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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 15, 1999, Darmstadt, HessePage 18 stars and Stripe s d e o e Meh is a t s Page id Rin tin tin to be Chester some dogs go to Hollywood. That was the Story recently for four canines swept out of the Chester county animal control department and into a scene from the the film starring Mel Gib son is being partially shot Here and a few mutts were needed for a tavern scene. So the Crew turned to animal control. When the scene was Complete Crew members adopted four to go Back to California. Gibson took a particular liking to a fifth dog zeus and requested that he remain on the set All Day. 14-year-old being held Providence police say a 14-year-old boy is a suspect in a suspicious fire that Tore through a vacant building in the City s Olne Yville Section Mon youth was in the four Story building when firefighters arrived about 1 45 . He was rescued from the burning building the treated at a local Hospital for Possi ble smoke inhalation. Police maj. Martin Hames said the youth was in custody monday also Are investigating whether another youth was involved in the Blaze the provi-1 Dence journal reported. The vacant building is a former factory on Bosworth Street. There were no injuries reported As a result of the fire. That s our dust the Dalles a Little Moon dust is getting Peg Davis in hot pen and Pencil desk set Given to her late father Joe Healy upon his retirement from Nasa May contain Moon dust from the first lunar Landing and tiny scraps from the Apollo 11 capsule. Davis thought the desk set now a family heirloom might fetch $20,000. She was shocked to learn its potential value. My feeling is that it s probably Worth $1 million if it s what it s reputed to be said John Reznikoff of University archives a dealer in relics and documents related to famous people. But Nasa has seized the desk set alleging Davis is either trying to defraud the Public or is illegally trying to sell Nasa property. I Dorut know what they think they re going to prove she said. They be known dad s had it for 30 it Bird if plane. Chicago visitors arriving at one terminal at o Hare International Airport might soon come face to face with an enormous beast a lethal look ing Tail and a Skull that Rise 45 feet above the ground. The 75-foot Dinosaur Skeleton that has guarded the main Hail of the Field museum of natural history for decades is moving to the United airlines terminal in Janu brachiosaurus Likely will be come a permanent resident of the terminal says Nancy o Shea a museum spokeswoman. The giant herbivore which is actually a fiber Glass Model of Bones that Are kept in storage is guaranteed to draw think it s going to be a lot of fun for people o Shea said Sun Day. We have found that people coming to the museum of All Ages like Mother sentenced Houston a honduran woman was sentenced to 2 /2 years in Federal prison for rent ing her 7-month-old daughter to a smuggler trying slip immigrants into the country through a loophole in immigration Law for $200. Susana Clemintina Espinal 30, allowed a smuggler to disguise her daughter As the child of illegal immigrants on at least three different occasions the immigration and naturalization service said. Border patrol special agent Rick Aguirre said the infant called baby Stephanie was an unwitting prop for honduran adults. It is fairly common for latin american adults to pair off and Bor Row an infant accomplice in order to Cross the Border said Aguirre. Mayan artefact found new York Gutema Ian officials eagerly await the return of a 2,000-year-old mayan artefact found last month in a City garage but the mystery of How the 500-Pound Stone carving made its Way Here remains to be solved police said monday. The 3-foot-Long Stone featuring a Jaguar clutching a human head is priceless said guatemalan con sul general Fabiola Fuentes. It is unclear where in Guatemala the artefact was stolen from be cause there Are so Many ruins there Fuentes said. The Stone will be studied at the museum of archaeological and historical affairs in Guatemala City she believes the culprits who took the Stone Are somehow connected to drug dealers because of the Cost of shipping such a Large object to the United states to sell. She would not elaborate on her theory. ,. Will he be speaking grand the Iron lecturer former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher Fields questions from a group of students at Hamil ton College in Clintonn a Thatcher answered questions from the students before speaking at Hamil ton College s Margaret Bundy Scott Field House .,.,--.English departments preliminary schedule for next fall shows a pro Fessor teaching a