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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 11, 1999, Darmstadt, HessePage 22 stars and s tripes to saturday december 11, 1999 at the movies Tim Burton s sleepy hollow entertaining and richly detailed Heads Roll with alarming regularity in director Tim Burton s grand gorgeous richly detailed retelling of Washington Irving s classic american ghost Chuck Vinch Story which is by far thefil Mak or s most consist tent entertain ing piece of work since 1988 s Beetle Jui be. Throughout his career Burton s wonderfully warped mind has proved at times to be both a Blessing and a curse. But in his third collaboration with the equally Quirky Johnny Depp he rebounds from the unwieldy mess that was Mars attacks to Craft an engrossing Cine a thrill ride even if he and screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker take a few liberties with their much beloved source material. In a major change that proves to be not at All intrusive the underpinning of Irving s Story is recast As a turn-of-the-19th Century crime drama and Ichabod Crane Depp is not a Geeky teacher but a new York City detective. As the film opens it s 1799 and the Quirky Crane is in the Doghouse with his hidebound superiors including British horror film icon Christopher Lee a Nice tip of the Tri Corner Cap by Bur ton because of his unwavering belief in new forensic technology and his utter disdain for witchcraft and superstition. To get him out of their wigs for a while they banish Crane to the som ambulant upstate Village of sleepy hollow to investigate a series of grisly murders that have left several townsfolk without their noggins. At that Point Burton kicks in with some of his Trade Mark touches loud Omi Nous music dark shadowy photography designed to Elbow viewers into the proper mindset for the Goose bumps he has in store. We see Early on that Crane is not nearly As self assured As he d like people to believe and his unease is Only amplified when he arrives in the gloomy Vil Lage. As the townsfolk s Ashen pallor attests the Sun does t often drop in on sleepy hollow. Crane affects a worldly. Iii i i i Paramount pictures Christina Ricci and Johnny Depp Star in sleepy although Tim Burton has taken some liberties with the Story the role of Ichabod has been changed from that of a Geeky school teacher to a detective it is his most consistently entertaining piece since sleepy hollow rated a 104 minutes opening this weekend afr Pillitary theat a = must see = Worth Yor Tim a = mildly entertaining = wait for a video cosmopolitan air in his Ini tial contacts with the locals flashing his Charm upon meeting fetching katrina Van Tassel a blonde Christina Ricci never looking Bette the daughter of the town magistrate Michael Gambo much to the Dis Grunt Lement of her suitor brom Casper Van Dien. The townsfolk Tell him the murders Are the work of a legendary ghost called the headless horseman a Sav age hessian mercenary who fought for the British in the revolutionary War and liked to lop off enemy Heads until he was finally taken Down by local militiamen beheaded himself and dumped in an unmarked grave. Crane s Teacup rattles slightly but he soft pedals the tale As utter fantasy and imparts an Aura of City bred competence As he launches his inquiry it s All right i m Here now he says unveiling his collection of complicated self invented investigative devices strange Glass orbs twisted Metal gadgets mysterious chemicals. But As one character warns truth is not always appearance and Crane s bravado sails right out the window when he has his first face to face meeting so to speak with the horseman a confrontation that leaves him whimpering under his bedsheets an then fainting dead away. I suppose it s Back to the City then one villager says with a wry sigh of Resigna Tion. But Crane stays on even As Heads keep rolling in graphic fashion blood keeps spurting and the town s dark secrets keep spilling Forth. It s science is. The supernatural and Sci ence has been set up for a thorough butt whipping. As with All Burton s work alienation and loss Are major themes Here nowhere More so than in the Flash backs to Crane s childhood when he saw his free spirited nature Loving Mother Lisa Marie tortured and put to death for witchcraft by his Stern unyielding father. Katrina feels similarly Drift because she suspects foul play in the death of her real Mother two years be fore. Their shared emotional pain soon leads to a Mutual attraction although the Romance Angle is greatly understated compared with Irving s Story. Do you think me wicked katrina purrs As Crane struggles to control his fascination with her heaving bosom. It s All tremendously entertaining fun aided mightily by the Ever weird Christopher Walken who plays the horseman in Flash Back As a visceral Force of nature with crazed eyes and Teeth filed to Sharp Points. He adds yet another great wacko character to