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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 12, 1999, Darmstadt, HesseSunday. December 12, 1999 stars and stripes sunday Page is g dear Carolyn a eerie the kind clinical am a 26-year-old Virgin and social worker who helps me with i can t bring myself to go this column and who has he through a Complete Gyno exam. I own theories for sure and she have tried a few times but i says this in t the place for these make them Stop before m / theories. Specifically i they insert the specs tall Ilia they re wrong they Lum. The last time actually screamed Stop so loudly nurse in the hallway opened the door to Serif everything was of they Tell me it s of but i leave crying each time. I do other Brave albeit insane things i have gone skydiving twice and i went to Rural Honduras for two weeks without telling anyone How to reach me. So How should i go about being Brave about this . The question is How should i go about being Brave about answering you Here s the problem i have my theories. You i m sure have your theories. All the readers in re Aderville have their theories. Tell me about it advice forthe under-30 crowd Carolyn Hax could steer you in the wrong direction and if they re right do you really want that with your Corn flakes comparing the Brav Ery it takes to sky Diveto a Pap smear is like comparing watermelons and motorboats says Berler but by doing that you re revealing that the exam is unconsciously life threaten ing to ? could be minor could be anything to Berler other people have devel oped fears like yours from a prior bad experience with a doctor from the negative message society gives women about letting any one see much less examine their bodies from a need to feel in control from exposure to a but i ran your question by Melis highly sexual Zed environment As a kid or from inappropriate touching. No one can take the Small bit of information you veg Iven and come up with a Defini Tive eat your breakfast. Then look for a women s Center affiliated with a nearby Hospital or University and ask for the name of a practitioner therapist of gyn or Berler suggests a nurse midwife who has experience with issues similar to yours. Then see if you feel Safe talking to this person and work your Way from there. You approach fear like this gently you Don t just throw it on the table and i just got engaged. My Fiance and i have already selected a Date Church reception site and wedding party. Now what do we do is there an order to the rest of the planning i mean in t there some Rule that the dress details help determine the theme or is it the cake what do i do next m. You pick a theme tie a Rock to its ankle and drown it. Here s what a Good wedding needs one Happy couple two Happy families and a Bunch offed and watered guests. Of and a really Good band. The rest is a waste of Carolyn about three months ago an old Friend came to visit us at school. She s an Alum we re All seniors in College while Here she slept with the Guy one of us has been in love with for a year. Though Guy has expressed no interest in lovelorn girl he and visiting girl had nothing going on before either. Despite obvious clues Long periods of disappearance together forgotten clothing lovelorn girl has remained clueless. The rest of us asked visiting girl to break the news to our Friend before she found out from someone else. She refused and moreover got angry we All did t talk for a while. Lovelorn Friend continued to Pine loudly to our discomfort. Flash Forward to a couple of weeks ago. Friend visits for the weekend and apologizes. We pretty much make up and think the whole ugly scene is Over. Only you guessed it she and Guy sleep together again. She has no plan to Tell lovelorn girl until she and Guy figure out where they so it s none of my business right i just feel like a Crappy Friend for keeping quiet. Southern Virginia hey if the poo fits. You were right to ask visiting girl to confess and she should have done it. But you needed a visiting girl is a wuss Contin gency plan. The Way you be left it every time lovelorn girl mentions this Guy flirts with this Guy Pines for this Guy she makes a fool of herself and gains nothing for her trouble. You re her Friend How can this not be your business Stop the carnage now. As it is the minute she learns the truth she s going to look Back at every mention flirt Pine for the last three months and conclude that her life is a piteous Heap of humiliation. Are you really ready to watch her keep adding adding adding to it by the Way when you Tell her Don t do that of you poor thing thing with your eyebrows. The poor thing s suffered enough. Write to Carolyn Hax at Tell me about it co the Washington Post style plus 1150 15th St. New Washington . 20071 Ore mail . 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