course about James Joyce in the fall of 1900, when the author was still a student in schedule Gaffe was the first time English department administrative Secretary Ursula Hovet had seen evidence of the y2k Bug. I was amused she said. In this Case the problem was a hard coded "19" in the Date line of the preliminary schedule pro Gram. That caused the computer to keep the "19" when it rolled the Date from fall 1999 to fall 2000, even though the "99" part of the year changed to "00." it was an oversight said Dor Ette Kerian interim director of und s computer Center. She said it was quickly fixed. Effigy no clothes yes Princeton Princeton University s Sophomore class has decided against Burri ing an administrator in effigy for her role in Banning the nude olym pics a Campus tradition in which students Mark the season s first snowfall by running around naked. Sophomore class president Ben Shopsin said monday that he scrapped the idea after receiving hundreds of emails from class mates opposed to protest target Dean of Stu Dent life Janina Montero led the committee that banned the Sopho More rite after 10 participants were hospitalized with alcohol poisoning last Jant iary. The commit tee also called for one year suspension for students who violate the ban. The nude olympics began in the 1970s. Prisoners take hostages san Jose a cambodian immigrant is suing two Sili con Valley companies claiming they fired him for refusing to do extra work at Home for below the minimum wage. This Case is important to me but it is More important to All the other people who worked like i did or who Are still working like that but not getting paid what they should Kamsan Mao said Mon Day the lawsuit follows a state labor department decision in july to investigate whether Silicon Valley nigh tech companies pay asian immigrants Low wages to assemble electronic parts at Home. Mao 32, alleged that his former employer top line electronics in san Jose forced him to work at Home at night and on weekends after his daily eight hour shifts. Mao says he was paid less than minimum wage sometimes As Little As $5 for three hours of labor. Gina Sablan a participant in California s prison Mother children program kisses her 3-year-old daughter Rayna at the East Bay Community prison in Oakland Calif. The project gives mothers the Opportunity to live full time with their children during their sentence. Special Bond Angel Delgadillo sits in his Seligman Ariz Barbershop talking about the okies who passed through the town during the dust bowl Days and How local people gave them food and tried to help them on their Way to California. Per Mhz 1 u us the flags of the United states and the uts Ajr Force Gow in the Wyoming Sun during a change of command ceremony at . Warren air Force base in Chey Enne Wyo. Cheyenne has always had a military presence beginning with fort . Russell More than a Hundred years ago. They would know on the eve of the new millennium Effie Schaffer 100, and other centenarians in Pennsylvania say it is scientific advances which most define the 20th Century. Jumpers plead no contest Yosemite National Park four parachutists pleaded no contest monday to charges stemming from their participation in illegal jumps off Al Capitan during a demonstration that left one jumper dead. The fifth member of their Crew 60-year-old Jan Davis died during the oct. 22 demonstration when her Chute failed to open. She and the others had jumped to protest the Park s rules which make the extreme sport of base jumping illegal at Yosemite. Mick Knutson Henry Boger and Joseph Weber pleaded no contest to the charge of illegal air delivery. Avery Badenhop pleaded no con test to aiding and abetting the oth ers. Each agreed to accept a sen tence of one year of probation and a $2,000 Fine. The four will share the $6,155 Cost of recovering Davis body. Gun suit dismissed Miami a judge Dis missed Miami Dade county s lawsuit against gun Mak ers monday agreeing with the Industry that the county has no stand ing because it has not suffered any direct injuries from guns. Mayor Alex Penelas said he will is not unlike what happened in the Early stages of Tobac co legislation he said. Miami Dade was one of about 30 cities and counties suing More than two dozen gun makers. The other lawsuits have had mixed Success. A judge rejected a suit in Bridgeport conn., last week and Cincinnati s suit was Dis missed in october. But judges in Chicago and Atlanta have allowed suits to proceed and ordered the Industry to open its files. K q Cayenne a 6-year-old american shorthair t i us cell 11 j. Ca keeps a close Eye monday on report ers and her 3-week-old african Wildcat Kitten jazz at the Audubon Insi tute Center for research of