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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 15, 1999, Darmstadt, HessePage stars and stripes wednesday december 15, 1999 stars Robert Taylor publisher George m. Webb chief operating officer col. Mitchell e. Marovitz Usa commander publisher Europe it. Col Barry Williams Usan Deputy commander Max Lederer general manager news and editorial Thomas e. Kelsch editor in chief Bill Walker european editor Doug Clawson managing editor Kimberly Mielcarek Andy Savoie european desk editor letters editor Joe Gromelski electronic edition editor assistant managing editors Chris Carlson news Harry Thompson sports cherish May graphics Brian Bowers features addresses . Mail unit 29480, Apoate 09211 International mail Postrach 1330, 64345 Griesheim Germany fax Dan 349-8416 Civ. 49 0 6155/601416 email news letters Central office 529 14th Street new suite 350 Washington do 20045-1301 phone Dan 312-763-0900 or Civ. 1 1 202 761-0900 fax 11 202 761-0890 ombudsman currently vacant. Send comments to director afis 601 n. Fairfax Alexandria a 22314 or email How to Call us commander publisher Dan 349-8202 Civ. 491 0 61557601202 editor Dan 349-8237 Civ. 49 0 6155/601237 letters Dan 349-8400 Civ. 49 0 6155/601400 sports Dan 349-8225 Civ. 49 0 6155/601225 news bureaus Germany country code 49 Bamberg Sally Roberts unit 27535, Box 23497, Apo a 09139 Tel. Dan 469-7957 or Civ. 0 951/36896 fax Dan 469-8007 or Civ. 0 951/300-8007 email Heidelberg Marion Callahan room 117, Rome str. 104, 69115 Heidelberg Tel. Dan 370-7010 or Civ. 0 6221/600554 fax Civ. 0 6221/23421 email Kaiserslautern Kevin Dougherty Cory Lancaster and Chuck Rob erts Apo a 09227-3717 Tel. Dan 489-6585 or Civ. 0 631/52104 or 0 631/57140 fax Dan 489-6357 or Civ. 0 631/5366357 email , Lan , Span Dahlem Jason Sandford building 125, Apo a 09126 Tel. Dan 452-7827 or Civ. 0 6565/61-7827 fax Dan 452-4249 or Civ. 0 6565/61-4249 email . Stuttgart Cindy Elmore building 3307, 3rd floor Kelley Barracks Apo a 09107 Tel. Dan 421-2088 or Civ. 0 711/7292088 fax Civ. 0 711/729-2337 email Elm rec mail stripes. Wurzburg Richelle Turner Collins unit 26233, Apo a 09036 Tel. Dan 350-6308 or Civ. 0 931/700541 fax Civ. 0 951/300-8007 email Belgium Mons Gregory Piatt. Car 451, Box 188, Apo a 09708 Tel. Dan 423-5317 or Civ. 32 0 65/44-5317 fax Dan 423-5352 or Civ. 1321 0 65/44-5352 email Italy Aviano Gary Kunich pc 54, Box 782, Apo a 09601 Tel. Dan 632-5176 or Civ. 39 0434 66-5176 fax Dan 632-5222 or Civ. 39 0434 66-5222 email Naples. Ward Sanderson pc 810, Box 56, Fpo a 09619 Tel. Dan 625-3527/3528 01 Civ. 39 081 0724-3527/3528 fax Dan 025-3526 or Civ. 1 391 081 0724-3526 email Sanderson Simonella Sicily Jon r. Anderson pc 812, Box 3520, Fpo a 09627-3520 Tel. Dan 624-2590 or Civ. 391 095 86-2590 fax Dan 624-2589 or Civ. 1 39 095 86-2589 email Spain Rota Marni Mcentee pc 819, Box 1, Fpo a 09645 Tel. Dan 727-1099/1686 or Civ. 341 0956 82-1099 fax Dan 727 1034 or Civ 34 0956 82-1034 email. Bosnia Tula stars and stripes operation joint forge Apo a 09789-, Tel. Civ. 3871 0 75/814-167 email Macedonia Kosovo Skopje stars and stripes Ulica Naum Ohri ski 49, Skopje Cernica Macedonia Tel. Civ. 1389 0 91-110024 email Turkey Izmir Terry Boyd room 509, Akin building Alsan Cak Izmir mail ing address stars and stripes co Boyd pc 88, Box 3137, Apo a 09821 Tel. Dan 675-3388 or Civ. F90 232-441-6488 United kingdom Raf Mildenhall Ron Jensen and Dave Masko building 465 Cess us Raf Mildenhall Apo a 09459 Tel. Dan 238-4868 or Civ. 441 0 1638/544868 fax Civ. 144 0 1638/ 718013 email. , masked Washington Vinch Oast a the Pentagon room 2e756, . Box 46095, Washington do 20050-6095 Tel Civ. 111 703 697-6695 fax Civ. 1 703 693-6366 email this newspaper is an authorized unofficial publication for Mem Bers of the military services overseas. Contents of stars and stripes do not necessarily reflect the views of or endorsement by the .government, the department of defense or the . European com Mand. The appearance of advertising in this publication including inserts and supplements does not constitute endorsement by the department of defense or stars and stripes of the products or service advertised. Printed in the United kingdom by 2000 print services in Italy by edit Rice Tel Estampa Holiday thanks i would like to offer a moment of thanks for All the prayers and support for deployed service members around the Globe. I am a deployed service member and it Means a lot to those of us who Are abroad. I ask readers As they attend their Christ Mas Church services or if they Are just enjoying the company of family and friends not to forget about some Unsung heroes who make our deployments possible. " Don t forget the Small children who Are not old enough to understand Why their mommies or daddies have to be gone for so Long. They can t grasp the concept of time or How much longer until there is a re Union with their Mommy or daddy. It Al ready seems like forever to them. V Don t forget the Little boys or girls in Grade school. Grandma and grandpa spoil them with lots of gifts but All the other kids have their moms and dads this Christ Mas. This has been a Long separation for the kids. They know a Christmas Miracle won t bring their parents Back Home. Yet they say a Little prayer each night that just maybe there will be peace on Earth and just maybe their parents will make it Home for Christmas. With everything not lost they make one last request if mom and dad can t come Home for Christmas morn ing that they just make it Home Safe. V Don t forget the preteens. They have so much to worry about with school friends fitting in and the Onset of adolescence. If they Are not troubled and con fused enough dealing with this they also have to Cope with their moms not being there. The dads have done their Best. They be been doing a great Job with the moms gone but it still in t the same. " Don t forget the teen Ager in High school. Dad called him on his 16th birth Day and offered him congratulations on getting his Driver s License. This was a Day they both looked