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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 10, 1999, Darmstadt, HesseFriday december 10. 19_99_ stars and stripes Page 29 Gay Man s Ward torn by questions dear dear Abby \ am an 18-Yearv old who has lived with a Gay Man Ever since i was 6. I la Call him Harold. My Mother got tangled up with drugs and practically abandoned me and my brother who s now 22. Abby for the past 12 years of our lives we never saw Harold do anything cutwork hard and come Home to us. If he has companion we be never seen him. My brother i married and has moved out with his wife and Newson. I m still living at Home and am in my freshman year of College which Harold is pay ing for. There s Only one prob Lem. Some of my friends from College come to my House to study. They have seen Harold and they ask questions about him. He has never been the flamboyant Type or the proud outgoing kind so i Tell them he is not Gay even though i know he is. V Harold has never touched me or my brother in any kind of sexual manner. Abby he has been my Mother father aunt Uncle Counselor and most of All my Best Friend. I love him As though he were a blood relation and so does my brother. Should i keep lying to my friends about him when they ask questions or should move to protect my reputation they think i should Transfer to another College so people won t know about him raising me. I love him and the last thing i want to do is Hurt him. Please help. Torn and confused by love and friends dear torn Harold s sexual preferences Are personal and none of your curious friends " business. Since you say he is not out / see no reason for you to reveal any thing for him Tell your friends exactly what you told me that he is your Mother father aunt Uncle Counselor and most of All your Best Friend. Alternatively you could Call him a confirmed Bachelor. It s certainly the truth anyone who would imply that you should be ashamed of the Way you were raised is speaking out of Igno Rance is not your Friend and is not worthy of your time. You have a rare and Beautiful relationship. Don t sacrifice it out of fear of what others might say. If you re Happy living at Home and attend ing College you should remain there. Letters for this column with your name and phone number should be addressed to dear Abby . Box 69440, los Angeles Ca 90069. Readers can write to Abby on the internet at . Universal press Syndicate wife s illness led to her affair dear Ann my wife age 52, was diagnosed with kidney can cer three years ago and had a kidney surgically Ann Lamfers removed. Thankfully Mildred recovered beautifully. When Mildred re turned Home from the Hospital she began Tosee a psychologist who recommended she con tact a Man in our town who had had a similar operation. My wife called Harry an invited him to our Home. At a Ltd made 20 Cas to %s2 he was 48, divorced warm and outgoing and owned a Prosper Ous business. Harry visited Mildred occasionally and they discussed How Best to Cope with kidney disease whether vitamins were helpful and so on. A few weeks later Mildred purchased a cell phone and had the monthly Bill forwarded to her place at work. I never heard her phone conversations nor did i see the Bills but i did question her about having the Bills for. Warded to her office. When she confessed that she did not want me to see her personal Calls i decided to investigate. I Learned made from out of stat while she was visiting our i confronted Mildred about All these Calls she said Harry is my Friend. I needed him. He saved my life. His voice gives later i found a note written in her Short hand. I asked her to read it to me but she refused so i had the note translated by a professional. It said i can t see you anymore. I have a husband. You knew that from the what do you make of this East coaster dear East coaster no mystery Here. Harry and Mildred have been getting together. Mildred telling Harry that she can t see him anymore indicates that she is ending the relationship. He statement you knew i had a husband from the beginning is interesting. She knew it too so there is plenty of blame to go around. Apparently whatever was going on is Over so forgive and forget. Dear Ann do you remember the old saying april showers bring May Flowers Well this True Story is a Takeoff on that adage there was a Man in our town named August Flowers. Remarried a woman named May. She then became May time they had a baby girl and named her april. One Day friends came Over to meet the newcomer. When the Mother brought her out after All the oohs and Maahs she sat the baby on her Lap for More Admir ing , the Mother looked stricken. It seems the baby had wet All Over her Lap. The Mother then Good Nat redly said Well it s True. April Flowers brings May . In Gilroy . I wonder if that Good natured Mother Ever heard of plastic pants that go Over cloth diapers. I recommend them. Letters should be addressed to Ann Landers . Box 11562, Chicago in 60611-0562. Or write to Ann on the internet at creators Syndicate that scrambled word game by Henri Arnold and Mike Argirion unscramble these four jumbles one letter to each Square to form four Ordinary words. Tanabe r v j o1999 Tribune Media services rights reserved. Son in s a / r \ a s Bitsoe 7i j to s fivers a r \ \ / that fish looks Good. I 10 found in a restaurant now arrange the circled letters to form the Surprise answer As suggested by the above cartoon. Print answer Here / a j ass of \ r yesterday s answers tomorrow jumbles Plush caste hiatus quaint answer the visiting clowns turned the children s Ward into this a a Spital family circus 12-10 � 1999 Bill Keane inc. Dial by King features synd at the last supper betcha i know who they asked to say 0 i2 Al i and i also want,., a huh i if e a Nick our Kvin not clue

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