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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 18, 1999, Darmstadt, HessePace 6 stars and stripes saturday december 18, 1999 Kashmir bomb kills 10 Muzaffar Abad Pakistan a bomb exploded Friday in a Market in Pakistan ruled Kash Mir killing 10 people including seven children who had gathered to watch a Juggler police and Eye witnesses explosion in islam arh also injured 17 people Many of them seriously. There was no claim of responsibility for the bombing but police blamed in Muzaffar bad 90 Miles North of islam arh and capital of the part of Kashmir controlled by Pakistan accused India s secret service of infiltrating across the disputed Border to Plant the explosive device. Prince Rainier recovering Paris Prince Rainier of Monaco who underwent heart sur Gery thursday for an aneurysm in his abdominal Aorta is recover ing Well the Palace said in Fri the operation. The development is very favourable the Palace said in a communique. It said the 76-year-old Prince had returned to his room after the operation and spent a Calm doctors and surgeons who treated the Prince Are satisfied bythe Progress made up until now the Palace Albert Rainier s heir is said to have been preparing Totake Over from his father. However Rainier has Given no Indica Tion that he is ready to step Down. Italy fines coca cola co. Milan Italy Italy s anti Trust authority imposed a $16.1 million Fine Friday against coca cola co. For abusing its dominant Market position to exclude rival Pepsi from italian stores. Coca cola s spokesman in ital said the company would Appeal. The world s biggest soft drink company faces similar investigations in other european and latin american countries. The latest decision stems Froman investigation begun in 1998 of allegations made in complaint filed by Pepsico inc. And super Market Chain antitrust authority said at Lanta based coca cola and its ital Ian bottlers worked together to eliminate Pepsi from the italia Market by offering discounts and incentives to retailers. Beef returns to Britain London Home grown Beeton the Bone returned to stores and restaurants in Britain on Fri Day after a two year ban prompted by the mad cow health of meat such ast Bone Steak prime rib and oxtail were banned in december 1997 after a fatal brain wasting disease in humans was linked to beef infected with Bovine spongiform encephalopathy. Tests showed the infection in the unpopular ban was lifted at Midnight supermarkets had Bro Ken the embargo to Start Selling the beef earlier this month. Many said they feared supplies keep up with the demand from the associated press Germany makes formal compensation offer by Hurt Herman the associated press Berlin appealing for forgiveness for the nazis systematic use of slave and Force labor Germany on Friday presented its offer of 10 billion Marks $5.2 billion to compensate victims of the Hitler s brutal Campaign to fuel his War against an emotional highpoint during a Day filled with expression of moral regret presi Dent Johannes Rau acknowledged the suffer ing of the Long forgotten victims who Laboured under nazi pay tribute to All those who were subjected to slave and forced labor under German Rule and beg forgiveness in the name of the German people Rau said. Visibly moved survivors approached Rau to shake his the size of the German offer to the parties in the negotiations chief German negotiator Otto Lamsdorff said the fun would be established As quickly As possible with equal contributions of 5 billion Marks $2.6 billion each from Germany Industry and government. A breakthrough in months of contentious talks came this week after the German govern ment agreed to raise its offer from 3 billion Marks $1.6 billion. Lamsdorff said the government increased its contribution to reflect the share of state responsibility for nazi was the government of the Reich that hunted cheap labor on the streets of Poland and the Ukraine Lamsdorff said. We Are talking Here about state sponsored . Secretary of state Madeleine Albright addressing the negotiating parties before heading to a meeting of foreign ministers praised German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder who pledged to create the fund after taking office last year for his leadership in bringing an agreement on an amount reflects a sense of moral responsibility that is absolutely essential to building the kind of Europe trans Atlantic Community and world in which we want our children to grow up Albright said. It is critical to completing the unfinished Oral business of the old Century before we enter the although victims representatives have criticized the Deal they said they realized that waiting for a better solution would not bring any greater Benefit to survivors thousands of whom Are dying each year. Manfred Gentz chief financial officer at Daimler Chrysler one of the companies participating in the fund said Industry should have its share collected by May. But . Negotiator Stuart Eizenstat said it