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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 10, 1999, Darmstadt, HessePagi8 stars and stripes timeout december 10. I 9 9 3 pages a i by Davie Caldwell the Dallas morning newsy of Don t need help from Roy Kramer s merry band of computer geeks to fill out a heis Man trophy ballot. There Are three spaces on a Small piece of paper. You write Down the three most outstanding College football players in the country in descending order. You put the ballot in an envelope and Send it in by the deadline which this year is dec. 10. Lee Corso could fill one out. This is not nuclear science. So Why will the distinguished electorate of 922 voters turn the balloting into a hand wringing exercise it appears that Ron Dayne the Burly Wisconsin running Back who broke Ricky Williams one year old Mcaa Rushing record in his final regu Lar season game will win the Heisman which will be awarded saturday in new York. Georgia tech quarterback Joe Hamilton the subject of an unbelievable last ditch All out email and postcard publicity Blitz by his school will probably finish second. No one really matters after that. There would be absolutely nothing wrong with Dayne or Hamilton winning. But Here is the problem you could make a valid Point that neither of those players is the most outstanding College football player in the country. No one like Williams last year really stands Over everyone else. Here is where the unwritten Heisman rules come into play. The feeling of the club is that we re not going to be judges of character or whatever said Rudy Riska of the downtown athletic club which sponsors the most prestigious individual award in All of sports try to think of another. So the Dac has very few rules for its Heisman electorate which is smart. But the 922 voters always seem to turn the election into some sort of commentary morality play. If you want to trim the process Down to purely the most out standing two of the Best play ers this year have been Florida state wide receiver Peter War Rick and Virginia tech Quarter Back Michael Vick. Neither has a Chance and Warrick was not even selected As a finalist. Warrick got caught trying to spend Yard Sale prices at a Talla Hassee fla., Dillard s. He appears to be contrite that he messed it All up for himself but he is moving on and so should the people bringing Dillard s bags and Heistman to shirts to flu games. I know god has a plan for me Warrick said i m Happy where i am. I did t come Here to win the Heisman. My goal was to graduate and win the National Vick is a Redshirt freshman and freshmen Don t win the Heisman although he is the first Rookie finalist. It would be hard to find a More talented College football player right now unless that player is Warrick. Vick can throw the Ball about eight Miles and he won t collapse in the pocket. He found his receivers Cov ered on the first play against Boston College in the homies regular season finale so he tucked the Ball away and ran for 34 Yards. He has a straight that looks like the dude on the Heisman trophy. And you can t question Vick s Bottom line the associated press 1999 file photo Georgia tech s Joe Hamilton ranks second in the nation in total offence with 3,790 Yards. He has accounted for 35 touchdowns in an offence that averages 40.7 Points per game sixth Best in the country. Either. Without him we would t be 11-0, i la Tell you that right now Virginia tech running Back Shyrone Stith said. But this is Vick s first year which Means he can win the Heisman some other time. Here is another Guy who will be passed Over Marshall Quarter Back Chad Pennington. Of so the mid american conference is not the big ten. But you want numbers take a penning ton s 3,799 Yards passing a 67.9 percent completion rate 37 touchdowns to 11 interceptions. And the Herd is unbeaten too. And Pennington won the Anson mount award As the top student athlete in the country from Playboy Magazine that Fine purveyor of literature. But Guys who get into trouble the associated press after starting the season As the heis Man favorite Peter Warrick s off Field troubles prevented him from winning the prestigious award youngsters Don t win and Small school Guys Don t win. What the Heisman has become is some sort of career achievement award even though that is not the downtown athletic club s years ago the Heisman electorate actually did the Cor rect thing by picking Michigan cornerback wide receiver kick returner Charles Woodson Woodson by the simple mos outstanding criterion was the most outstanding player in the country in 1997, and Michigan won a share of the National championship Tennessee fans were mad because quarterback Peyton Manning did not win and their reasoning was that Manning was a Good Guy for College football who had a better career than Woodson. And they were right on both counts. But that is not the Point of the Heisman. Never was never should be. Should be the person that can help the if team Iii no matter in do keep 1 Tjie v team it when the season started Florida state Warrick was considered the Heisman front runner out was suspended two games after being arrested for felony theft in a shopping mall scheme the Legal problem was resolved but even seminoles coach Bobby Bowden said War tick s Heisman chances had ended when i got in that trouble it Hurt me a lot Warrick said but i went on from there and overcame adversity the Tea stepped it up and we be got a Chance to play or the National championship and that s whatsit s All about Warrick caught 71 passes for934 Yards in nine games for the took asked seminoles us who will play for the National title in the sugar Bow Georgia tech s Hamilton who threw for 3,q6q Yards and 2,9touchdowns in the yellow Jack ets 3 season said voter should watch the players play the associated press 1999116 photo Purdue s Drew Brees believes off Field transgressions should riot alter the decisions of voters. I that s the basis of the award All football Hamilton said f what you Cio in the Field How successful you Are on the afield Asa team the Way you Lead your team and get your team wins alot of