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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 14, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseThursday december 14, 1967 the stars and stripes Page 23 Garrison releases Bullet pictures continued from Page 1must know that the conclusion of the Warren commission is fraud and that the people of the United states have been of the pictures shows an unidentified Man bending Over Topick up what Garrison Sale is a .45-caliber Bullet. The District at Torney said the second picture an enlargement of a Man s hand shows the person picking up the Bullet and the third shows theman with the Bullet clenched in his left hand. Dec will air British bid Brussels up France common Market partners will meet at the ministerial level to discuss Britain s bid for member ship thursday in an attempt to stave off a crisis informed sources said. Although French foreign min ister Maurice Couve de Murville is in Brussels he will not attend the meeting which was called by Belgium. The meeting is scheduled Tobe held at Val Duchesse Cha teau about 10 Miles outside Brus Sels. It was not immediately Clear who would preside. The decision to hold the meet ing came after Couve was warned in a series of talks with partner ministers that France s continued refusal to debate Abou Britain could plunge the Community into a crisis. The five partners and particularly Holland Belgium and Luxembourg Are determine that France must decide on Brit Ain one Way or the other in the coming week. They want the final answer Tobe Given at Market Council slated for dec. 18-19 in Brussels. Military Industrial link the Bullet has been identified by a comparison study of bullets As a .45-caliber. Apparently steel jacketed Garrison said the Man picking up the Bullet indicated that he i apparently an investigative agent of the Federal government either employed by the Federal Bureau of investigation or the secret Garrison said dark splotches on the ground scattered around the Bullet which can be seen in Al three pictures Are pieces of mat Ter from Kennedy s ,Large portion of the president s Skull was found near the scene of this Pic Ture Garrison said the pictures indicate that Law enforcement agencies had obtained custody of one of the bullets that killed the presi Dent within 10 minutes after he was said before describing Lee Harvey Oswald As the Only Assassin the Federal government had to know that the larger Bullet was used in the As Federal government had to know that inasmuch As it i impossible to fire a .45-caliber Bullet from a 6.5 Mann Licher Carcano there had to be a num Ber of individuals firing at the president and that the act was not accomplished by a Lone As Sassin Garrison said. The Bullet was never introduced in evidence before the Warren commission and was no referred to in the 26-volume re port on testimony and exhibits according to Garrison. This is just another instance of the pattern of deception by the Federal government in which evidence has been systematically concealed or destroyed Garrison said. In this instance however the fraudulent activity of Federal agencies and officials is Here exposed by these immoral war9 corrupting colleges Fulbright Washington up Fulbright d-ark., said wednesday that the Vietnam Waris supporting a military Industrial Complex which is a major political Force and a corrupting influence on the nation s colleges and universities. The chairman of the foreign relations committee in the Sec Ond of two scathing speeches on Vietnam said that defense industries and their employees form a giant concentration of socialism in our otherwise free Enterprise charged last week that the Vietnam conflict is an immoral and unnecessary War which is turning the Southeast asian country into a Charnel miss Tibbetts visits Safe ties landed by envoy by John Reese staff writer Wiesbaden is Margaret Joy Tibbetts american ambassador to Norway was Here tuesday for her first Safe briefing in three thursday she will be further briefed at 17th air Force head quarters in Ramstein Germany. The envoy expressed her enthusiasm for Norway and norwegians. Alluding to the cultural ties Between the two nations she is firm in her belief that most norwegians like americans. This she pointed out is reflected by the Active cultural Exchange program Between the United states and Norway. There Are More than 500 norwegian Stu dents and executives attending . Universities and studying the methods of american Industry and Trade the University of Oslo there Market ends slump 1 Mutual funds prices 1 new York up National association of securities dealers . Bid asked Aberdon 3.08 3.37adv cd 8.92 9.79 Tafil cd 8.52 9.22all am 1.26 1.38 am bus 3.39 3.67 am div 11.87 12.97am Goth 7.57 8.23 am inv 41.56 41.56am Mut 10.32 11.28 Asso cd 1.62 1.78asso in 7.72 7.72 axe Houghton axe h a 8.79 9.55axe h b 10.6111.64 axe h St 7.88 8.61axe Sci 22.87 24.86 Blue rid 14.25 15.57end St 6.95 7.60 Bost cd 8.89 9.72broad by 14.51 15.69 Bullock 15.04 16.48can Gen 8.85 9.78 can cd 17.94 19.41cap Ino 8.83 9.68 Cap life 6.59 7.23cent shr 9.5710.46 Channin funds Balan 13.83 15.11com St 2.18 2.38 a Ruth 21.15 23.11incom 8.15 8.91 spec 3.64 3.98chase cd 12.94 14.14 chem cd 19.00 20.77citadel 3.15 3.44 Cost sea 1.58 1.71co est 16.82 18.38 col cd 13.70 14.97col Goth 10.55 11.53 Cost cd 5.44 5.91commonwlth funds cd Cap 19.62 21.44 Cath t in 9.88 10.80ow a a 1.74 1.74 Csc a 1.90 1.90cw inv 10.78 11.78 cd St 10.48 11. 