endangered species in new Orleans. Cay Enne is the surrogate Mother for the world s first successful inter species Transfer of a Frozen embryo a scientific advancement being heralded As a breakthrough in the efforts to save endangered species. Al lift space shuttle endeavour on its a us Obj a launcher platform Heads to launch pad 39b Early monday. Launch is targeted for dec. 16 at 9 18 . Est. The Crew will be servicing the Hubble space Telescope. Viola to of Marv Rva 6jbson 8 of Marietta a watches fell a pilgrims v a " of visions 01 1v14i y saturday at Caritas of Birmingham in Sterrett Ala. The Catholic Mission hosted five Day event where visionary Marija Lunetti purportedly saw apparitions of the Virgin Mary on a daily basis. Burn victims firms Settle Lawrence thirteen workers injured in a devas Tating fire at the Maiden Mills fac tory have settled a lawsuit against several companies that supplied material fire investigators believe May have sparked the inferno. The lawsuit settled Friday for an unspecified amount sought damages against Dupont Bayer corp., Rhone poulenc inc. And novalis fibres . Many of the workers Are still undergoing operations and skin grafts for injuries suffered in the december 1995 fire said attorney Robert Autieri who represented eight of the workers and their families. Seven of the men Are totally disabled and three have had Corne Al Eye surgeries he said. A Young life stolen Pocatello three years ago while working at Evergreen resources a ramshackle Industrial chemical re processing Plant Dominguez climbed Down into a 25,000-gallon steel tank and began cleaning out the sludge at the Scott Dominguez hauled out of the tank an hour later by Rescue Crews would never be the same As the Scott Dominguez who went in. The tank into which Dominguez descended that Day had once held cyanide. Later it held phosphoric acid. The combination exacerbated when Dominguez began Chip Ping away at it and hosing it Down produced Hydrogen cyanide Gas the same chemical used by the nazis at Auschwitz Dominguez was overcome. Today Dominguez talks with great difficulty struggling to utter a simple yes or no. Both his Fine and Gross motor skills Are severely next month Dominguez will go to court to attend a sentencing for Allan Elias owner of Evergreen resources who was convicted of violating a Federal Hazard Ous waste Law and of falsifying a worker safety permit. Fed states at Odds Phoenix a Federal plan that would designate regions in Arizona and Cali fornia As new National monuments is intended to protect the areas from excessive commercial devel , state officials say the proposal by Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt will cause financial hardship to the local Economy by removing the land from the tax base and scuttling business Ven monuments can be designated by the president under the antiquities act of 1906 or by an act of Congress. Under the Monument designation land would have in creased Protection against develop ment such As mining although some activities including cattle grazing is still allowed. Miraculous Landing Plant City a Small plane coming in for a land ing became wedged on top of another one 200 feet in the air and the interlocked pair landed to Gether without injury to any of the three people on sight of the double Decker plane at Plant City Airport outside of Tampa attracted Gawker until it was finally taken apart. It was truly amazing said Marilyn Gauthier of the Hillsborough county aviation authority. Jay Perrin 19, was descending in a Cadet on saturday and did t notice the Cessna flying below him officials said. Perrin s front wheel broke the Cessna s wind shield and became jammed sheriffs sgt. Rod Reder instructor Alan Vangee 65, took Over the controls of the Cessna from his 56-year-old Stu Dent Pilot and landed on the grass. I fast time comin Morgantown dialects Are like brains every body s got one. Contrary to what teachers might say linguists believe there is no Standard for spoken English. Speech patterns that characterize a Given part of the country Are like that wiring in the Skull unique. Linguistically speaking there is no goodness or badness to them says West Virginia univer sity professor Kirk Hazen. They All work equally i Ain t got none Means the same thing As i Haven t got any and using one phrase Over the other is no reflection on the speaker s intelligence he examines language unique to West Virginia and its neighbors phrases and pronunciations that might seem Odd to peo ple outside Appalachia. Fast time might leave a mid Westerner scratching his head but around these parts it Means Day Light saving time. Stones Ami photos from the associate

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