues associated with the fund raising Calls because of the intense vetting process that occurs in placing events on his schedule a attorney general Janet Reno in 1997 declined to name an Independent counsel to investigate Clinton and Gores fund raising Calls Reno said Clinton Scalls were made from the White House private quarters not the presidents offices. She said Gore was unaware that some of the contributions he raised were diverted by party officials from so called soft Money accounts that pay for party and Issue ads to hard Money accounts that supported the Clinton Gore re election directly. 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