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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 17, 1967, Darmstadt, Hesse there is Only one Christmas and at the same time there Are Many. For Christmas Means something different for every one. Gerald Walker. Spanish legend has Ito that each year on Epiphany eve Jan. 6, Melchior Caspar and Balthasar the three Kings pass through Spain in route to Bethlehem. It has Long been a custom for Spanish boys and Girs to March to the City Gate sat Sunset that Day bearing gifts of cakes for the magi figs for their aids and Hay for their camels. It is practice too to carry a lad Der and to climb it at inter vels to see if the Kings Are beyond the the fading sunlight it is not difficult for eager Young eyes to envision flick ering silhouettes in the Dis Tant Hills Only to have the illusionary figures melt inthe lengthening shadows. Then As darkness grows the youngsters slowly return to their Homes munching the goodies they d brought. Later at bedtime it is custom to put out slippers and shoes for the Wise mento fill with presents. You Are invited to Embel Lish the scene at right with colors As follows 1flesh.2red. 3yellow. 4 Green Olive. 5blue. 6tan. 7purple. 8gray. A ton. Cryptogram Mhz Yth of thuds Xii ads Ysax Eolah a a Mhz them Fem ads Maina Iuo Noa i my Sunn cub of Uco no Uomini a Are All Banks alike no no no Xmas grab bag Christmas seals were first sent in the year 1900, 1904, 1926, 1932. Which w 6i adj an old chinese proverb says fish and House guests smell after you have l us , i letter perfect below Are first letters an definitions of nine four letter words. Complete each word using Only letters found in Christmas. Figure on i the Ages Mother took to Flo an Chloe to grandma s. To is As old As Flo and Chloe together. Last year Flo was twice As old As Chloe was then. Two years from now to will be twice As old As Chloe is then. What Are their Ages now . All Are under ten. is hopi Obj or n i i _ _ m a s time limit five minutes. Bus a v to pack full steam sound abounding whiskers do this tree ornament sailors Fine rain Mistletoe site rests in a chair for this exercise i i c Omar Ison shop pers those who Check values in different places often wind up ahead. So do checker players who weigh each move against eventual gain or loss. White Side moving up the Board moves from the position shown above to Victory in six turns if he strikes the right bargain. See if you can run Down the winning plays. Qs-6s my to i is of Murav it i St-8t 81imm to in i s is stretch wits in this stretch a piece of string o about 18 inches Long along the Edge of a table. Challenge a bystander to pick up the Cord holding one end in each hand and tie a knot in it without letting go of either end. It can be done of by l of him. Bumb 31h spa Jlia h 91 p10i of Ilu us on Beauty spot in this year s miss All girl contest the judges first eliminated half of the entrants because they had poor voices but then restored ten of these be cause they were choir singers. Of the entrants then remaining one third were eliminated when they were found not to be College graduates but two of these were reinstated because they held teaching certificates. Next half of the survivors were ruled out when found unwilling to sign 5-year contracts but one was put Back in the list of eligible when she changed her mind. That left twelve girls. How Many had entered the contest s31ufld 3111pcq get to Root of it each letter below represents a digit from 0 Toi 9. The outside numbers 6, 3, and 9 Are digital roots. Thus the digital Root of 3612 is 3, because 3 plus 6 plus 1 plus 2 is equal to 12, which in turn is 1 plus 2 equal to 3. Wind r a i n 3 sleet 9 have a go at this word arithmetic. The digital roots will serve As a double Check on the answer. Aunt Inojo Jurj ours Xis drop of a hat party game provide guests with Pencil and paper and sea them with their backs to you. Announce that you Are going to drop various items which they Are to identify from sounds. Then one at a time drop such subjects As a hat Book Pencil Coin Eto. Phrases no i commo speech testify j How widely pet sons have listened to and perhaps been influence by certain me and women. Ca you Supply what omitted Here in quotation f r o i the past some or to be taste others to b swallowed a n some few to i chewed and d by con essay studies. This Christ you May in Coli Ter one of to morsels acc had in mind. What five be Ter word Plura is missing b3joci p j o a 9 a a j o word Chip Down checker test or Titi be w Oliv o r d corresponding to the definition below Complete j word Square -4 that is a figure composed of words that read the same across i and Down. To quickly can you find the High Al words ? number 1 is already i place. 1. C o m e 2. O. 3. M. 4. E. 5. T. Definitions 1 one of santa1 Reindeer. 2. Fri eaten Ripe an Green. 3. Book e the Bible. Avoid doing. I silly laugh. 00 in Gogag in -1w e 8-Mio z Aioo i us in i s a i in test w Hen Angl Isumu Speaks of Buble and squeak to which does 1 refer Pancake leftovers Wassa Cheddar cheese if you don1 know guess.

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