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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 12, 1999, Darmstadt, HesseSunday december 12,1999 Star and stripes Money pages gadgets & games re 3 a Zombie horror around every Corner by William Schiffmann the associated Pressi t s never a Good Day in Raccoon City where zombies Rule and horror is waiting around every Corner. Cap com has once again taken nightmares to new Heights in this bedevilled Community in resident evil 3 Neme Sis the latest in its horrific series for Sony s playstation. The series has always managed to Send a few chills Down my spine and re3 is no exception. The Zombie army while slow As individuals attacks with Little warning and often in groups. It takes several shots to Down them unless you Are using the Shotgun and while you re trying to put one Down another will take a bite out of you. There Are other monsters waiting too mangy dogs huge Worms Bio machines. And of course there s a Superman Ster on tap Nemesis. Huge and terrify ing he is relentless fast and incredibly lethal. He will pursue you for Long distances or through Many areas of a building. If you manage to evade him he just pops up later meaner than Ever. Killing Nemesis does have its rewards including lots of ammo life and nifty new weapons. Just be sure you re ready. You play As Jill Valentine a Mem Ber of Raccoon City s crack . Special tactics and Rescue service unit. She s smart a great shot and fearless. But she s facing an enemy spawned by the evil umbrella corp., which matches her in All those categories and is incredibly hard to kill. The game begins the Day before Resi Dent evil 2 s events with Jill desperately trying to get out of town. While blasting zombies mutts and other mutants has a certain therapeutic value re3 also pays dividends to those who can avoid attacks. Ammo is in Short Supply and blazing away every time you have a target Means no bullets when you need them most. You can run past zombies or use the new evade move to Dodge them. If you prefer to do More than simply open fire res has plenty for you. There Are puzzles to solve which Are vital to your Progress. Finding keys tracking Down the associated press passwords saving items for use later and keeping track of the All important map will keep your brain As Active As your trigger Finger. Trial and error and a lot of backtrack ing will keep you Busy. Except for things you need instantly weapons ammo and life restoring goodies things Are stored in a Box which follows you around and shows up from time to time. Remember where the last one was because you la have to keep things you Only need once or twice there. Graphics Are dynamite Lush somber and the outdoor scenes Are usually on fire or blown to pieces. The characters Are nicely detailed and if Nemesis does t give you a shiver you re not human. Sound effects Are excellent featuring spooky music the screams of the locals As they re dispatched by zombies and the tip off sounds of approaching beasts. Control is solid although some shared selections shooting and dodging for instance make for occasional glitches. Resident evil 3 is new enough and scary enough to make it the Best of the series. If it s not on your Holiday wish list see if you can sneak it on. Then turn Down the lights. Resident evil 3 is rated a for Ages 17 and up. From Basic to booming car stereos Rule the Road by Melody Sias the commercial appeals ass. Ear numbing car thumping body jarring window rattling Bass. Re singers escape Sang this is for those who like to pop the trunk and let it bump big Bass systems May have started with teenagers hooking a couple of speakers to their car stereos in the Early 80s, but the systems of the 90s Are More elaborate More expensive and coveted by a wider audience than their predecessors were. No longer is the Only goal hard hitting Bass there Are control panels that in clude navigation systems video game consoles two Way communication and More. Larry Stone said he has been into Cus Tom vehicles since he was Little. A lot of people in Memphis seem to think car audio is about kids booming Down the Street Stone said. That s not what it s Stone is More interested in hearing All the frequencies vocals Bass guitar violin than in hearing window rattling Bass. You want it to sound As warm and As accurate As a Basic system that sounds Good can Cost As Little As $260 installed said Alex Wozniak owner of Alex s car stereo in what is of for one person May not be satisfactory to the next said Charle Brinkley manager at int pro audio in Memphis you can get a very Nice sys tem for $2,500." very Nice say a cd player sub Woofer Multi amplifier enclosures and tweeters. The average person would have to breakout the electronics dictionary cd player climb from under you Rock if you Don t know that one. Sub Woofer speaker for Low notes techno tuba baritone Bassoon. Also known As Woofer or kicker. Amplifier increases Power boosts the signals to the speakers. Enclosure contains the speaker controls the air around it to improve sound Quality. Tweeter High note speaker Classi Cal violin flute Mariah Carey. There s More. Without the mid Range speakers there Are no vocals. So add those to the list too. Music lovers Don t necessarily have to spend that much to have a Good system. Because the various speakers accommodate different types of music Moheb safari manager at Auto tropics discusses a customer s music preference before recommending a system. Rap is a heavy Bass Type music so you need to go with something that has subs sub woofers and lots of mid Range safari said. For classical music enthusiasts safari suggests tweeters and mid ranges. Classi Cal music does t have much Bass but you can still bump with Beethoven said safari. Wozniak also talks with customers to determine what they need. Some people want sound Quality others favor Power Over Cost depends on Brand custom installation labor Are a lot of things involved safari said. Some people spend three to 10 times More than they spend on the people buy their systems in parts. They May get the cd player then add speakers a few weeks later. When they have saved More Money the add amplifiers he May not spend $2,500 All at once but when he s done he might Brinkley said this Type of buyer usually transfers the system to his or her next vehicle as17-year-old Crystal to Wen plans to do. Bowen talked a Salesman Down to $420 the commercial Appeal shoun a. Hill Scripps Howard news service it took four Days and $5,000 to equip this suburban with a 1,000-Watt sound system. Cecil Bell of Auto radio installed 12-Inch woofers and a motorized amplifier rack in the system which is owned by a 15-year-old. For a cd player and two speakers for her 91 eclipse. I got into rap but did t want to spend a lot of Money for subs she said. The speakers were supposed to produce a wide Range of tones Well but now they Are popping she said. I May be trying to push too much through them without music Lover Robert Cornett said Quality amps May be More important than the he suggested two 10-Inch sub Woof ers and one amp for those on a tight Bud a radio and a few Good speakers Are not enough Clarion has introduced Theau top a multimedia Auto electronic system. Brinkley called it a radio hardly it has an in dash personal computer with a windows operating system and flip out Monitor with touch screen in addition to a built in equalizer address Book voice memo navigation system and Telephone of and a voice controlled system retails for about $1,300 a bargain when a dedicate navigation system can Cost $1,500, said Brinkley. Wade Hunter for whom electronics is a Hobby spoke of a system that automatically adjust the volume when the Driver opens a window or is no electronic slacker. His truck is less than a year old and he has already changed everything in it. He spent about $1,500 for the regular head radio cd player cassette player or combination cd controller cassette deck 10-disc changer two amplifiers and one May heed the advice to turn Down the sound to deter theft but audiologist Marilyn Steinberg advised turning Down the music for another Rea son they Are getting ear damage. There s no doubt about whose hearing has been affected May not realize it because the loss is Grad Ual. Our brain lets us adapt to the Small changes until it s too late said if you find yourself adjusting the volume for the tweeters take it As a warn ing. The High frequency which is 95 per cent of word understanding is affected first said Steinberg. Distributed by Scripps Howard news service

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