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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 12, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseA Young peace corps Volunteer arrived in the Remote fishing Village of san Jose in Northern Peru took a deep breath and asked himself what first he decided to persuade the villagers to form a cooperative to Market their catch. The venture was successful. With their new Prosperity the Fisher men were Able to buy engines to re place the sails on their boats and had Money to repair the Village s electric Generator. There was one hitch to this otherwise Happy ending the Volunteer had been assigned to san Jose in Southern had gone to the Northern Village through a staff Points up what volunteers can really do said a corps went to a Village that did t expect him but needed someone to get the organized and the Volunteer made the Success Story is not an exception. Reports from associated press bureaus around the world indicate that during the nearly seven years the peace corps has been in operation its successes far outnumber its failures Al though there have been some Complete flops. The corps will have 16,000 Volunteer sin 58 countries by the end of this year the largest number Ever. It will have17,500 in an anticipated 66 countries by the end of next summer if Congress approves its request for $118.7 million. Since 1961 More than 30,000 Volunteer shave spent two years in some underdeveloped country the operation has cost$487 million. Has it been Worth it every Dollar that has been spent on the peace corps in services overseas has been Well spent vice president Hubert h. Humphrey said another cent has been required for the new dividends that we have Bee receiving Here at on the other hand chairman Otto , d-la., said during hearings of his House appropriations subcommittee this program has been the great est Whitewash in the history of he told corps director Jack Vaughn peace corps English teacher in Katmandu Nepal joins in recess fun with Youthful students in Mountain kingdom. This program is so new and so Uncertain and what it has accomplished is so Uncertain that you Are trying tomake something out of a program that was cooked up , however the peace corps volunteers Are usually praised by Host governments and newspapers for the work they Are successes Are being reported As the corps expands the role of Volun Teers in programs such As poultry production agriculture Rural Community planning. But education still gets top the health area a tuberculosis control program in Malaysia is Only 11months old but already is being hailed As a major Success. The emphasis Wason getting malaysians to use clinics that have been set up in 30 towns Heri a historic moment for peace corps was october 1961, when first plan Load of volunteers left for Ghana. 12 the stars and stripes be s a rundown on some of the corps other activities in Africa volunteers have worked successfully with local officials to help resettle families on Fertile Brazil volunteers helped to expand a school lunch program to thou Sands of additional students. In Thailand volunteers worked in program to help stamp out malaria. Considerable Progress has been reported. In India 250 volunteers Are Workings nutrition and Home vegetable instructors. The corps says about 1 million families Are benefiting. In Colombia the corps is reaching500,000 school children through educational television. In Micronesia volunteers have take non Day to Day responsibility for Virtu ally the entire Public health the dominican Republic 300 elementary schoolteachers Are under the instruction of 30 Volunteer teacher corpsmen. The corps says almost 30,000 Nigeria teachers will Benefit from the education program in that in just about every country where the peace corps can Point to successes failures can usually be found most of them in Urban Community development. If we could do things differently we would have sent fewer volunteers to the Urban areas of latin America say Vaughn who in March 1966, took Over the $28,500-a-year directorship from the first head Sargent Shriver. The far ther out of the cities the peace corps gets the better off we will be Vaughn says. One of the big reasons for the fail ures was the frustration Felt by the Volunteer because not Given a specific task he. Did not know what to do. An other difficulty was the inability to de Fine a Community in a Large City s slums made up of a changing Popula Tion of unskilled Job seekers. The City Volunteer also lacks Rural counterpart May be the Only foreigner who has Ever lived in a Vil Lage. But the City Volunteer usually is just a face in the in Ecuador worked As assistants to City planners and helped Outin City agencies. Then came a change in City administration. The new officials did t know what the volunteers were doing and did t want them. So the volunteers packed up and left. Volunteers were assigned to Hospital sin Tunisia to teach nursing. With few exceptions they had frustrating experiences. They were used As Ward nurses and in other routine jobs before the program fizzled out and was dropped. Despite such failures the corps conceived amid criticism scepticism Dis belief and fear has ome a Long Way since it was created by president John f. Kennedy in March Law it has three goals to help underdeveloped countries meet their needs for trained manpower to help promote better understanding of they Tom Seppy a staff writer american people in those countries to help promote better understanding of other Peoples by the american Are Many who believe the corps greatest successes lie in the Las two goals which Are nearly impossible to gauge. Initial Public response to the corp was largely favourable. But