might take up to a year to begin payments. In a gesture of . Support for the process Eizenstat announced that the United states was considering contributing $10 million to the fund. As Many As 2.3 million people could Benefit from the fund which includes about 230,000 slave labourers who were made to work while being held in concentration Camps. Most of the victims Are non jews from Central and Eastern Europe. In Exchange for paying the compensation companies will receive total Legal immunity from lawsuits relating to their nazi Era activities. Jockel flock the associated press foreign ministers of the g-8 group from left Madeleine Albright Lloyd Axworthy of Canada Zoschka Fischer of Germany Lamberto Dini of Italy Yohei Kono of Japan and Igor Ivanov of Russia prepare to pose for a group photo during their meeting in Berlin on ministers still at Odds Over Chechnya at g-8 meeting the associated press Berlin predicting a blood Bath if fighting in Chechnya continues the head of Europe s top Security organization demanded an immediate cease fire on Fri Day after briefing foreign minis ters from the seven richest Indus trial nations and Russia on his trip to the Region. It s urgent that there be cease fire because there will otherwise be a Bloodbath the chair Man of the organization of Security and cooperation in Europe Knut Wollebaek told reporters after addressing the group of eight the Appeal the minis ters from Russia and Western Powers remained deeply at Odds Over Moscow s military Campaign in Chechnya. After an apparently tense meeting . Secretary of state Madeleine Albright said she and Western colleagues demand and and allow a major flow of humanitarian Aid to the embattled Region. We Are All United in making Clear to the russians that this is unacceptable Albright told re porters after the talks summarizing the Western position. Therein no legitimate military solution to the chechen conflict she warning that Russia s conduct could Hurt relations wit the West Albright and German foreign minister Zoschka Fischer said sanctions against Moscow were not foreign minister Igor Ivanov defended his country stance that it was fighting terrorist rebels and a threat to rus Sia s control Over its territory meeting participants said. Heave no sign that Moscow would drop its objections to outside mediation in the conflict. Russia also has refused a cease-fire.g-8 members Are Britain Canada France Germany Italy Japan the United states and rus Sia. Africans push for in. Force in Congo Holbrooke . Now dragging our feet Over peace Mission the associated press United nations with All parties accused of violating cease fire in Congo s civil War african nations Are urging Quick deployment of . Peacekeepers a move the United states says is Day after the . Security Council held an open meeting on How to build a real partnership Between the United nations and Africa it returned thursday tothe continent s major Challenge bringing peace to Congo where 16-month conflict has drawn in five other for peacekeeping Bernard Miyet told the Council that the military an Security situation in Congo has seriously deteriorated in the past month and . Efforts to de ploy officers to plan for a peace keeping operation Are stymied. Until their Survey is finished he said the United nations can not go ahead with the deployment of 500 military observers. About 25,000 peacekeepers Are expected to join those observers. African members of the Security Council expressed frustration and anger that the United nations has moved so slowly. The horrors of Rwanda be allowed to repeat them selves in Congo warned Gam Bia s . Ambassador Babou Carr Blaise . Ambassador Richard Holbrooke said the United states could not afford a peacekeeping operation that was t right an Council members still Don t know the size mandate and Cost of Congo peacekeeping operation. We Are dragging our feet right now but not because we Are opposed to peacekeeping in Congo he said. We re dragging our feet because we want a peacekeeping operation and we want to get it . Inspectors to return to Iraq the associated press United nations after a year of stalemate the Security Council narrowly approved a new in. Policy for Iraq on Friday that would restart weapons inspections and offer to suspend sanctions if Baghdad cooperates. Russia France China and Malaysia abstained a major blow to . And British efforts to Send Baghdad a United signal that the Security Council would stand for nothing less than full compliance with its demands. The Resolution passed 11-0,with the four abstentions. At least nine votes in favor were require for passage. British ambassador Jerem Greenstock who sponsored the Resolution and presided overnight months of debate on it said the vote was an exceptional achievement despite the Resolution showing that the Council came together to pass the policy. The Council now has the policy which it needs and this Resolution is now the Law of the Globe Greenstock said

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