4 comp by 10.77 11.71 comp cd 11.24 12.22concrd 19.74 19.74 cons inv 13.50 13.75cnsum i 5.63 6.15 conv Seo 11.78 12.87corp old 15.97 17.4 j bid asked entry 12.73 13.76 Crown w 7.00 7.66devgh m 72.93 72.93 Decatur 12.45 13.61dela cd 16.16 17.66 diver or 16.75 18.36diver in 9.99 10.95 do old shh 3.72 4.08dow to 8.31 8.98 Drexel 18.97 18.97dreyfus 15.28 16.68 ban bal 11. 11 12.08eatn St 16.32 17.73 Emp Gap 29.10 31.63energy 16.33 16.33 ent and 25.24 27.58equity 10.47 11.32 est a a 17.65 19.34falrfld 15.20 16.61 pm Bur 12.04 12.04 fed Goth 15.06 16.46fid Cap 14.64 15.91 fid trend 33.95 36.90financial programs Dyn 6.47 7.08 ind 5.44 5.96inc 6.61 7.21 St inv 10.50 11.53fst inns 11.1512.22 Fletcher 18.02 19.69fla Goth 7.25 7.93 and u 4.57 4.99fnd Mut 8.63 9.43 fours f 15.45 16.89 Franklin custodian Ink pm 7.25 7.97fnk by 2.56 2.82 Ink it 6.89 7.57fnk in 2.93 3.22 fund am 12.23 13.37fund inv 12.43 13.62 Gen inv 7.04 7.65gen Seo 12.13 12.13 group Sec a Eros 11.29 12.37 com St 13.26 14.52 Ful and 8.96 9.82grift ind 23.47 24.17 Gryp tin 20.46 22.36guard 27.79 27.79 Ham hda 5.91 6.46horace 15.61 16.26 Hub and 13.07 13.07imp Cap 10.41 11.3 Imp or 8.49 9.23ine cd 12.89 14.09 inc Bost 7.64 8.35ind and 12.9314.13 ind am 8.16 8.92ind trend 15.37 16.80 bid asked ins & Bank 5.16 5.63invc am 14.53 15.88 inv bos 13.91 15.09nvest group Mut 11.28 12.26stock 21.86 23.76 select 9.32 10.02var pay 8.97 9.75 inv res 21.4123.40istel cd 25.5026.29 Ivest 17.82 19.48jhnstn 21.65 21.65 Keystone inv by 21.0221.94 Dis b-4 9.66 10.55inc Al 9.1810.02 Goth k-2 7.21 7.87hgr so 22.41 24.45 inc s-2 10.9411.94 App s-3 9.99 10.91kntkr 7.36 8.07 Ink Goth 13.64 14.94lexing 10.06 10.99 Lex Rea 17.52 19.15life inv 6.28 6.86 loom is Sayles can int 36.68 36.68 Cap do 13.73 13.73mut 16.32 16.32 Manhon 11.87 12.97mass cd 12.9514.15 mass or 12.99 14.20mass to 17.35 18.96 Mcdon 12.38 13.57mid am 7.78 8.50 Moodys 17.52 19.15 Morton ads met or 14.65 16.05 met Ino 4.55 4.99mrt ins 7.03 7.70 Mif cd 18.23 19.71mif Goth 6.09 6.60 Mut hrs 19.55 19.55mut to 2.63 2.68 Aba Mut 11.85 12.09nat is 10.36 11.21. Nat inv 7.92 8.56 Nat Sec ser Balan 11. 08 12. 11 Bond 5.87 6.42dlvid 5.14 5.62 of St 7.74 8.46incom 6.08 6.04 Stock 8.94 9.77grwth 11.93 13.04 Nat wat 5.83 6.39new eng 11.51 12.44 new Hor 26.58 26.58new old 14.29 15.0 neat it 18.69 16.6 j100 and 13.14 14.3d one we 17.73 17.73 bid asked Opp 28.22 30.84 Penn so 17.41 17.41phila cd 15.25 16.71 plug pm 11.01 12.07pilot 7.64 8.35 Pine St 11.99 11.99pioneer 12.81 14.00 provide 5.70 6.23puritan 11.18 12.09 Putnam ads Geo 16.71 18.26 equity 11.88 12.98grth 13.29 14.52 inc 9.49 10.37inv 8.83 9.65 rep tech 6.55 7.16revere 16.13 17.63 Scudder ads int inv 14.3914.61 spec 38.87 38.87bal 17.91 17.91 com 12.47 12.47sec div 14.22 15.38 Sec Seq 17.09 18.68sec inf 8.55 9.34 Sel am 12.85 13.90sh bos 13.32 14.56 swat inv 9.12 9.86sovr in 16.2317.77 state St 53.51 54.00sted so 7.90 8.63 sted am 12.7813.97sted fid 9.09 9.93 Stein Roe ads Stein r 22.4222.42 Stein in 15.74 15.74stein St 15.2015.20 Sterl inv 12.5613.58sup inv 6.89 7.55 etchers 13.95 14.53telev Al 10.09 11.00 to plan 15.70 17.16tex cd 11.73 12.84 Tunc g 6.92 7.56twnc 1 6.21 6.79 United funds acc 16.83 18.39 income 14.51 15.80scien 10.09 11.03 in f in 6.47 7.07value line ads Val inc 6.54 7.17val spa 8.53 9.35 varied in 5.67 0.16viking or 7.36 8.00 Walls in 12.21 13.34well cd 12.88 14. 01 West ind 8.46 9.25wntlsor 18.36 19.96 win fld 14.16 15.48wvscon 8.38 9.16 Worth x 8.32 9.07 new York a the Stock Market closed higher wednesday in Active were higher from the Start As they recovered fro four sessions of decline. Computer issues were Strong both on the new York and american Stock exchanges. Polaroid and other science is sues As Well As specialized Situ ated stocks such As Chr Malloy a phenol Lockheed and other were in demand. The trend was muddied by typical year end Cross currents of tax loss Selling and switching but the Market showed underly ing vigor. Toby or not Tob Uvalde Tex. Up when Toby Dunn got a selective serv ice Board draft Call monday a sort of hysterical laugh startled most of the patrons in the Post office. Toby a student a Southwest Texas Junior College is a girl who has been running into similar situations most of her life. Are some 250 american students she said. The