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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 12, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseA Niagara of song by Hal Boyle a staff writer Eileen Farrell whose voice has been termed a Niagara of song is an operatic Star who enjoys herself Smuch in her own Kitchen As she does on stage. I be never served a packaged Mealin my House she said with warm Pride. "1 do think i m a Good Cook. I bakery own bread. I suppose i m not a Good cake maker but i m a Heck of a Goodie summer As she has done forbears Bliss Farrell spent Happy quiet Days cooking for her husband and two children at their Maine Retreat some times herself catching the fish she pre pared for their dinner. But now the nation s concert Halls recalling her. Between october and next june she will give some 30 concerts an perhaps make a few television appear ances. Some years i be had 60 or More con certs she said but i be decided not to do that Many any at 47 the dramatic Soprano is still i Superb voice and wants to stay that Way. So she s lightening her schedule despite the outcries and demurrer of program managers. You can Only do what you re physically capable of said Eileen who likes for people to Call her by her first name. Eileen has always been one to go Ather own Pace. She first studied music under her Mother a Church Sang Over the Columbia broadcast ing system radio network for seven years before assaying operatic roles. It was t until she was 40 that in 1960 she made her metropolitan opera debut in Gluck s but her Long and arduous preparation paid off. The audience rewarded her with an ovation and summoned her Back for 22 curtain Calls. Some opera stars boast of the breadth of their repertoires. Not Eileen. I imagine that i have Only about nine Soprano Eileen Farrell in working clothes. Or 10 roles she said reason is that i started late. But i be never done anything until i thought was ready for it. An operatic role in t something Youcan learn on a plane while flying in from California. I take a full year to learn anew role and the music itself comes last. Some roles 1 would t attempt Suchias Madame Butterfly it s not for my voice and i Don t look the part. I d having graduated from popular music herself Eileen has a sympathetic feel ing for today s Young pop singers. I d like to teach them to be helpful to them she said. Ten years from now they won t be singing because their voices will be gone. But with help 10 years from now they could still be sing ing As Well As Ever. The voice in t simply an instrument you carry around with you. You re Deal ing with something that is alive an has to be taken care this is her advice to any youngster aspiring to an operatic career Don t try it at All unless you Are willing to do the hard work involved and sacrifice Many personal does t just dump Success in your Lap. It May give you a marvelous break but once you be achieved Success the hardest work of All begins to stay dear Ann Landers to put i bluntly what can be done about friends who Don t know when to go Home some people think that jus because it is a Friday or Satur Day night and they can sleep until noon the next Day every one in the world can. It so happens that saturday is my husband s busiest Day and Sun Day morning we must get up to go to Friday two couples sat Here until 2 50 . And i was ready to climb the Walls. My husband kept signalling me Roget rid of them and 1 did drop several hints but nobody budged. Please come up with a answer. We need your help. Trapped til Dawn dear trapped i have always operated on the theory that nothing very Brilliant gets said after Midnight particularly i the booze is flowing and it usually is. 1 also notice that the reluctance of guests to go Home is Page 14 in direct relation to the amount of liquor they have Home parties Are Din ners which begin about 7. I figure five hours of food drink and witty conversation i enough for anybody. At mid night i stand and say it been a wonderful evening and tomorrow is Here already Osgood night for those who Are hard of hearing or pretend to be i add another sentence the part is Over. Good night one and the wives invariably take it from there. Dear Ann Landers Ever Christmas an organization in our City exercises the Fin tradition of buying new shoes for needy children. The group generosity is duly covered on to which 1 suppose is fair enough from the organization s standpoint. My concern is forthe children. When the to camera dollies in and catches these tykes close up most of them cringe in embarrassment. I have the feel ing something More is involved than camera shyness. Fromm own experience Back in the depression i suspect some of these kids Are aware of the Charity involved and they re sent having their Pride crushed in Public. They also run the risk of humiliating comments from their there Are ways to protect these kids without inhibit ing news coverage. Why could t they show the Small feet with news shoes and not show the youngsters faces if you print my letter i will consider it my Christmas pres ent to the under privileged Chil Dren in our Community. I will also donate the Price of a pair of new shoes for one of the kids Portland Oregon dear Portland Here s your letter and my thanks to you for writing it. Let us Hope the