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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 14, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseFage 24 the stari and stripes fit riday do mar 14/1967 \ my a my t greek King leads revolt against Junta confirmed rom Page f monitored in London broadcast which came from Larissa said that a new prime minister had been appointed and that five members of the Junta had been dismissed. None of these was named. The Junta deprived Kin Constantino of his constitutional Powers a radio broadcast fro Mathens heard in London said. The broadcast said a Man named Soykis was named vice Roy. Col. Papadopolous who led the april 21 coup was named head of government. The Leader of the 3rd armore corps is it. Gen. George Peri Dis known to be a Strong sup Porter of the Royal House and an opponent of the colonels who took Power. King Constantino was believe to have the support of the Power Ful 1st army stationed in North Ern and Centra Greece. The 1st army with Headquarters in Lar Isa is commanded by it. Gen. Constantine Kollias no relation to the civilian Premier of the Athens army Junta who bears the same name. The army s Strong is unit is the third armore corps. The Athens radio however broadcast loyalty messages from the first and second armies monitors in Istanbul reported. The broadcast also said the whole of the country was Calm. It made no mention of King Constantine who it Sau earlier was fleeing from Village to Village in an attempt to escape. In Washington Christian , the greek ambassador informed the state department wednesday morning that he rep resents King Constantine in the United states and that he Heads the Royal greek embassy i Washington diplomatic sources with Phillips Talbot the . Ambassador Nathens were uninterrupted and he reported that the City was relatively Calm. The developments raised the possibility of a civil War less than 20 years since greek fought greek in a communist i Surrec his broadcast the King said a spirit of revenge will no prevail but i will not accept any disobedience from now on and twill be crushed mercilessly. There will be no referred to the communist danger of the last 25 years an reiterated his request to the peo ple to assist him follow him an support him. In his speech the 27-year-Oldmonarch repudiated the men who carried out the corp. He declared they were Only a segment of the civil War could wreck the country. Its Economy is already in decline As a result of the Mili tary Rule. Civil strife also could end the greek Royal House. Turkish foreign ministry sources in Ankara said it had received reports of armec1 clashes on the Island of Crete and of armoured units moving Towar Athens from the North. Athens radio broke hours of silence to announce that the King was misled by criminal opportunists and turned against the nation saving greek armed forces Are weather Cloudy with too and drizzle i tote change Friday. Frankfurt Heidelberg High 37, Low 28. Temperatures recorded wednes Day get 4 4 am pm 19 39 Madrid cd 18 25 Munich cd 31 41 Paris cd 48 48 p rest Wick p 45 48 Rome p 52 55 wheelus p 4 4 am pm 54 54 Adana cd 64 Athena _ 30 36 Valano p 30 34 Berlin cd s3 27 Frankfurt 43 46 London p cd Cloudy a partly Cloudy a rain. 2nd weather Wing determined to defend the unit of the nation to crush through armed might those who Divide the country the radio said. The Callson the greek people to maintain. Their Confidence in the air Force planes believed to be Long to the royalist forces Clewlow Over Athens which was under tight control from unit Loyal to the Junta. Rumours said the King had setup a hew government at Nao Ussa in Central Greece with Petros Garoufalis As Premier. He was defense minister in the govern ment of Premier George Papandreou. Papandreou s demand in 1065that Garoufalis quit the de sense Post touched off a show Down Between the King and the aged Premier which was the Roo of Greece s recent troubles. Garoufalis is considered a staunch anti comm most. The1965 Battle came Over his charges that leftist officers feel by Papandreou s son Andreak were try ing to take control of the army big. Gen. Stylianos Pattakos the Interior minister was re ported to have Brett caught by the counter coup outside Athens. Nato backs plan for better Russ relations Brussels a foreign ministers of 15 nations in the Atlantic Alliance wednesday approved a plan to use it As a forum for discussing plans on getting along better with the soviet conference source said they would decide thursday about making it Public. The source said the plan base Don a suggestion by belgian for eign minister Pierre Harmel was a flexible one to accommodate the insistence of France on keeping As much Freedom of movement As possible in its re lations with the soviets. In another development wednesday at the year end meet ing of nato foreign ministers Here it was reported that Allied military planners were under Ders wednesday to Speed studies for a barricade of atomic mines along Turkey s Mountain fron tiers with officials Here reported the orders came from nato s14-nation defense ministers planning committee. They said the studies Are to be undertaken by nato s nuclear planning group of seven coun tries supreme Allied commander in Europe Gen. Lymph and the turkish Gen Era staff. A final report Complete wit recommendations is expected by military jargon atomic mines go under the Label atomic demolition munitions Are not mines in the conventional sense which can be detonated by just stepping in . Like other nuclear de vices have Remote control mechanisms. One of the problems the experts must Settle is How mos effectively to operate a two key system. The americans would Supply