norwegians Are extremely enthusiastic about learning about american society and Cul Ture she said. On the other hand she added norwegians generally Are quite critical of . Bombing of North Vietnam. The opinion of the rest of . Conduct of the War is mixed she said. Communist influence the influence of the communist party in Norway is declining she said. The party has not had a representative in parliament since 1961. The ambassador finds much similarity Between Southern nor Way and her native Maine. Shews born in Bethel. In Norway she has ample Opportunity to indulge her love of the outdoors fishing skiing and summer she plays Tennis. She recommends a career inthe diplomatic service to Young women but Only if they really like to work in an office and Are prepared to forego raising a there just in t time for Tibbetts finds duties demand a wardrobe which she from time to time boat Washington and new York department stores. Asked if she Ever patronized Paris Couturier she said very positively i the ambassador enjoys norwegian food taking special pleas ure in fish cheese and Reindeer meat. That he extensive enhance purchases archbishop in Chile bans the Bikini Valparaiso Chile up the archbishop of Valparaiso msgr. Emilio Tagle Covarrubia banned the use of the Bikini in his diocese who use the abbreviated bathing attire As Well As the parents and godparents will by deprived of their sacrament rights the prelate warned. In a speech delivered in Thel Enate he said the Hope of America s poor had been Sacri iced to the supervening require ments of the War on asian communism or More exactly to the executive preoccupation and con Gressional Parsin induced by hat said the United tales has begun to lose its understanding of the Power of the american example and that thess is Manifest in Vietnam. There at last we have pm raced the ideas that Are so alien to our experience the idea hat our Wisdom is As great As our Power and the idea that our Asting Impact on the world can be determined by the Way weight a War rather than by the Way we run our country. These Are the principal an most ominous effects of the War the betrayal of ideas which have served America Well and the Reat moral crisis which that betrayal has set Loose among our people and their Fulbright called for a reevaluation of National priorities and he said that defending our priorities is More a matter of moral accounting than of Cost the senator a former presi Dent of the University of Arkan Sas said that Many leading universities have joined the Mono Lith of the military Industrial Complex. He said professors like Money and influence just As do businessmen workers and politicians. The Bonds Between govern ment and the universities he said Are no More the result of a conspiracy than those betwee government and but he said the Price is the surrender of Independence a neglect of teaching and the Dis persion of a University that makes itself government appendage Ful Bright said is not Only failing to meet its responsibilities to its students it is betraying a Public said that the Basic cause of the angry rebellions on Many campuses probably is the students discovery of corruption in the one place be sides perhaps the churches which might have been supposed to be immune from the corruptions of he added having seen their country s traditional values de graded in the Effort to attribute moral purpose to an immoral War having seen their country leaders caught in inconsistencies which Are politely referred to Asa credibility Gap they now see their universities the last Cita dels of moral and intellectual integrity lending themselves to ulterior and expedient ends and betraying their own fundamental purpose. Inconceivable says de Bakey train transplant next new York a a Lead ing heart surgeon said tuesday night it is not inconceivable that Man will some Day be Able to transplant the human . Michael e. De Bakey chairman of the department of surgery at the Baylor school of Medicine implanted the world first partial artificial heart in april 1966."in the Light of our present knowledge he said it s no possible now to transplant a human brain. But he added Ido not Rule out that the surgeon made his re-mark.0 to newsmen at a dinner of the International cardiology . De Bakey said one of the great benefits of the successful heart transplant in South Africa is that it demonstrated that such an operation is in fact pos sible and thus will Spur re search in the Field. I think that As time goes on he said you will see a increased Effort along these lines but i Don t foresee an great flurry of heart trans plants because of the difficulties . De Bakey said that almost any medical Center routinely doing open heart surgery has the capacity to do a heart Ivans also raised the possibility of transplanting heart and lungs at the same time

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