European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Dec 17 1967, Page 25

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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 17, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseI Al o o o a g non Christmas nets. What Good tunes Are enjoyed most at Christmas Good for Premier sunday crossword puzzle24b r Mumm score 10 Points for using Al letters in the word below to form two Complete words Carollee then score 2 Points each Fornall words of four letters or More found among the letters. Try to score at least 50 Points. 9smart gallery sphere Aren t Many games you can win every time. Here s an x exception two persons play. Fourteen matches Are placed on the table. Each player drawing by turns May take from the pile one two or three matches never More than three. The idea is to make your rival pick up the last match. The Winner to be has merely to remember two things first that he must get the fifth match drawn and second that on his next draw after he gets the fifth match he leaves five matches on the table. Then when his opponent picks up one two or three matches he cooly draws All taut one leaving that for his rival and thereby winning the game of course. A motorcycle courier noticed that a City Street Harta Row of houses numbered consecutively Stariing with 1. The total of the Odd numbers exceeded the even numbers by a number which was the reverse of the number of the last House. How Many houses were on the Street i .10 in of a Umu ic9ei Sto 60 6s 91 101 Iii 4z 73 of 3fa a 97 Fel 104 2.7 9z 51 e.7 96 116 Zifa 44 74 82l 115 57 106 119 94 114 19 fe4 10 70 69 tis 34 b5 107 71 100 to Fob Lio 14 40 b lib 15 109 21 79 no e horizontal e 1. Coarse Hominy 5. Minced oath 5 9. Skills 13. An injection e 17. Grinding tooth e 18. Turners 19. Unusual e 20. Walked with e measured tread e 22. Worship 23. Lured e 25. Lariat 26. Component 28. A Gorgon Ian Corale 30. Uncle e dial e 31. Paradise e 32. Electrified. Particle 34. 35. 36. Man s nickname Massachusetts Cape Strong blow 37. Arm of the 39. Therefore41. Organs of secretion 44. Enraged46. Calling 50. Leases51. Eskimo knife 52. Eskers54. Starr of the beatles 55. Man siame56. Steeples 59. Allowance for waste 61. German River 62. Sorrow 63. Overcame 65. Storehouse of information 67. Seashore69. A Loon for example 71. Sea eagles72. A motion 75. Theological school 77. Bombaci Moths 80. African River 81. And others abbr 83. To ebb84. Wash 85. Couples 87. Son of Seth 89. Possesses90. Provide food 91. Hidden answer to today s Puzzle. Average Lime of solution 02 minutes. King features sym Irule inc 93. Thomas for one 96. Instant97. Identical 99. Makers of Silken fabrics 100. Representation of thelast supper 101. Faucet 104. Transfixes106. Title of respect107. Algerian seaport 108. Indonesian of Mindanao 111. Adolescent boy 114. Genus of herbs117. European shad118. A part of geology rare 120. Pith helmet 121. Ranter122. Indian of yucatan123. Religious ceremony 124. Girl s name125. Weights of india126. First Man 127. Sauce dial Var 128. Lairs vertical 1. Biblical City 2. Unaccompanied ?. A planet -1. Makes believe5. Click Bee lie6. Town in Panama canal zone 7. Poker stake 9. 10.11. 12. 13. 14.15. 16. 17. 21.24. 27.29. 33. 36.37. 38.40. 41. 42. 43. 44 45 47 48. 49 51 53 mending Circle segment rodent shoe supports staid variety of Spaniel Salut City in Florida River in Montana staff of office Daybreak Gruel of Maize meal March Date responsive roman emperor upon habituate examine indolent expand Mother of Apollo situated i front of the Colo dismounted flit having a Leaf out growth european River 58. 60, 63 Cai Houndrea North of a City peruse in Sluice in a River Obs sister of ares Cut haute chinese vip 64. Township of attica66. Some 68. Musical dramas 70. Material wealth 72. Insect stage73. Posterior 74. Ground 76. Close78. Baking chamber79. Spanish painter82. Anita 84. Tibetan priest 86. Certain fish 88. Prosecute sat Law 90. Implied secondarily 92. Man s name94. Aherne 95. Violent dreads96. Me Heglin 98. A riddle100. Decisive moments101. Former Russia Rule 102. Book of maps 103. To test105. Famous golfer 107. Death notice 10s. A tre

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