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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 17, 1967, Darmstadt, HessePage 24 the stars and stripes sunday december 17, 1967 stat Harvst digs out by United press International the Southwest began digging out saturday after one of its most punishing pre Winter Snow storms. Snow sleet rain and cold and utting winds did not let up As the storm crept toward the East. It showed signs of weaken ing the . Weather Bureau said but it is still a the grim pre Christmas Pic Ture was filled with people dead 12 in Texas five in California two in Mexico and one each in Oklahoma Oregon and Missouri people stranded and people driven from their Homes. The air National guard mapped an Airlift of food to stranded livestock on the hop Indian reservation in Arizona. The Papago indians of Sells ariz., were driven from their Homes by flood Waters. In Southern California following three Days of rain Snow and cold half the Orange crop in the Yucaipa area of san Bernardino county was civil air patrol searched for a Small plane grounded on storm flight from Alamogordo to Albuquerque n.m., and woman died of exposure on the Mojave desert in California. Northern Arizona the hardest hit Lay under 47 inches of Snow in Flagstaff 32 in Payson 32 in Shotlow 25 in Prescott and 18 in Wii Islow. In new Mexico where 40-mile-an-hour winds lashed Snow into six foot drifts Cimarron dug out of 21 inches of Snow Grants 20 red River and Sandau 10 each. Predawn temperatures Range from 18 below Zero at Butte mont., to 75 at key West Fla. Car packed Span Falls into River continued from Page i were in area 100-foot-High, 1,750-foot Long Bridge connecting West Virginia and Ohio fell apart with a thunderous Roar at dusk Friday under the weight of bumper to bumper commuter and Christmas shopper traffic. The 40-year-old Bridge was struck 18 months ago by 20 empty barges which broke Loose from moorings. The Swift moving River fell three inches saturday morning after work Crews began damming it and the Kanawha River which feeds into the Ohio. Pieces of twisted steel appeared above the weather was bitterly cold in the Low 20s, and Windy with Snow flurries. An estimated 100 cars an trucks were on the steel Span when it broke up with a Roar that sounded like a sonic Boom and tossed the vehicles like children s toys into the Swift murky Waters and froze River Banks. The tragedy occurred jus three Days before a new Bridge was to open upriver to help relieve the traffic congestion. Divers help divers with full gear and Boatmen with dragging apparatus resumed at Daybreak the Rescue efforts which were curtailed Friday by darkness. Men with torches began to slice through the grotesquely twisted steel beams which wrapped around the vehicles and carried them on their 100-foot Denver Walker of Gallia county who was direct ing operations from the Ohio Side of the Bridge said of the known dead this is just a drop in the bucket. I m afraid there Are about 60 William Jones of the . Coast guard station a Huntington, said we May never know How Many of those poor people were actually he said the fast moving Waters swollen by two Days of rain May have swept away Many victims. Point pleasant a Community of 7,000 persons is the Bridge s Eastern terminus connecting with Kanuga a Hamlet of 350, on the Ohio three pier Span known locally As the Silver Bridge because of its aluminium paint was last inspected in 1965. Burla. Sawyers state Road commissioner for West Virginia which has maintained the Bridge since 1941said inspections of the Span Are made every two years. The identified dead were George Mcmanus of South Point Ohio Cecil counts and Melvi Cantrell of Gallipolis ferry w. Va., and Leo Blackman of Rich mond a. Cantrell a wife was in a car with her husband and counts but she jumped and landed on Muddy River Bank. She was treated for Shock. The distance from the Bottorof the Bridge Span to the water line the . Corps of Engineer said was 100 feet. The whole Bridge is in the River a policeman said at Gallipolis. There in t any Bri Geany among those reported missing were the 18-year-old wife of Howard Boggs and his 17-month-old daughter. They just went Down an they did t come up with me sobbed the 24-year-old Boggs. Idon t know How i m going to live without old Bridge was bouncing up and Down like it always 9unta fall to reach Accord Rome up King Constantine and the greek military government remained dead locked saturday after hours of bargaining about whether he will agree to