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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 18, 1999, Darmstadt, HessePage is stars and stripes to saturday december 18, 1999 Topping the charts top ten t. Smooth Santana. 2. Back at one Brian Mcknight. 3.1 Wanna love you forever Jessica Simpson. 4.1 knew i loved you Savage Garden. 5. My love is your love Whitney Houston. 6.1 need to know Marc Anthony. 7. U know what s up Donell Jones. 8. Waiting for tonight Jennifer Lopez. 9. Hot Boyz Missy Misdemeanour Elliot. 10. 24/7, Kevon Edmonds. Top ten albums 1. A the Way. A decade of song Celine Dion. 2. Millennium backstreet boys. 3. Baby one More time Brit Ney Spears. 4. Supernatural Santana. Arista. 5. Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera. 6. Or. Ore 2001, or. Ore. 7. The magic of Christmas Garth Brooks. 8. Faith a Holiday album Kenny g 9. Millennium will Smith. 10. Come on Over Shania Twain. Adult contemporary 1. That s the Way it is Celine Dion. 2.1 knew i loved you Savage Garden. 3. Musk of my heart n sync & Gloria Estefan. 4.1 want it that Way backstreet boys. 5.1 do cherish you98 de Grees. 6. You la be in my heart Phil Collins. 7. She s All i Ever had Ricky Martin. 8.1 could not ask for More Edwin Mccain. 9. Amazed Lonestar. 10. The hardest thing 98 degrees. Rock tracks 1. Higher Creed. 2. Learn to Fly Foo fighters. 3. No Leaf Clover Metallica. 4. The chemicals Between us Bush. 5. The Dolphin s cry live. 6. Take a picture filter. 7. In 2 deep Kenny Wayne Shep Herd band. 8. Down Stone Temple pilots. 9. Put your lights on Santana. 10. Re arranged Limp Biz kit. Country singles 1. When i said i do Clint Black. 2. He did t have to be Brad Paisley. 3. Breathe Faith Hill. 4. Home to you John Michael Montgomery. 5. What do you say Reba 6.1 love you Martina Mcbride. 7. Pop a top Alan Jackson. 8. All things considered Yankee Grey. 9. Cowboy take me away Dixie Chicks. 10. Come on Over Shania Twain. Re singles 1. U know what s up Donell Jones. 2. 24/7, Kevon Edmonds. 3. Hot Boyz Missy Misdemeanour Elliot. 4. He can t love a jagged Edge. 5. Get gone Ideal. 6. If you love me mint condition. 7. Danci Nguy. 8, get it on Tonitte Montell Jordan. 9,15 minutes Marc Nelson. 10, Back at one Brian Mcknight. Further information is available at billboard online at music reviews issues Korn immortal epic a s a no thinking Man s rag against the machine Korn has made a career out of Complex thoughts and tunings made Overly simple. The opinions of Jonathan Davis and the other Korn boys about death suicide and homophobia Are often Broad and i s Apt that Kom decided to debut this newest material on South Park. With Davis ditzy pop psychology lyrics and thrash Funk Metal As its signature Korn shows a similar obnoxious child ish nature. Yet for All the sinister Doo Furness of tracks such As make me bad and 4 a there s something trippy and almost adult about this fourth album. Producer Brendan o Brien helps Korn subdue its guitar Harangue replacing it with dense deep grooves and an undercurrent 6f sound effects frenzy. Davis voice takes on a similar sense of drama dripping through beg for me and a slow Anth Emic falling away from me with an Edge of poignant urgency. Even the Buzz sawing let s get this party started takes on an atmosphere of Para noid delirium. Davis lyrics feel Calmer As if he Actu ally sat Down and wrote on paper As opposed to scribbling on rubber Walls. With this first thinking step Korn May have outgrown its Dopey Poe As woe Rock mentality making issues More than snotty tissues. . Amorosi goodbye 20th Century sonic youth syr it s amazing that after nearly20 years of Avant Rock Leader ship and Disso Nant music most divine sonic youth is without a major Label. But whether dealing with Geffen or its own syr the group has its own Agenda to deconstruct Rock forms and other traditionally composed music. Goodbye seeks to deconstruct even More legendary deconstructionist minimalist composers such As John Cage Steve Reich Yoko Ono and by co conspirator Christian Wolff. The result is a buzzing spacious treatise on harmonic tone Cluster music and cyclic Organiza Tion that s reminiscent of Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo s earliest work with Glenn Branca. It s taxing funny and in spots annoying. But by s peek into its past opens its future even wider than before. By turns Wolffs edges and Cage s six into one Long hot breath in an empty room with chilled windows. Through out goodbye you get a Complex Pix eled portrait of the composers like a Chuck close painting where each cell breathes deep its subject. But it s on six for new time for sonic youth that you hear a Tom Toming heavy breathing youth at its Best mathematically Messy and dramatically precise. .a. Breathe Faith