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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - December 12, 1960, Darmstadt, HesseSeries on the filial sir files matches Perth Austral Nicola piercing Eli and Orlando Vanni Canepele the Tain Superb Tennis,., and matches Kay who i three of possessor of a match and said Italy match Inin to double Gates of the Finar att that is 30 vtnctefjfr4nmt�t any i am. Not we will Stltt Lii the f Isle tales Sata a feds i Captain we Are leading thing Carv Glroia till two year be Rhyne a i Root Batby College football Rose bowl wow of � or of a "jfeises&r1?" a. Pm n it t ims writ. Jita ii 4 1-1 to we Mph inti s7. Fit m Etc lab Sta 4f ,72. Ibl Htu 77, w us Tom pm a Fri Neffat by Cwm bowl College n4r ? Sqq Kletl third string Center to Iii a two extra Point a Tomato Eru to. Id eked a Fiel with 15 tee to the game be oort Hayw stirring 1544-lia&day bowl it to it Victory Cah Fonda t Htu Boldt state her saturday no Felt. The 23w Kkt. Coming Tram a Light Uncle boosted it bears from Hickory. , to the i960 National association of intercollegiate athletic championship. It Wax a heart breaking defeat for the Humboldt Lumberjacks who twice battled from behind and Helda 14-2 Lead with Only nine minutes left in the Wynea Victory seemed secure for the California team Lenoi Rhyne launched its 62-Yard scoring March to wrap it Biff play came on a great 25 Yard Effort by fullback Richard Kemp. The 193-Pound Sophomore bulled into the line on a fourth and two situation. He was stopped. Then broke through and raced tothe Humboldt l Htwe plays later the bears Whereat the 3, because of some Fine defensive work by Humboldt tackle Lester of Ahagan. That set the it a for Kirby s was once tied Lenoir Rhyne s uth Triumph in an unbeaten season. The bears snapped hum Boldt s two year winning Streak at 3d games. Miami a the he a coring Florid a am Rattler successfully defended their mythical National or Giro football championship saturday night defeating langs ton University 40-26. Inthe annual Orange Bio Asom Clas sic Pasadena Calif. A Long Bench City College helped by a 100-Yard Kickoff return and the dazzling passing combo of Dave Grott to Willie Martin walloped Tyler. Tex Junior College 38-16, in the 15th annual Junior Rosebo i football game saturday. The Victory in what had Bee expected to be a much closer game gave Long Beach the mythical Junior College football Champion ship. It also was the loth Victory of the it was the texans first loss in13 b f Albuquerque . A a the West combined the passing of Dean a Leir Byi the run inc of Edna and a or i a at re to n pm 77.tolf 71 Din a bar Teaf cram 85. By trim 7 �. La i Mem his my or Chapm. Kex m hot wok h. Cd Tom 71 Ert Kint k. Pm wet m. Of try War to state 7t pm 77. At Tito 47 Jthn. �. Mar to. Old Tift Elim it. Try Stim 44 a Cwm it. Butt by 4 we. Wmk my to it Oil Sif 109. Amy 14 of trim 71. Mum Curt 72, few tic Urselin. To m 74. A Riff i. Aft Mim 71, by Modl m it full ill m Takh in to. It rom 77otn wet amt to. Mamta a Wittnie i 2, a ii to a 41 7. A Feib h. H. Var enl m Narth Cut Rettit Sou a tin Clum 71base Al it to. Eur Ktal Tacky it cd h. Hrth firkin Del m 71, Burtur ote Mhz tent 74. Pm Uvell to ii a rtt 17 $1. Amrit h. To 73. A it a m a Tim wow to 74 mini obit min Bill 17 a Fentri 74, film Stett 17 Btu to Matt 4. Tell m or ii to. Whf for s3 Peinl 7�, Fetui m to. A ont Mik 12 Alt a fat 8 the 7� Pokr pm to m. Cate out �1 Ohto u. M. St. a 71 Fotio 7. A Wilma St tall Tri a tin 4. Pm him Ftp Stet 71 but Lorii to to Tetart to. L ii aunut 77. Hiu Hitmi 71 to la m. Ofom Twat Tutu w my i 71. He Tatariw 71 to Jet new my pirate 53lmh to. Met � to nimm Aat. F not a kind 7. Or a to 17. Ath Hurt to it Miu Are �3, a Lull Iii Lyn Tenn m. Auvaa Stetta to Aii a Omaha tatar a tata Blua Hill. 3.d. Theft. M. Catan Mia Aast Matt id tour to Cotar a stat to. 17 Watt Coto Stata Hant Iata Kak a Laai atan to. Baath a to i win w what Tarhi 7b, Carrot my s3 hit kit Stata to 0raan taif m Ulaj. Maw Ywuc u. M Paad us Lett a Bitti Cash a 72 of Lateau Chhuttan 93, an Benwa 7� Laa Hautla 7. St. A Tianlu 7� own t4, Bayaa Tararif 63. Dull my to Viri Saiu t4 Prav Letha to Fri War Pityn to cat Maia n. Bal Tiahrt 71 Martra at a Rrt Lut Fiat to 4 la 78, Sima Kaat Falatt Macan 4. Bold think u " Willa 4 Mary to. Vii m h�4t Crau rate sea in a 74. Web Vii m Stetta Hall in Tan it. Pwn a sorta or tanuj.,. Sarlani fitted is. By n Itrat Apartina naw Badland two 71. Owoian to Kri m jak4nyute 103. Watt trn Ca Raltie 7j that 7t, 81 Hall to 7t so h a " 7 met Leaf t3, thu 1 aft 77. Tom to in 3 l " Atlantic i a j8. To Fife Chytia 71 i la Nikiti �. A Riar lob Tat to ctit1�iwt 6�. A Malta cited . Murray 79/8mmh � at. Row vital raw 77. Utah i Tatai a it Uilk � ". Htu Tripti boat fl7, Latrilla outta Tat t4."futhmtf ,. Hmm a 8t�t in. A Atli to i u Eart tawn by 74. But ten Paw 74 line met Statam 11. Wit � Bini attn 0. Marta mint the ,. Tytla. A a. Ariaa Bay 13, a fraluan.o197. To 379 in 194 ".4�. 174 jew min 234 2m 1 .000 113 m american football lea6ue Eair Tern division i. A to Pat Ofa Hartm s 4 8 to 3m j4i Western division. We to Pai of a � Titt 3 it f t .5b 3m 24t it 7 to .417 1 m7 0aw 4 i ,333 3j� put St Raay Lai a Falm 41, 0mr Ujj. wha Vlot / _ " " nat1onax. Rask Baul Assn. Division a l rut. Pm Ambala it 7 .t2� Batta 17 s. Masv Tow. T i it i Nav Etc t i a. St. Lad 17 7 11 is 12 is � 14 .7� of tract so 117, 0tralt it i a baath 7 so a Tolj it aah lit Okry National hoc7smt Lea Gnu w l t r f of a hot rat 17 7 4 is 10 13 10 i w St Tamta 13 h it to 74 Ceuta it it t to 7? is a Vark i � � Siff Wewt 1c t is 73 to Attward to new Bra Tiik Temnor Ion the play team the Fine match going Welt. Jul boy and they i can t fault the when it Volley into. The which try. He Racket Row. Al the open. Packed spectators hit then Over to retrieve crowd yelled it was Only the crowd of 2,000for the heartbreaking l 4 Etc dingies once . bang at referee and

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