return Home. The regime had urged Constantine to return to his throne but stripped the armed forces of his High Echelon supporters. The throne is his Deputy Premier Stylianos Pattakos said. We did not throw him out. He left of his own will. He can re turn of his own Pattakos paved the Way forthe King s return by declaring he could not be held constitutionally responsible for his attempt to overthrow the regime. Under the Constitution Pattakos said the government bears responsibility for the King s actions. There was mounting Specula Tion that Constantine would choose exile rather than go Home at the invitation of the re Gime he tried to overthrow. Archbishop Jeronymos Long a adviser to the King who arrived from Athens during the morning failed to persuade the King to return informed sources said. It was understood the King Hadnot ruled out a return but had specified conditions unacceptable to the government. There was speculation that he was demand ing resignation of the regime and an immediate return to civil government. Foreign minister Panayotis Pinelis met for several hours at the greek embassy with the King the archbishop and sex Premier Constantine Kollias who was ousted wednesday during the King s unsuccessful counter coup attempt. Pipi Nelis and archbishop Lero Rymos flew Back to Athens late in the afternoon to report to the the afternoon to report to the government on Constantine conditions. Neither would com announced a High level housecleaning in the armed forces of officers whose conduct during the Short lived counter revolution wednesday is under Navy officers of full Admiral rank were dismissed. Rear . Stavros Prevenas took command from rear . , reported under House a . Spyridon Avgeris was fired As chief of the National defense staff and replaced by army chief of staff it. Angelis. The chief of air staff it. Antonakos was replaced and Pattakos said he was under arrest. Antonakos was reported How Ever to have joined the King in his flight and to be in Rome. Continued from Page i chamber of Commerce in West Berlin. A Quarter of a million Ameri cans stand guard every Day Over Europe s Eastern ramparts. The Yare armed with 7,000 nuclear weapons the ambassador have no plans to alter our forces in Europe except through the limited redeployment plan previously announced and now approved by the North at lactic treaty organization. We can maintain Pur forces Here at the same time we meet our goals in Vietnam. The american Security commitment to Europe through nato is As firm and reliable today As when it was first made in 1949." affirms Hole in Europe Mcghee said there Are som who have doubts about America s commitment to hears in recent months about the supposed decline of american interests in Europe he said. It is said that the United states no longer has a european policy that it is pre occupied with Asia to the Detri ment of Europe s interests or preoccupied with its Domestic ambassador said the . Commitment to nato the Suc Cess of the Kennedy round negotiations on Tariff reductions an the presence of . Troops demonstrate that this is not Correct assessment of american policy toward have just come from the meeting in Brussels of nato which is the Symbol of the Ameri can commitment to Europe Mcghee said. The meeting which was one of the most successful clearly demonstrated nato s vigor both As a military organization and As a base for seeking lasting peace. Americans played a key role in this meet ing. We did not pull any punches because of Mcghee said it is obvious thata shooting War such As the one in Vietnam will loom Large in. Our press and in the preoccupations of our , our High officials give much of their attention to Vietnam. The fact is however that they give More attention to Europe he said. Does Boggs said. Then All Ofa sudden everything was falling Down. My feet touched the damned Bottom of the River. There was the usual Rush hour traffic said Boggs be tween heaving said he was t worried too much about the Bridge s bouncing condition because i be driven on it just about i Don t know How i came up he said. I must have blacked out again because the next thing i knew i was hang ing onto this barrel. I thought 1was going to freeze to death be fore that tugboat picked me just Hope to god Marjorie and the kid got out Okay he said. An accurate count of the Ber of vehicles streaming across the suspension Bridge was impossible. Aside from the usual heavy flow of commuter traffic from both Ohio and West Virginia there was a heavy flow of Christmas