sceptics were not hard to find. Overseas the corps heard charges mostly from communists and communist oriented newspapers that the Volt steers were spies and representatives of the Central intelligence Agency. Suchi charges were made again this year in 1 latin America Africa and India. The big lie has been with us since11961 when we sent our first Volunteer overseas said Vaughn. We Don t try to fight it with words. We just Point to our accomplishments. This usually explodes the charges in any the corps also continues to get caught up in the political crossfire of countries in which it serves. Last year the Agency was asked to leave Guinea the first time such a request was made because of internal politics. Pakistan which also ended its peace corps program said it wanted higher skills than the volunteers it is believed the real reasons were political. Other countries that have asked the corps to leave for political reasons in clude Ceylon where a new govern ment has invited it Back Indonesia under Sukarno and Mauritania during last summer s Middle East crisis. The peace corps has never Bee known to hide its successes but is Quick to acknowledge its mistakes and tries to rectify them. re learning How to do things bet Ter said Vaughn. We re giving the volunteers better training we be Gotbetter staff and we re asking Host coun tires to make Long Range plans on what they think then needs will be. We have some past experience to Goon now. We Are getting lots of help from returning volunteers who Tell Sathe problems they encountered and then we try to pass this on to the new trainees. Former volunteers Are doing the recruiting the training and there have been Many changes in the peace corps since the first 51 volunteers went into training july 3, 1961, and the began duty in Ghana aug. 30 of that year. Many of those changes have involved training and recruiting of Volun probably the most important Dif Ference is the expansion of some pro Grams the volunteers Are involved in 1963, for instance 54.6 per cent of the 4,379 volunteers were involved i education programs primarily teaching while 7.6 per cent worked in some Typ of agriculture 25.6 in Community development 8.2 per cent in health and4 per cent in All others. But of those to be overseas next year Only 44 per cent will be engaged in Edu cation programs 19.8 per cent will reworking in agriculture 18.3 per cent in Community development almost All in Rural areas 12.3 per cent in health and 5.6 per cent in various and those in education will not be confined to teaching youngsters As the were in the Agency s Early Dayi in Africa but will undertake to train teachers in classroom methods. Secondary level teachers Are being trained in Tunisia Botswana Thailand Ghana and Brazil while primary teach ers Are being trained in Ethiopia Uganda the Caribbean and Nepal. During the past two years the corps has moved further and further away from training its volunteers on the Ivy covered campuses of universities and colleges and More and More into Simu lated conditions and in country training. Some volunteers who recently returned from overseas disagree that an improve ment in training has been made except for language instruction. Charles Duncan 24, of North Chicago,el., returned in july from Tabas a City of 10,000 in Iran where he taught eng Lish and worked in Community develop ment helping to build schools. They would Tell you i was never there but i understand it s like this and they did t even come close to what the situation is really like said Dun can. No matter what they teach you you have to learn one of the volunteers gripes is having to live Down the Early promotion of the corps in which the Volunteer was Pic tured As an idealist who lived in a mud hut in humid heat sleeping on a Bamboo mat. Many do live in mud huts and Wear native dress but the prevailing stand Ard is for volunteers to live in the same style As their counterparts Host country citizens doing the same kind of Job. This can mean anything from a dirt floored House and a Distant Well to fairly modern apartment. recruiting the peace corps has zeroed in on the College graduate witha Bachelor s degree better known around the Agency As the a with the move to attract the recen College graduate the average age of the volunteers has dropped. In 1963, 9.51per cent were 30 or older. This year Only 3.2 per cent Are in that age 21-25 year bracket now includes 81.8 per cent of the volunteers. One trend note More married couples Are volunteers. One out of every five volunteers is married now compare to one out of every 10 five years ago. What happens to the volunteers once they Complete their peace corps tour nearly four out of 10 37 per cent continue their education 19.6 per cent become teachers 12.2 per cent work for the Federal government 10.2 per cent go into private Industry 7 per cent work for no private organizations and 4.1 per cent Are employed by state or local governments. The remainder be come housewives enter military service or retire. It is Clear that some very High Grade High gear and highly motivated Talent is becoming available in the . In in creasing number Vaughn says. For these same people who saw in peace corps service an expression of them selves Are finding the same Opportunity at Home. Our nation will be the better for one of the volunteers9 gripes is having to live Down the Early promotion of the corps in which the Volunteer was pictured As an a mud hut. A shirtless peace corpsman goes Over problems of Cement mixer with chilean worker. Up president Johnson named Jack Vaughn corps chief in ceremonies in 1966. Tuesday december 12, 1967 the stars and stripes Page 13

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