people like to bring other things into it but it s a football award Brees who threw for 3,531yards and 21 touchdowns in leading Purdue to a 7-4 record wants players to be recognized for the Impact they have on their team s in a lot of cases you want today it s the Best player in the nation and i think a lot of people see what you do off the Field is a part of that As Well Brees said really it should he what you mean to your team and How have you made you team better with the Success you have had the great Dayne the associated press Ron Dayne opted to forego a multimillion Dollar salary in the nil for another seasonal Iscon sin. Now he s a virtual lock to Winthe Heisman trophy. By Andrew Bagnato Chicago Tribune Erlin . Debbie Reid needed a favor from her Nephew Ron Dayne. Dayne s Uncle and Legal guardian Rob Reid was being honoured by his parishioners at holy Trinity pen tacos Tal Church. Debbie Reid knew Dayne off chasing the Heisman trophy at Wisconsin could t attend the ban Quet. But could he Send a letter to be read from the dais it would mean so much to Uncle Rob a pretty fair running Back whose own Heisman ambitions were shattered in a High school car Accident. A aunt Deb he knows i love him Dayne told her. Let me put it this Way Debbie Reid replied do you want to see your allow Ance so Dayne sat Down and wrote his Uncle a letter. Dear Uncle Rob i began to think about you and the Heisman trophy. I remember when i first came to live with you and aunt Deb. The first thing we did was have a family meeting. You announced that no one was going to get any new clothes until i had As Many outfits As everybody else. Rob or had so Many clothes it was ridiculous. And soon after that i did too. For that Uncle Rob you win the Heisman. I remember you travelling with me on my College visits to Wisconsin and Ohio state. We hated Ohio state did t we Uncle Rob that is Why we beat them so badly this season. For travelling with me and helping me make the right decision you win the Heisman. When Rob or left for College i started to try some of our tricks by myself and got caught every time. Like when i squeezed out of the bathroom window one night to see a girl when i tried to get Back in at 1 a.m., you had i locked that window \ and the rest of the windows in the House. I had to ring that Doorbell and look in your face. You never said a word. You did t have to. For that Uncle Rob you win the Heisman. Uncle Rob for never making me feel like a Nephew but always making me feel like a son for that Uncle Rob you win the Heisman. Love Ron Dayne jr., no. 33. When they finished Reading it the whole place was in tears Debbie Reid told a visitor to the Reid s House Here. Ron Dayne who won the 1999 Tri Bune Silver football As the big ten s most valuable player is also an Over whelming favorite to win the Heisman trophy. This is no upset. The bruising 5-foot-10, 257-Pound running Back will leave Wisconsin with More Rushing Yards 6,397 than any Back in division i a history. With Dayne chugging away the badgers have closed out the 1990s with Back to Back big ten Champion ships. In Many ways Dayne s is a quintessentially american tale big kid goes off to big school and does big things in football. But the 21-year-old Dayne has rewritten it with a modern Urban twist big kid overcomes big disadvantages on his Way to the. Big time. The Silver football and the Heisman recognize greatness on the Field. But in the eyes of family and friends Dayne is a better father than he is a football player. Dayne and his Girlfriend Alia a Wisconsin senior have a 2-year-old daughter Jada and Dayne said the Little girl was a big reason he decided to fore go the nil draft last Spring and return for his senior year. Barring injury it appears certain he will be picked in the first round of next Spring s nil draft. Dayne is also on schedule to graduate with a degree in agricultural journalism. Ron Dayne is a phenomenal Story said Overbrook High school principal Ron Hopson who befriended Dayne eight years ago. The Story May end happily. It did t begin that Way. Dayne s parents divorced when he was in elementary school. His Mother Rob Reid s sister Brenda has struggled with substance abuse for years. He has Hall Little Contact with his father or. Divorce drugs and a disappearing dad those three strikes have condemned Many children to society s margins. But Dayne and his sister Onya kept their lives on the right track with the help of a family that always made room at the dinner table always found an extra bed always had time to provide a hug or lend an ear. The overwhelming Odds Are that he and his sister were going to be failures Hopson said. They had so much put on them. Sometimes kids with problems or with hardships in their lives they Rise to overcome. The majority fall to the Bot it happens every Day Here in the suburbs of Philadelphia and in cities across the country. For every child who finds an outlet on the football Field or the science lab countless others never overcome the handicaps of their Back grounds. Their depressing stories could fill the sports Section and often do. As a person Ron could have been Lawrence Phillips said Rob Reid referring to the troubled former Nebraska running Back. But god has really Given him Grace and allowed him to Rob Reid won t say it but there might have been some Angels involved too. They live in a Humble two Story House on Pepper Mill Road in Berlin a working class suburb about 15 Miles Southeast of Philadelphia. I Rush to glory week by week statistical . The 1999 season of Wisconsin s Fondayne the Heisman trophy favorite opponent at Yards ads Murray state 20 135. 3 Ball state 31 158 1 Cincinnati 28 231 Michigan 22 88 1, Ohio state 32 161 4 Minnesota 25 so Indiana 17 167 2 Michigan state 34 214 2northwestern 35 162 2 Purdue 32 222 1 Iowa 27 216 11999 totals 303 1,834 19 career totals 1,115 6,397 63note Dayne s Mcaa record of 697 Carer Yards does riot in clude bowl games. He has rushed 71 times for 528 Yards and seven touchdowns in three bowl games. Nothing Hokey about picking Vick for Heisman. V

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