Forward to but the deployment forced a change and mom got to take him. Mom still won t let me take the car out he acts a Little More rebellious than Normal. He hangs with his friends More. On Christmas when dad finally Calls this High school lineman fights Back the Lump in his Throat when dad says i am proud you Are my son. I love you and merry Christmas take Good care of mom for Don t forget the Young wife with the new baby. The baby will be six weeks old on Christmas. Both of the families have been there to help but something is miss ing without him Home. It in t fair they take him away like this. It is Only their Sec Ond Christmas As husband and wife and the baby s first Christmas. Why does he have to be gone now Money has gotten real tight since she stopped working. With the new baby she has t had much time or Money to do the Christmas shopping she would like. He Calls twice a month that is Tell us what you think stars and stripes welcomes your comments on editorials and columns that Are published in the newspaper and values letters on topics of importance in the lives of our readers ail letters must be signed and must include the writer s address or base and Telephone number we Reserve the right to edit letters for length Send your letters to . Mail stars and stripes unit 29480 Apoate 09211 International mail stars and stripes f ostfacbt330 64345 Friesheim via fax country code 49 0 6155/601395dsn 349s395 email Tail All they can afford and she reassures him that she and the baby Are both Don t forget the couple. This is old hat. They have been through Many similar deployments. No matter How Many times one deploys it never gets any easier. The kids Are All a bit older this time and that seems to help. However not having that special someone to Wake up next to on Christmas morning is hard to Deal with. V Don t forget the mom and dad whose daughter just finished High school and Basic training to go to a unit that was deploying. We weren t really sure if she should go into the service. We wanted her to go to College but she was stubborn. She insisted this is what she wanted to do. She has never been away from Home for Christ Mas before her tearful Mother said. " remember these people this Holiday sea son. They feel alone and powerless when we can t Call to let them know we Are of. Yet they Are the ones who Send us the pack Ages pictures love and support to lift up our spirits when we Are Down. They stand Strong to maintain our lives and take care of the families we left behind. These ple Are the deployed service members fam Ilies. May god bless them All staff sgt. Roger h. Emmons or. Camp Mcgovern Bosnia and Herzegovina Decatur students this whole ordeal with the students in Decatur 111., being expelled for fighting is getting to be too much. There is basically no racial Factor it was not unfair treat ment. All those involved were treated in a like manner and there were no minorities singled out and treated differently. As a Parent of school aged kids i am quite frankly comforted that any school Board would take the initiative to punish students fairly for an infraction of the rules. Every person in every state should thank the school Board in Decatur for set Ting a fair and unbiased precedent. They doonesbury Are trying to make schools and school functions a safer place for those students who Don t want any trouble. In t that what ple have been asking for i know i have. If the Rev. Jesse Jackson wants a cause to Champion there Are Many More deserving issues in the news every Day. Don t get me wrong. I very much respect Rev. Jack son and agree with most of his endeavours. But this particular cause is one in which he should have used his better judgment. How Many school shootings have we heard about in the last few years there have also been a significant number of hate crimes. Would these not have been More valid projects we need to teach our children that violence is not the answer. This would have been a forum in which Rev. Jackson could have done a world of Good. Unfortunately through his Good intentions he is giving the impression that if someone Breaks the rules he or she should not receive any form of reprimand. Those who support the Decatur Board of education should be furious. Those who oppose the expulsions Are avid demonstrators of their beliefs and therefore receive the majority of the Public voice. Why can t those who support the expulsions be As vocal and Public if they were maybe they would get equal air time to present their Case and elicit support for their cause. I think the Decatur students earned their punishment just As they could have earned Praise by stopping the violence. They deserve every Day of the original two year expulsion. If they Are returned to the regular classroom they will continue to pose a threat to others. They will also gain the knowledge that if they violate the rules again nobody can Stop them and no form of punishment can be Given to them. The parents of All the other students in Decatur should be deeply concerned with this Issue. Those Well meaning protesters Are endangering the students who want to get an education. In this Case the Crimi nals Are being painted As the heroes and to me that is very backward. Ket Frye bad Kreuz Nach Germany wrestling Flap the Issue of the world wrestling federa Tion being too violent is completely overrated. Wrestling is just like any other Gram. If people Don t want to watch it and Don t want their kids to watch it on to they should simply change the Channel. As a big wrestling fan for 15 years the decision of the military and the Advertis ers anger Mes. I kind of understand where they re coming from but it s not Only the Whf which shows someone getting the Liv ing daylights kicked out of them. If they put the Whf under the Microscope of scrutiny they might As Well take a look at some of the violent programming that has nothing to do with wrestling. D. Clay Darmstadt Germany by Garry Trudeau and Microsoft & jul to que w/7h so Terr 0anpanp 3qcc&r Pap

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