one of the most Eclectic resumes in Hollywood history. Kevin Yagher s special effects Are awesome Al though As has been the Case with Many of his films Burton gets carried away with them in the late going. He goes overboard in other ways As Well by let Ting Depp get too girly Man in some scenes such As the one in which Crane leaps on a Stool in fright at the sight of a spider and in making the wholly unnecessary decision to include the Mur Der of a 4-year-old implied thankfully in the Story. But those Are relatively Small complaints backed by Rick Heinrichs fantastically detailed production design Emmanuel Lubeski s spooky photography and Walker s script which got an uncredited buffing from shakes Peare in love screenwriter Tom Stoppard Burton shows once again that while he might not be everyone s idea of a Well adjusted individual he has imagination to Burn. Short takes Bow Finger pg-13. 98 minutes. A movie producer is so desperate to make his dream movie that he hires a nerd with no acting experience to be his Star. Steve Martin Eddie Murphy. Bringing out the dead r. 118 minutes. Frank Pierce is a new York paramedic who Falls prey to Urban Shell Shock after to Many years on the graveyard shift. He starts questioning his sanity in a world that seems beyond his control. Nicolas Cage ving rhames. Drive me crazy pg-13. 91 minutes. Nicole and Chase have never gotten along but they feign a relation ship to inspire jealousy in their respective romantic prey. Melissa Joan Hart Adrian Grenier. Dudley do right pm. 82 minutes. Dudley is a Hap less Young mountie who discovers snidely whiplash is out to swindle the local citizens in a Gold Rush scheme. Brendan Fraser Sara Jessica Parker. End of Days r. The Devil arrives in new York City in search of a human Bride before the new millennium. His target is a Day care worker who seeks the Protection of an sex cop. Arnold Schwarzenegger Gabriel Byrne Robin Tunney. House on haunted Hill r. 115 minutes. A millionaire offers a diverse group of people $10,000 each to spend the night in a House with a horrifying past. At first it seems like easy Money but the group soon realizes they re mistaken. Lisa Loeb Famke Jansses Elizabeth Hurley. In too deep r. 104 minutes. An undercover cop is on a Mission so dangerous it could Cost him his life and possibly his soul. In a world of drugs violence Money and Power he loses track of the Man he once was. Omar Epps la Cool j. The insider r. 155 minutes. A 60 minutes television producer must convince a former tobacco Industry insider to reveal the truth about the practices of cigarette companies even though it May ruin his career. Al Pacino Christopher Plummer Diane Venora. Mickey Blue eyes pg-13. After Only three months of dating his Girlfriend Gina Michael is head Over heels in love for the first time in his life. He proposes marriage but to his Shock Gina declares she can never marry him. Michael begins to realize Why when he discovers her father is a mafia Boss. Hugh Grant Jeanne Tripple Horn. 2 stars Mumford r. 111 minutes. Or. Mumford is a psychologist a favorite in the town also called Mumford. But the Man who hears the secrets is holding in the biggest one of All. Jane Adams Ted Danson. The Muse pg-13. 97 minutes. She has the lineage of a goddess the touch of a diva a mind for Story telling and the instincts of a Freeloader. Sara a Muse Breaks the gridlock of a Hollywood screen writer but destroys his daily life. Albert Brooks Sharon Stone. Outside Providence r. 103 minutes. Timothy has a broken Home a three legged dog and an attraction to trouble. His friends have no future but he s about to get one at a prep school where he does t fit in. Shawn Hatosy Alec Baldwin. Plunkett & macleane r. 93 minutes. Two thieves terrorize London s aristocracy stealing from the Rich and giving to themselves. They see themselves As legends in their own time. Robert Carlyle Jonny Lee Miller Liv Tyler. Pokemon g. 90 minutes. When scientists build a new pokemon named me two the results Are disastrous. Now it s up to pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum and his friends misty Brock and Pik Achu to save the Galaxy. Animated. Stigmata r. 102 minutes. Frankie Paige must fight the demons within that Are causing her to bleed from her head hands and feet. Her paranormal condition challenges the Faith of a Vatican priest. Shawn Hatosy Alec Baldwin. Stir of echoes r. 100 minutes. Tom Witzky finds his existence altered after being hypnotized at a party. A Post hypnotic suggestion releases a subconscious Power Tom did t know he had. Kevin Bacon Kathryn Erbe. The world is not enough pg-13. James Bond s assignment is to protect the heir of a British Oil tycoon from terrorists influence. When she double crosses him the world s Oil Supply is danger. Pierce Branson Sophie Marceau Denise Richards. Star ratings by Chuck Vinch. Movies without stars not reviewed

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