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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 10, 1999, Darmstadt, HesseFriday december 10, 1999 stars and stripes timeout Page 13 Charlie Hustle still stirs fan readers emotions Selig at plate Rose stranded t a character Assassin on to occur first you ave to have a character. Pete Rose certainly qualifies. His character even has a name Charlie and As the reaction to a column last week proved anybody who lays a Glove on him is Likely to be accused of Many things. Especially in the Post Jim Gray Era. You self righteous lilliputian. It was Pete Rose who helped make life a Little easier for All the beat reporters and editors his entire career. He was and still is a great Litke a he knows is baseball. He s just trying to get by the Only Way he knows How entertaining Mel Mel he s not the Only one either. My column titled the Price of admission one More Pound of flesh said it was easier to Back Rose for reinstate ment to baseball before he be came a cause. It also argued that while he belonged in the Hall of Fame for his achievements it was time for him to come clean about the betting on baseball conclusions reached by Bart Giamatti the commissioner who banned him after a very Thor Ough and very damaging investigation. What prompted the column was Rose s Contention that he had proof that witnesses who testified against him during the investigation were blackmailed by baseball s higher ups at the time. He also said he had experts who could discredit the experts who found his thumbprint on betting slips in his handwriting. For All that 75 percent of people who respond to polls on the Rose reinstatement question vote in his favor. But the largest number of readers responding to the column contended that an admission from Rose should now be part of the bargain. Other themes repeated often were variation on forgive but Don t forget that Pete has already served a 10-year sentence an enough was enough. An edited sampling follows the Guy definitely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. I just Hope it s a posthumous Honor so i can remember him for the player he was and not the smug smile he will have on his face at the induction Justin Crandall when Pete Rose has been dead As Long As shoeless Joe Jackson has then let s bring the subject Back up. Until then roses out Bob Lilley i used to imitate Pete Rose s stance in Little league. All he has to do is admit a mistake and All this silliness will be Over an interesting fact under Rose s management the reds kept losing the division despite having talented teams. The first full year without Pete they Lead the division wire to wire and sweep Oakland in the world series. Do i think he threw the Pennant nope. Is it possible year should that Cloud of doubt without an admission keep him out of the Hall not put him in posthumous Sullivan so what you re saying is no body deserves a second Chance some make a mistake any mis take and they should go Down for it forever. I Hope you Don t make any mistakes today. Sincerely Greg Moyer Greg like opening packages with no return address Over the next couple of Days i generally agree with your article. Except for this last statement yes there Are drunks and rogues and racists and even liars in Cooperstown. But none of them made a Point of rubbing that fact in our faces True but were any of them kicked out of baseball and forced to fight to be reinstated of and you should have added drug addicts and murderers to the Dale Novak Dale thanks. I feel much better now. Jim Litke is the National sports columnist for the associated press. Write to him at tire Rac com the online tire and wheel store everything to simplify purchasing tires or wheels. 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That ought to Tell you Why Charlie Hustle thrown out of the game under suspicion of gambling on baseball is All of a sudden sounding very serious about filing for reinstatement the former Cincinnati reds spark plug who baseball charged did so much wrong can t do anything but right these Days a sports web site Rose launched last monday asking fans to sign a petition calling Fortis admission to Cooperstown was expected to receive at least90,000 hits by tuesday evening. It was anticipated that most of those hits would be from people supporting Rose s bid that came on the heels of All the negative Public reaction tonic to reporter Jim Gray s Sharp questioning of Rose moments after that world series Celebration of the All Century team to which Rose was voted by the people by the Way. And none of the All Century team Honoreen in attendance for the ceremonies before game 2in Atlanta got a louder ovation than a result a Rose attorney Roger Makiney wrote commissioner Bud Selig to request a meeting. Selig passed the letter to baseball s chief lawyer Bob Dupuy Dupuy said he would meet at some unspecified time with Rose and Makiney on base Ball s behalf Selig he said would t others words Selig who ultimately would decide whether to let Rose Back in the game won t be swayed by Public senti ment Rose and his lawyer were dreaming if they thought other Wise. Selig for starters is a disciple of former commissioner Fay Vin cent. Vincent handled the Origi Nal Rose Case As a Deputy to the late commissioner a Bartlett Giamatti. Vincent hired the former Federal prosecutor John Dowd who conducted the investigation and this week released on the in ternet a 225-Page summary of Liis findings to counter Rose Campaign based on Vincent s and Dowd s work Giamatti made the decision to throw Rose out. Seli never has expressed any doubts j about Vincent s and Dowd s the associated press Cincinnati reds Pete Rose signals he s no. 1 after connecting for his 4,192nd base hit to break Tycobb s All time record sept. 11,1985. Work or the decision Giamatt reached. Maybe most important though is that Selig has never shown much sympathy for pub Lic opinion. He Shook up the Divi Sions. He ushered in inter league his biggest act in the com missioner s office was cancelling the world series a few years ago in the midst of the last manage men Abor Tiff. No one wanted that but Selig did t care. Princi ple was at stake. It still is. Gambling on baseball in base Ball s eyes absolutely can not be overlooked it is the one tradition that base Ball s keepers Don t want to change and for Good reason. The Black sox gambling scandal Way Back when nearly killed the game baseball As a result takes extremely seriously its Rule that says those in the game who Are found to Gamble on it will be shown to the showers for Good or at least for a year if they did t Gamble on their own teams. The Dowd report presented evidence that Rose bet on his reds. Even the sad figure from the Black sox scandal shoeless Joe Jackson is still paying the ultimate Price for his involvement in throwing a world series. And he s a far More sympathetic Fig ure than the perpetually acerbic Rose. It does t matter that most of us think that hiring Federal prosecutors taking depositions secretly recording conversations and calling in handwriting and fingerprint experts to determine a ballplayer s fitness for the Hall is a Little bit much. It does t mat Ter that even though most of us think Rose did Gamble on base Ball we also think that 10 years out of the game and having to do All those Tacky Memorabilia shows is penalty enough. All that matters for Pete Rose is what Bud Selig thinks of his Case and the commissioner is still among the ruling minority

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