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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 9, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseSaturday Dot Mhlor 9, stars and stripes Page 23 lift advances financial4int no Rio of tax ret Lack coi the Noordin and Chw orld tra ,._ Learned thursday. The internal Revenue service no record of a acc Ever hav ing filed either tax returns or tax exempt financial statements when asked about this irs District director a. C. Ross said he could not comment of it. He asked if he would deny irs was investigating a acc s tax situation and auditing Carmi Chael for tax returns for recent i do not deny it Rossie associated Preecs Learned investigation from another source a Man involved in business transaction with a acc. Carmichael was in franc where he told a crowd wednes Day night we want the Viet namese to defeat the United states of Bong Ion Battle by a month Washington up the decision to Airlift 10,000 troops to Vietnam from it. Campbell,ky., represents a speedup in original plans for their deploy ment to the combat zone it was Learned costly the Airlift is advancing by at least a month the Date when the 15,000-Man 101st airborne division can be re United and fully combat ready in Vietnam. A formal announce ment to this effect is expected when the Airlift is brigade of the 101st has been in Vietnam since july 1w5.giant c141 transports began the Airlift of the rest of the division pfc 1. The operation is scheduled to be completed within the violence flares in draft protest Saigon up . An South vietnamese troops closing in on a North vietnamese regi ment trapped in the Bong son area 300 Miles North of Saigon killed 68 More communists Fri Day to run the three Day toll of enemy dead to 252, a . Spokes Man North vietnamese regi ment of 1,200 or More men was Cut off on the Bong son Plain be tween North South National High Way 1 and the South China sea. The advancing allies were aided by artillery and air strikes in their drive to end communist influence in the area which Long has been on holds. Of their Strong a spokesman said . Casual ties for the three Days of fight ing Rose to 18 killed and 90wounded and that the South Viet namese reported 18 killed and 19wounded. New fighting flared near the cambodian Border where . Soldiers fighting at close quarters smashed assaults by about 500 Viet Cong against a new american base. In the clash at the . Artil Lery base being built near Budop 90 Miles North of Saigon the infantrymen killed at least 49 guerrillas. Four . Soldier were killed and 14 wounded in fighting at such close Range . Artillerymen did not fire their big guns for fear of hitting the americans. Up photographer Kyoichi Sawada reported that at Budop the guerrillas began a one hour mortar attack Friday just As a . Helicopter came Downto pick up a wounded Soldier. The helicopter left with the sol Dier but it was four hours be fore another helicopter could reach the embattled Post. Week. 373 flights with. 373 flights and approximately 22,000 flying hours involved the Cost of the Airlift was estimated at $17.5 million or $1,750 per Man if the planes re turned to the United states Airlift was planned before Gen. William Westmoreland s re cent visit to Washington but Pentagon sources said this was the kind of speedup action he had in mind when he said he would like to have the rest of his troops As soon As possible.. Troop strength in Vietnam is now approaching 480,000 Andis scheduled to reach 525,000 not later than next june 30. West Moreland indicated that he would like to reach the full authorize strength in Early 1968 rather than by midyear. New York a a fourth round of Stop the draft demonstrations briefly became a free swinging Brawl Friday when a counter demonstrator attacked Marcher who was carrying a Viet Cong Flag. At least Threepersons were Hurt. The fighting started near City Hall shortly after about 500 anti War protesters had marched out of their staging area lower Man Hattan s Battery and the protesters clashed after a Man tried to wrest the Viet Cong Flag from a Marcher. Police moved i quickly and separated them and the March continued with demonstrators chanting we have won we have . Benjamin Spock arrested on the first Day of the protest was at the scene. He told newsmen i am hereto give moral support to the the demonstrators. Their Superior numbers through the week have continually frustrated the group sled by the sponsoring Stop the draft week committee de scribed As a coalition of 50 anti War groups. Demonstrators these youths Mutual funds prices new York up National association of be Cuttle dealer inc. 