Hill Warner Bros from the pumped up fiddles and big beats that kick off the blues Rock opener what s in it for me to the what a babe photo layout in the cd Booklet it s Clear that Faith Hill has visions of. Shania size Success on her mind. Hill follows the 1998 vh1 breakthrough this kiss by putting coun try music entirely behind her. She makes one sur prising move with a restrained cover of Bruce Spring Steen s should fall behind. But the de Rigueur duet with Hubby Tim Mcgraw let s make love is predict ably bombastic the Novelty bringing out the Elvis strains to be wild and crazy and the in t that homeless Guy cute sentiment of love is a Sweet thing is offensive. Hill has More raw vocal ability than her belly Button Baring Competition but lacks Twain s Knack for calculated by crass Catchy pop and instead makes music that s anonymously Bland. A Dan Deluca country greats sound even Bette with remastering of the classics by Diane Samms Rush Knight Ridder newspapers ack in the mid 1980s, when record companies began re releasing older albums on the new format of compact disc limited attention was paid to Quality. Cd offered a sound so much crisper that listeners were satisfied even thrilled to have their old favor ites in the new time went by however the technologically minded took master tapes of music and digitally remastered them to produce even sharper sound Rock Market jumped on the technology explained Dale Libby vice president for sales at Sony music Nashville. Libby helped with the re mastering of Billy Joel and Stevie Ray Vaughan under Sony s legacy Label when he was in the company s los Angeles was Libby s influence that brought similar remastering to the country Market. it All happened by Acci Dent when he was listening to some of his favorite music. I picked out my Willie Nelson Libby said in a recent phone Call from Nashville. I had probably the firs cd pressing of stardust because we put them in a promotional packet. After listening to the new remastered Stevie Ray Vaughan i was appalled at the stardust sound Quality. That kind of lit the gatekeeper of the vast Sony Nash Ville Catalon Libby set out to identify some Benchmark country albums from Columbia and epic. He came up with five for stardust released in 1978, he chose Johnny Cash s 1969 live album at Folsom prison Tamm Wynette s stand by your Man 1968 Merle Haggard s big City 1981 an gunfighter ballads and Trail songs Marty Robbins career Best seller from 1959.Libby gambled that the company could re release these five beloved packages in a Way that would encourage even those who owned them in Vinyl or Early cd to Purchase them. To do that Libby went Back to the masters in search of songs that did make it into the original package. Johnny Cash s Folsom prison set had almost another album full Libby said. Tammy had eight cuts Only the Marty Robbins session tapes did t have leftover music however there was the full length version of Elpaso. It was a Shorter version that charted no. 1 on both pop and country new cd has two previously unreleased songs recorded during the original sessions. The Robbins cd has the Long version of Elpaso plus two previously recorded tracks that fit the theme the hanging tree and Saddle tramp. Libby also noted that most country cd had sparse liners consisting of reproductions of album covers and Little else. Names of songwriters and musicians were absent. It seemed to Libby a contradiction to the Rich mate rial that made fascinating Reading of album covers. For the five new legacy releases liner notes Are far More extensive. Photographs from the time add extra interest and quotes from country music journalists and historians Hel to interpret the time the music was Johnny Cash Booklet is 24 pages a testament to the Benchmark album that was in Folsom prison. Libby is compiling a list of More albums that could be remastered hoping that he could see through 15 year. So far candidates include Char lie Rich s behind closed doors Cash Ssan Quentin Nelson s red headed stranger Rodney Crowell s Diamond Sand dirt and something by Roseanne Cash George Jones and Kris Kristof Ferson with the added value of More music and expanded liner notes Libby has outdone his Rock Brethren who have basically remastered everything justas it was released. Now it s up to coun try fans to rediscover the sold to the tune of 4.2 Mil lion Libby said in Vinyl cassette and d like to convince 10 percent of those folks to revisit the package he said. I put on the original cd then the remastered cd and it was like seeing an old Friend you had t seen for 20years. I Felt the same excitement i remember feeling the first time i heard the distributed by Knight Ridder Tribune information services

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