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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 12, 1999, Darmstadt, HesseParis stars. And stripes sunday sunday december 12, 1999 ii the korean War pow experience especially Early in the War was a slaughterhouse. The cruelty was astounding. If you survived a death March to get to a Camp there was nothing there no food no Medicine no clothing. Laurence Jolidon author of last seen alive Korea from Page 5 called that the indifferent treat ment of pos began soon after their release in 1953.they were segregated behind a rope Barrier from other sol Diers on a troop ship returning to san Francisco said Estabrook,69. The attitude of the Guys who weren t prisoner was while you Guys were sunning yourself up on the Yalu River we did the heavy fighting " he said. After one of the former pos started a Small riot the rope Barrier came Down Estabrook the sense of isolation and alienation was this communist thing hanging Over uses Tab Rook said. A lot of people were talking about collaborating with the enemy and so on. Mostly people just did t seem to korean War pow experience especially Early in the War was a slaughterhouse said Laurence Jolidon whose Book last seen alive explores the Issue of american pos left behind in Korea after the War. The cruelty was astounding. If you survived a death March Roget to a Camp there was nothing there no food no Medicine no Given the conditions Jolidon said much of the criticism of korean pos Springs from of them he said did Thebes they could to serve honorable and the 7,140 Amer ican pos 21agreed to stay be Hind in North Korea or China. Others signed statement falsely confessing to War crimes such amusing germ warfare on the Chi Nese. These statements Accord ing to experts were usually elicited by various forms of physical and psychological abuse ranging from beatings and threats of executions to denial of sleep food and those Days people did t pay any attention to whether it was done under duress Estabrook pow experts noted that As a group those taken captive in the War were much younger and in most cases not As Well trained As Vietnam a arrows. The North koreans and later chinese often segregated officers from enlisted men tactic that broke Down cohesion and discipline among the Cap Tives. Courtesy of Vincent Krepps Scripps Howard news service on the far left of this photo of american pos in a chinese prison Camp in 1951 is Richard Krepps. Krepps twin brother Vincent searched for decades for news of his brother. Richard Krepps was not released after the War. One of the enduring mysteries told his son George or. About of the War that still haunts Many pos being loaded in Russia trucks which he believed took of the expos As Well As the families of the missing revolves around whether some pos were left behind after the War to be taken involuntarily to China or , 70, said that when he and 13 companions were re leased by the chinese in the Spring of 1951, scores of men in his outfit b company 5thregimental combat team attached to the 24th infantry were still in chinese hands and in relatively Good one else from his unit them against their will to the user or China. He definitely knew of people who were alive and in Good shape when he was released who never came out Matta or. Best estimate is that at the end of hostilities at least 2,000 of the 8,200 mias were still alive and in enemy hands said Joli Don the author. Their Fate we Don t know Larry Greer a spokesman for the Pentagon s department of prisoner of War and missing Ever got out As far As i know he personnel office said what we said. They have not been heard have Are tantalizing reports of of pos still alive. But so far mean they Are not True. But we cannot corroborate with Evi Dence that there were americans alive in Russia after the Zimmerlee who was not quite 3 years old in March 1952jwhen his father disappeared while on a reconnaissance Mission is reconciled to his father s death though i always had the Hope of a miraculous return. But he in t satisfied with the government s insistence on hold ing Many records about the War secret. We know it is going to be embarrassing when the records Are opened. Some of the Sions made by our leaders were asinine he said. But it is Timet or � � a i Vaa � retired sgt. 1st class George these reports Are not supported to release everything they have. Matta a Veteran of three wars by tangible evidence. It does t get it Over former pc by Michael Hedges Scripps Howard news services any korean War Era veterans Are increasingly turning to the internet in an Effort to answer questions that have dogged them for nearly half a Century. One such site is the korean War project run by Hal and Ted Barker of Dallas Brothers whose father Edward was awarded the Silver Star As a Marine corps helicopter Pilot in Korea. The web site serves As a meet ing place for korean Era pos relatives of mias and others. Ted Barker said the project was de signed to give korean vets a place to feel at Home the Fellows were shunned after the War and Many of them have Bee very quiet about their experiences Ever since he said. He said that since the opening of the korean War memorial in Washington d.c., in 1995, More and More of the Guys from Korea have been coming out looking w pow Mia vet web Sites Here Are some of the Best web Sites for information about Vietnam and Korea pos and mias and for veterans of those wars. this is the site for the Pentagon s department of pow Mia personnel office information on Vietnam and korean War veterans it includes up dates on the department s activities and a database that lists All of the 8,200 korean War and 2,047 Southeast Asia mias. the pow network Home Page lists each of 770 pos including up to Date information on where they live and what they Are doing. this is the web address for Nam paws a group organized to keep Contact Between the men. It provides direct email links to about 284 former pos this is the address for the korean War project of Haland Ted Barker which contains a wealth of information about pos forums for information exchanges and first person account from pos and families of mias this is the site for the coalition of families of Kore an & cold War pow mias this group which also produces a quarterly newsletter is dedicated to the fullest possible account ing for our missing servicemen Scripps Howard news service 4 ��4 �. 1 %1 among those who made a connection with the past through the internet was Vincent Krepps of Towson my. The Edi Tor of a newsletter for former korean pos called the Graybeard Krepps Fet a is a 19-year-old in Korea in 1ftc now 67, Krepps won a Silver Star Fortis actions during fighting near the Nak Tong River. But shortly after that his twin brother Richard who had joined the army with him was listed As missing vre Surriah a prisoner of the chinese. For months the family agonized Over Rich Ard s Fate. Then in Early 1951, a relative spotted him in a photo of pos that the chinese released As propaganda. When the korean pos were released however Richard Krepps was not Amon them. All the family Ever received from the . Government was a note saying the chinese had unofficially listed him As having died in Captivity in june 1951, in 1998, the daughter of a Nevada Man Ronald Lovejoy came across Krepps internet postings searching for news of his brother Lovejoy had been with Rich Ard Krepps As he wasted away and died and had held on to a photo from his Wallet which he gave to Vincent during an emotional meeting in were answered but the pain think of my brother every Day Krepps has late at night Richard visits me in a dream the two of us playing base Ball As kids or driving together with the wind whipping our hair or sitting on sandbags in Korea talking Long into the

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