to director follows your suggestion. It s a Good one. 1087. Publishers Hal Syndicate the stars and stripes the crusades by Zoe Oldenbourg Ballintine anyone with romanticised notions of the crusades left Over perhaps from prettier up Grammer school versions will find this 728-Page history of the medieval happenings a shocker. Zoe Oldenbourg lets the facts strip away Sweet fallacies. Based As they were on murder and expropriation the crusades can hardly be called a very Christian undertaking but they were Long renowned As a glorious adventure is writes. Certainly the make for an adventure in Reading. The intrigues Battles tales of heroism and cowardice keep the Reader happily flipping pages even if occasionally bogged Down by confusing genealogies the crusade mystique perhaps never can be fully drove the masses of poor who went along to undergo such hardships did they really believe As the author suggests Paradise could be seized on Earth by main Force Why did the so called soldiers of Christ go into the shameful frenzy of killing and mass murder when they finally entered the holy City men women children and old people were massacred without s much that s inexplicable but also much that can perhaps help in understanding the Western world of Book notes that Pope Urban d s Call for defense of the Eastern roman Empire which prompted the first crusade caveat a psychologically opportune time. The Feudal society head dressed was mainly a violent society one having us and its religion. Suddenly the two were compatible War could be though lamentable this Christian Zeal was a big Factor in the creation of the Western Power. By acting As a catalyst the crusades brought the Western Peoples together imbuing them with a nationalism they had t had s Book is full of surprises and throws a lot of Lively Light on the crusades. Mary Neth. The Shook up generation by Harrison Salisbury Premier almost 10 years have passed since this Book was copy righted by pulitzer prize Winner Harrison Salisbury. What was once a shocking expose of juvenile delinquency now reads More like a handbook of our times. The Index in the Back runs through alcoholic Parent anti Virgin club diddly Bop and to the final item zip in spite of the violence and antisocial behaviour connected witha discussion of the Shook up generation Salisbury is not without optimism. Pointing out that the patterns of Youthful Delin Quency in american cities and suburbs Are not unique to our time and country be adds that almost All gang leaders want to break out of the pattern of Street life but Lack the knowledge and strength to do the revolt of the gang youth and of the drug user who May have started in a gang but usually drops out of i when he is a confirmed addict Salisbury says that the source in each Case lies within the social situation attacking the idea that youths Are rebels without a cause he maintains that rebellion occurred when neither the family or the other social forces in his life Are prepared or Able to give him the support and Aid which he needs in adjusting to the Complex problems of the contemporary age and the eternal turbulence of is this rebellion caused by the modern world of synthetics passing fads atomic Power mass communications Salisbury Points out that America has a tradition of solving problems with violence such As the revolutionary War civil War and the Law of the gun in the Early opinion is that the Home is the source of the disturbance in 95 per cent of the gang conduct and behaviour problems an that these Home problems Are understandable and soluble using common sense civic leadership and Community responsibility this 181-Page paperback is full of colourful and violent personal experiences of teenagers Street club workers social workers Church workers and journalists. It is up to the Reader whether it is a spicy entertaining Little Book or whether it is a Guidebook to understanding and action. Mary Eberl Portal to America the lower East Side 1870-1925 by Allon Schoener Holt Rinehart and Winston in these Days of racial crisis in Harlem and the rest of the nation it is often forgotten that slums and minority oppression Are hardly new Phenomena in the United states in Portal to America Allon Schoener recalls the Days when the lower East Side was the Portal to the promised land and to Long Back bending hours in sweat shops for immigrants from around the world. It is a grim world that Schoener presents through photo graphs of the time and newspaper accounts of life on the lower East Side which incidentally no longer exists in the state de scribed. From the opening picture of immigrants crowding the deck of an Atlantic liner to the last of a horse drawn Wagon carrying away furniture in an eviction life is hard. The Book was derived from a photo show at the jewish museum in new York City. Currently on tour in the United states the exhibit attempted to turn Back the pages to give the affluent americans of today a peek at the not so Gay 90s. While Schoener strives to give the lower East Side an upbeat atmosphere he Points out sex lasers include Irving Berlin Eddie Cantor Jimmy Durante sir Jacob Epstein sen. Jacob javits David Sarnoff and Al Smith it is a gloomy glum world he presents. Sam Bauman tuesday december 12, 1967

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