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She was released pending a hearing along with most of 442arrested in three Days of pro the Start of Friday s demonstrations a Large detail of police prevented a possible confrontation Between about 300 anti War demonstrators and counter demonstrators in the Angeles a North As they gathered some 200 Vietnam is believed to be hold longshoremen were on hand not one pow flier a turncoat 12.9913.8424.53 24.53 5.72 6.2s11.24 12.15 16.65 18.20 11.92 12.7013.19 14.42 9.24 10.32 8.80 9.62 15.87 1t.34 special com 38.30 38.3017.9917.99 12.45 12.43 8.49 9.2812.92 13.98 13.48 14.739.17 9.8s 16.33 17.8963.76 54.00 Stein Roe ads Stein r 22.42 22.42 Stein in 15.7519.73 ing 300 american fliers captive but not a single one is known to be a turncoat says an air forc Academy official. Maj. Keith d. Young who trains cadets in survival Eva Sion recovery and escape said in a speech wednesday that 750 air Force and Navy aircraft have been lost Over North Viet estimated at least half the fliers must be in North Viet namese custody. Hanoi has not released the exact know of none who have broken in Captivity and renounced the . Role Young asserted. Staging a kept the two groups separated until the Dock workers left for their jobs. 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Romney said he expected Todo More listening than talking Pucul pc Jamms ii duo inc Mouv a to test professional negro grand m his meetings with Day after a Long illness. She was 77.she debut1920s, made Herin Europe performing professional during the in France Italy and other countries. Ter Maurice Couve de Murville Secretary general of the foreign ministry Herve Al hand and de sense minister Pierre Messmer. He is on a tour to be climaxed by a Christmas visit to Vietnam. Mansfield raps handling of query Washington up Mansfield d-mont., the Senate majority Leader Friday described As a sorry spectacle the handling of a request by Cheviet Cong to Send some representatives to the United nations. Mansfield noted in a Senate speech that the Senate last week unanimously approved a Resolution urging president Johnson to consider a new Effort to put the Vietnam question before the in. Security Council. Since that time there have been disclosures that the so called National liberation front Elf political Arm of the Viet Cong made inquiries Early in the autumn about visas for representatives and entry to the world body. No targets named Mansfield while singling out nonspecific targets for his criticism said in one Way or another the matter was dropped. We now witness once again a sorry spec Tacle of who said what who did what who accepted or who re fused in the corridors backstage at the United nations. There Isno reason for this. There is no excuse for Mansfield said there is a Sim ple Way under regular . Procedures to find out whether the Elf would come to the Security Council and whether the unite states would agree to that. That he said is to move the question of Vietnam in a for Mal fashion before the unite nations Security Council As was suggested in the Senate Resolution. Beyond any question in that connection then the Elf or any other party to the vietnamese dispute May be invited to appear and to discuss the matter. I think it is Clear beyond any question that it will be the policy of this government tissue visas for that official disclosure of the Vietcong bid gave Rise to Specula Tion in Washington that one Seg ment of the enemy might want to explore the path to peace. Top administration officials Dis counted this View expressing the belief that the indirect approach made by the Elf to Arthur Gold Berg . Ambassador to theu.n., was simply an attempt to open a propaganda Channel. 2 workmen die in 7�-f�ot fall Chicago up two work men plunged More than 70 feet to their deaths when a scaffold Cable broke with an awful snap on a downtown skyscraper under construction. The Accident occurred wednes Day at the site of the first National Bank building in the hear of the Loop. A traffic policeman Joe Simon said he heard an awful snap 8 and looked up to see one Man flipping through the air and the other sort of sliding off the scaffold Between the seventh and eighth floor dead men were identified As Douglas Jackson 27, Chicago and Norman Jackson 28, wheat on. Workmen said they wer Brothers who had been installing Marble workers said the Cable holding one end of the scaffold snapped. One of the men fell on the protective covering Over the Side walk on Busy Dearborn Street and rolled into the fenced off construction area. The building which is to be on of the tallest in the City is being constructed on the site of theold Morrison hotel

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