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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 9, 1999, Darmstadt, HesseThursday december 9, 1999 stars and stripes travel pages Scotland s Bandit hero Rob Roy s grave popular Stop in Wake of movie by Ron Jensen stars and stripes recent article in the scotsman the largest daily newspaper in Scotland decried the popularization of the nation s history. In that the author included such movies As Rob Roy and braveheart Hollywood s ver Sions of scottish heroes. But it is probably True that had Rob Roy never been made the crowd gathered around the former cattle drover s grave at an ancient Church on a quiet Road on a Cloudy afternoon in september would have been sign pointing toward the isolated spot in the scottish Countryside had no doubt caught the attention of Many who before Liam Neeson s characterization of the scottish legend a few years ago would have driven past without the real Rob Roy Story May not be As dramatic or As romantic As the movie it is still a great piece of history and any country would be Happy to claim such an outlaw hero. After All he was More of a hero than Jesse James Ameri Ca s version of Rob Roy. The Rob Roy Center in Cal Vicenza Italy let the Ederle inn Tike care of your conferencing and Leisure needs professional conferencing facilities with an unsurpassed european location in the heart of Northern Italy. Seasonal conference packages including guest rooms & meals. Leisure needs packages to include local shopping excursions for Gold Ceramic & leather purchases. Travel Italy Tours to Venice Florence & various locations Contact your conference coordinator at pin 634-8034/8035/8036 pm 0444 51-8034/8035/8036 fix 0444 51-5380 United artist pictures inc. Liam Neeson portrayed Rob Roy in the recent movie. Lander Scotland invites the visitor to develop his own answer to the question hero or villain born in 1671 or thereabouts Rob Roy Macgregor was part of a proud clan that had once held great amounts of land. How Vever time had been rough on the Macgregor and their opposition to the Crown of England that had come to Rule Scotland. Cattle were the Coin of the realm in those Days. A Man wealth was measured by the size of his Herd. Since the theft of cattle was rampant cattle own ers hired men to protect their herds from thieves. It was a Trade that required Many skills from How to use a weapon to How to live in the Hills during the worst weather that Scotland could Macgregor became professionals at this skill and few were better than Rob Roy. He soon became a legitimate cattle owner As Well. And it was because of this that his trouble with the ruling Royalty began. He entrusted 1,000 British pounds a huge sum of Money to an employee to buy cattle. The Friend disappeared and so did the Money which Rob Roy had borrowed from the Duke of Roy had secured the loan with his property which the Duke soon seized after trying and failing to use Rob Roy As a Politi Cal Pawn. Rob Roy s principles would not allow him to make false statements against the Duke s he was branded an outlaw. With no other recourse he began to take his revenge on the sub Stantial holdings of the Duke. Robroy stole from the Duke whenever possible and his legend grew. In one Oft told incident Rob Roy gave Money to a tenant who was about to be evicted. The tenant paid the rent and received a receipt As the Duke s men Rode off Ron Jensen stars and stripes Rob Roy Macgregor has always been popular in scottish history but a recent movie starring Liam Neeson has spurred interest in the legendary outlaw beyond scottish Borders. His grave near an ancient Church on a quiet Road in Balquhidder Scotland attracts a number of visitors. If you go the Rob Roy visitor Centre in Callender is open daily from 10 . To 5 . In March april May october november and december 9 30 . To 6 , in june 9 am to 10 . In july and August and 10 . To 6 . In september. It is open from 11 . To 4 30 on weekends Only in january and admission Cost is 2.75 pounds about $5 for adults children Are free up to a Maxi mum of three children thereafter there is a fee of 1.25 pounds per National Wallace Monu ment is open from 10 30 . To4 , Dally from november through february 10 am to 5p,m, in March april May and october 10 am to 6 pm injure and september and 9 30 am to 6 30 . In july an August with the rent Money they were set upon by Rob Roy and his men who took Back the Money he had earlier loaned to the a sort of Robin Hood he was popular with the common people of the Highland Region. They protected him and his followers allowing him to continue his wily ways for Many years. He was captured from time to Ron Jensen stars and stripes the Marker on Rob Roy s grave. Time but always managed to escape sometimes with the help of people he had aided in the past. Despite his dangerous life style he did live to be an old Man. Reports claim he was about63 at the time of his death not about 70" As marked on his grave. In 1725, he was granted a full Pardon. He died in december 1734, at Balquhidder where heis buried with his wife and two sons., and though the movie May have been a bit too dramatic income ways there is one area in which no one can criticize. De spite his Fame and his reputation during his life his physical description was never written , perhaps he looked exactly like Liam what about braveheart a scottish comedian performs bit in which she is commenting on the wonderful scottish charac Ter. It must be a great country she says to create a Star of the Quality and magnitude of Mel Gibson. Of course the joke is that the actor who portrayed William Wallace in the film braveheart is Wallace is no joke to the scottish. And although there is no evidence that his army Ever mooned the English As is famously portrayed in the movie at the end of the 13th Century he was a respected Leader in the Effort to wrest Scotland from English Rule. Known As the Ham Mer and Scourge of the English he fought several Battles against the English and ignited a spark of Freedom in his countrymen. He is Best known for the Battle at Stirling Bridge on sept. 11, 1297, when he outwitted an Defeated a much larger Force within sight of the English held Castle of was later Defeated betrayed and executed in London in 1305, but his legend remains alive in is memorialized by a soaring Tower near Stirling that is visible from Many Miles away. It was built in the Middle of the 19th Century during a wave of nationalism that saw expatriate scots in Many countries contrib uting to its construction. At 220 feet High the Tower offers wonderful views of the surrounding Countryside. Nearby is a replica of a Battle tent in which Wallace in the form of a talking head recounts his life and times

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