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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 12, 1967, Darmstadt, HessePage 4 the stars and stripes tuesday december 12, 1967 Cabinet members disagree should . Try to curb migration to cities by Jack Miller Washington a two of president Johnson s Cabine members hold distinctly differ ent viewpoints on a question of growing interest at the top lev Els of government should a attempt be made to halt the tide of migration from the towns an Rural areas to the troubled Cit ies Secretary of agriculture or Ville l. Freeman has Bee promoting the View that the migration must be halted in order to relieve pressures on the explosive big cities and restore Amore healthy Rural Urban bal Ance in the nation. But Secretary Robert of the department of housing and Urban develop ment says i Don t buy that. I Don t think it s feasible or the Issue was expected to come up monday and tuesday at a symposium on communities of Freeman and Weaver Are among six Cabine members sponsoring the meet Issue at the sessions probably will be the report of presidential advisory commis Sion urging that the government provide jobs for All those in Rural areas who can t get them. Freeman Weaver the report issued Over the weekend said last summer s City riots had their roots in considerable pattern in Rural it called such poverty National disgrace. Weaver maintained in an interview that the bulk of the migration has already he said one of the great Urban problems is not migration but population growth especially in the Central cities but also in the suburbs. This does t mean x Don t be Lieve in doing a lot More for Rural areas Weaver said. But Idon t believe in keeping pm Down on the farm i believe unmaking life better for those who choose to stay said this would make those 2 channels open to government speedy draft Law prosecutions ordered Washington a inputting the heat on draft Law violators the Justice department May also be reestablishing the line Between criminal prosecution and administrative enforce ment a line which critics of draft chief Lewis b. Hershey say he tried to erase. Hershey and atty. Gen. Ram sey Clark announced jointly sat urday the Justice department has directed All . Attorneys to Speed up draft Law prosecutions and has set up a special coordinating unit to help them. In an oct. 26 letter to local draft boards it. Gen. Hershey recommended he is not legally authorized to order that the boards lift the deferment of any one interfering with the draft or military recruiting and put such persons at the top of the Induc Tion list. The Rule was Felt to beamed principally at College Stu dents Hershey said at a nov. 8 new conference if the department of Justice wants to prosecute we la certainly yield Juristic that is what the Justice department says it now intends to do As quickly As possible. Daniel o. Omer Deputy director and general counsel of the selective service system said in a sunday Telephone interview that once the Justice depart ment takes an alleged violation to court the Case would be out of the hands of the draft Board. Once a violator is convicted Omer said he s classified funqualified for military service until he s finished his prison sentence then his classification is reopened and he input in any class he s eligible i Don t see How you could possibly run a Guy both ways Omer said. Either you try Himor you put him through the delinquency either one of the channels Are open to the government said Hershey in a separate interview. The two channels however Stem from different parts of the draft Law and saturday s join statement spelled out each of them separately. It has Long been the Law the statement said that a registrant who violates any duty affecting his own status for example giving false information failing to appear for Examina Tion or failing to have a draft card May be declared a Delin quent registrant by his local draft such a delinquency statement Means priority induction into the military for the violator. That Sanction is authorized by selective service regulations is sued by the president to carryout provisions of the military selective service act of 1967.that Basic Law deals directly with certain other offences including altering or destroying draft cards interfering with the draft system and influencing others not to serve. It provide for up to five years imprison ment and a $10,000 Fine on conviction. Hershey s oct. 26 letter urge draft boards to apply the Delin Quency procedure to those who violate the draft Law in any Way. The recommendation would let draft boards sit As both judge and jury supreme court jus Tice Abe Fortas said Hershey is a Law unto Senate unit to weigh ., Russ a Power Washington up chair Man John c. Stennis announced sunday that the Senate preparedness subcommittee will weigh . Strategic nuclear weapons systems against rus Sia s potential in hearings Earl next year. Our very survival May depend on our keeping Pace in this critical and vital Field the Mississippi Democrat said in a statement. He said .strength As against that of the soviet Union has acquire added significance because of russian deployment of Anant ballistic missile system abm and faster than expected construction of hard missile silos. Stennis said however that the subcommittee s inquiry will not be limited to missiles but will cover All strategic weapons and delivery system including Long Range manned bombers. Stennis said no Date has yet been set for the hearings. He commented however that great Deal of preliminary investigative work has already been done by staff members who visited the strategic air command and the space and missile systems subcommittee investigative Arm of the Senate armed services committee has held Many hearings on strategic weapons in the past. Who Migrate better prepared for Urban life. Weaver s remarks came in response to a question about a re port by a group at the com Merce department which recommends More Effort to keep Rural people from migrating to the cities. The report which is said Mohave received White House at Tention argues that the Rural unemployed can t find jobs in the cities. Freeman in a recent speech expressed his View this Way i believe that by stopping or even reversing the tide to the cities we perhaps can give them a Little breathing space in which to Cope with their Horren Dous problems and i have never been More sincere than in the belief that if we Don t do some thing to restore Rural Urban bal Ance in this land we Are inviting National disaster Well before the year 2000." Freeman former governor of Minnesota said he believes there is More Fertile ground for peace and Tranquility in the towns and Rural areas than inthe cities. There is not the crowding,1he said. Not the pressure people against another. Not the indifference and impersonality. Not so much bitterness As you find in so Many of our Weaver who grew up in suburb of this capital City and now lives with his wife in a apartment near downtown said with a smile i like cities. Like to get As close to the Cen trial cities As on the subject of new communities an idea that is having a revival in and out of govern ment Weaver and Freeman again have widely varying views. Weaver favors development Oscity like new communities As a Means of experimenting wit ways of living. He envisions More projects like Reston va.,and Columbia md., near Washington. And he said the administration is trying to work out a new Means of providing som Federal assistance for. Such developments. Freeman favors revitalization and development of existing town and country areas including Small cities. His argument is that people already Are there. A surprisingly sophisticated infrastructure already is there in Many such communities. The potential fora humane environment is one of the reasons for renewed interest in new communities Weaver said is that behave not been very successful with our current programs forthe decaying inner City areas and the sprawling suburban areas. Any port in a storm spec. 4 Nicholas Rossi of Westmont n.j., perched atop an ornate Tomb appears More mortified than terrified As he sits out a rainstorm in a cemetery during an operation in the Iron Triangle area Northwest of Saigon. Rossi who appears Little interested in communicating with his neigh Bors uses a Little go ingenuity in shielding his radio equipment and other gear with a plastic cover. Up photo european edition col. James w. Campbell Usa editor in chief it. Col. F. 8. Michael jr., Usan. Deputy editor in chief Elmer d. Frank .,.-. Production manager Henry 8. Epstein circulation manager an unofficial newspaper of and for the . Armed forces published by the commander in chief . European command and printed daily at Darmstadt Germany. Military address the stars and stripes Apo 09175. International mall i the stars and stripes Postrach 1034, 61-Darmstadt, Germany. Tel Gale Shell c prefix 06155 2071 m Darmstadt air strip prefix 2376 741. Telex 0419-332. New York office 641 Washington st., new York 10014, Tel area code 212 620-5771. Second class postage paid at new York . The appearance of display advertise ments in this newspaper concerning commercial publications does not constitute an endorsement by the department of defense or any of its components. The United state a an open society in which the people s i Otto know is cherished and president Lyndon b

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