the actual weapons and would retain the right to veto their use. The turks presumably would also have a veto. Stand firm on Viet War lbs says continued from Page 1. Congressional said this has t been the greatest Congress inthe world but this has been a productive Cong res and labor leadership has helped make it ," he added we need great congresses again not jus Good ones and urged the labor convention to see that everyman go to work and work through next praised Al Cio president George Meany Call ing him . Labor for his Strong support on Vietnam and other administration thank him and i thank you from the Bottom of my heart Johnson said. The labor delegates interrupted Johnson with round after round of applause and before bespoke they staged what looked Tike a political rally with sign saying. All the Way with lbs and we support Johnson in Viet Nam another sign said. We like grandpa Lyndon a refer ence to the president s new Sta House More Washington up Ahouse of representatives armed services subcommittee conduct ing a super secret investigation of . War policy reported wednesday that military Prog Ress in Vietnam was much too it proposed new Esca panel recommended carrying out adequate search and surveillance measures. In Cambodia which the subcommittee said is a Sanctuary for the North vietnamese and Vietcong closing the port of the . Military to pay raise. Continued from Pago 1 lation which includes increase sin the Cost of mailing letters and postcards effective Jan. 7, Heidelberg a Usa eur he spokesman said Usa eur plans to give All military personnel in the command a special pay ment in Cash Check by Friday for the amount of the increase retroactive to oct. 1. Department of the army civilian employees the spokesman said also will get the retroactive increasing dating Back to oct. 1 included in their next Wiesbaden col. Charles j. Pratt Safe director of accounting and finance said us afe will make every Effort tout the pay raise retroactive to oct. 1 in the hands of its people both military and civilian employees prior to Christmas provided the president signs the Bill in time for proper processing. House passes welfare Bill Washington a the House passed wednesday a Bill increasing social Security Bene fits for 24 million recipients hiking the payroll tax and set Ting stiffer requirements for welfare vote was 388 to 3. Opposing the measure were e. Bennett a Fla. James a. Burke d-mass., an James b. Utt a Calif. The Bill a Compromise be tween House and Senate ver Sions now goes to the Senate where a fight is brewing on the welfare provisions especially those setting limits on the growth of Aid to dependent Chil Dren programs and requiring work programs for adult recipients. The social Security change mean All benefits will increase at least 13 per cent the mini mum monthly payment for an individual from $44 to $55 month and the maximum from $142 to $160.50.the social Security tax would go up a maximum of $52.80 in1968, More in future years. Pope about to Issue important document Vatican City up Pope Paul i will Issue an important document Friday the Vatican announced wednesday. Vatican sources said the Docu ment would probably be a state ment on world peace that might include Concrete proposals for lending the War in Vietnam. Designate As primary air defences in North Vietnam though Many Are in heavily populated areas. The report was delivered tothe House by committee chair Man l. Mendel Rivers said the group s full report which will attempt to answer the question of whether there is a military plan to Winthe War probably will not be made for some months but he said he had. Just received an interim informal report. Rivers said the subcommittee found that it was the overwhelm ing judgment of military com Manders throughout the Pacific that any bombing pause would serve Only to prolong the War and increase american casualties. Report claimed the War could not be successfully concluded unless additional South Ieti Mese troops Are quickly trained and said american com Manders were pleased with the Progress of South vietnamese troops but that More such troops Are required. Tus As a Grandfather since Luc gave birth to Patrick Lyndon Nugent several months beginning his speech. Johnson in response to a shout of All the Way with lbs flashed a Grin at the Delegate Sand an Okay hand sign at them Johnson in his speech to the delegates again foreshadowed an upcoming Campaign for re election next year arid summed up his feelings on one great. Is Suer Vietnam. A. For. As Long As i have borne the responsibility of conducting our foreign policy i have know that it is easier to protest a pm Lac by than said. To conceive one he in the meantime Johnson said Hanoi spurns the Olive Branch and he will do his duty by a sat million of the bravest of Teri whoever left these shores to fight for freedom.",.r the president had words of gratitude to the assembled Al Cio leaders roof. A ringing vote of Confidence monday in the course he is pursuing i Vietnam. But Jit was at the gop by name that the president slashed hardest in a Campaign style speech tailored to the applause that came. You know i know and the voters know Johnson said that the old Republican buggy can go one Way backward downhill. Tha Only program that grand old party offers is the remains of what they have backed into and run Over on the Road the bits and pieces of what somebody else the speech to the labor convention capped a Long Busy Day that produced other sounds familiar along Campaign trails. Johnson dedicated a new Junior College in Central Texas and swatted away ther at what he termed complainers critics and doubters. . 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