shoppers and week end blocked the disaster blocked All traffic on the Ohio River. The corps of engineers at Huntington said no boats were moving in the area of the Bridge superstructure of the two Lane Concrete and steel Ridge tumbled on top of the cars As they hit the frigid swirl ing Waters. Traffic was bumper to bumper said 25-year-old Todd Mayes a teacher at the Kyge Creek High school in Ohio. I Don t know How Many cars Whereon it but traffic stretched All the Way across the looked up and it was gone " said Mayes who turned onto the Ohio Side Bridge ramp on the Way to his Point pleasant Home seconds after the Span collapsed. Normally he was on the Bridge earlier but he had stopped to buy a can of pain near the Bridge approach. Mayes said he was stopped Bya traffic Light As he prepared to turn onto the Bridge ramp. He said he jumped from his car when he saw the Bridge was gone. The superstructure of the Ridge must have All those cars and trucks pinned beneath it Mayes said. Ambulances from cities an towns on both sides of the River along with police and fire department Rescue units sped to the scene. Football scores by the associated press saturday s College football results Liberty Bow North Carolina state 14, Georgia 7. Saturday s pro football results american league Houston 24, san Diego 17. Weather partly Cloudy to Cloudy with isolated Light showers of mixed rain and Snow. Decreasing cloudiness monday. Frank Furt Heidelberg High 42, Low 28. Tempera Tures recorded saturday get 4 4 am pm 54 61 Adana r 46 Athens 23 37 Aviano p 39 39 Berlin r 36 39 Frankfurt cd 48 44 London p 4 4 am pm 21 41 Madrid c 28 39 Munich p 41 46 Paris p 39 39 Prestwick p 34 50 Rome c 52 65 wheelus p a Clear cd Cloudy a partly Cloudy a rain. 2nd weather Wing of Ricken with pneumonia Cape town up hear transplant patient Louis Wash Kansky has developed pneumonia in both lungs or. Christian bar Nard who was in charge of the operation said saturday night. But Barnard said he was confident he could bring the infection under control within 24hours. The sunday express quote Barnard As saying he received the diagnosis at 4 15 . A hos Pital spokesman confirming the sunday express report said at10 15 . That Rashkansky s condition was "satisfactory."earlier, groote Schuur Hospi Tal reported that Rashkansky feeling fatigued after his most Active Day Friday since the operation two weeks ago had spent the morning sleeping in his private room. The trouble started Early to Day. Or. Rashkansky did not feel Well Barnard said. His White cell blood count went up. He complained of pains in his Chest and coughed up sputum. This is an example of what Ereat value it is to have a team like ours in attendance. As Soontas he coughed up sputum we knew five minutes later what organism was Beiner Barnard said Rashkansky was receiving penicillin at a rate of 20 million units a Day. The Drugis being administered intravenously he added. Mail. Continued from Page 1 in the City in Many years. At its height the fire cast Apall of Throat searing smoke Over several blocks and firemen waded through streets flooded with icy water As the tempera Ture hovered at 33 degrees. Eleven alarms were sounded five in Manhattan and six in Brooklyn and Queens bringing some 300 firemen and 50 pieces of apparatus to the building located Between 29th and 30th streets and ninth and tenth venues on the West Side. When the fire was declared under control at 6 10 . A department spokesman said 32firemen had been injured in the Blaze none of them station which handles Pri Marily foreign mail was the scene Only nine Days ago of a Home made bomb explosion that shattered windows and injured eight persons on the fourth floor. Fire commissioner Robert said there was no Evi Dence As to any bomb or other explosion in the fire. A Post office department spokesman said there would be no Way of even approximately estimating the loss of mail for Many York City postmaster John r. Strachan said there were 10 million to 11 million pieces of mail in the flaming Railroad cars filled with mail were remove from the second floor of the building via a ramp. Firemen ripped open the cars and tried to Salvage some of the letter Sand packages. Late sports Pittsburgh up the Pittsburgh pirates acquired right handed Pitcher Jim run Ning from the Philadelphia Phillies saturday in a Trade Forslef handed Pitcher Woody Fry Man and three minor league players Are pitchers Harold Clem Handbill Laxton and shortstop Don Money

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