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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 8, 1999, Darmstadt, HesseWednesday decembers 1999 stars and stripes Page is Seattle says free Trade needs moral brakes Ellen Goodman Boston it will be a shame i the protesters go Down in Histo Ryas Black Clad luddites smashing the windows of downtown Seattle As if Nike and Mcdonald s were knitting machines. I prefer to remember the biology teacher dressed in his Squirrel cos tume cleaning up after the anarchist vandals. But for a time the Normal sound of Seattle the Hiss of a thousand espresso machines was drowned out by demonstrators. The chants sounded like a Cross Between an anti War March and a football rally hey hey hoho to has got to and yet in the midst of it there was one cheer that struck a deeper theme whose world our world whose streets our streets indeed the Seattle protest was not truly a mobilization against even folks rallying against the to share a global Lens now. A single image has been imprinted on us All beamed Down from spaceships and satellites. We re the first in human history to actually see the Earth whole. The Astro nauts image of a world without Borders is our image. But the question remains whose world in Seattle we saw three world views that have emerged but not merged in recent decades. Three differ ent ways of understanding the Globe in one belongs to the folks at the world Trade organization itself a collection of Trade officials from 135 countries who envision goods flowing across Borders and oceans without tariffs free Trade promis ing economic redemption for All. Another belongs to environmentalists who have come to recognize that what happens to the sea turtles or rain forests or the air in one place affects the entire planet. The third belongs to the human rights advocates who have replaced the old idea that essential rights including workers rights differ from one culture to another with the newer idea that human rights Are Universal. Such worlds were spinning away in the Hometown of Starbucks and Microsoft the place the mayor described wistfully As a gentle City open to but they were not spinning on the same Axis. What troubles protesters is the idea that the to can Trump the concerns of labor and environment. They worry that their protections Are the to s Protection so they ask whose world is it anyway this is no Small argument. We live in a global Economy. As i sit Down to write this morning i Send email to my Niece who lives in France while drinking Coffee from Sumatra. The Borders Are coming Down and we need rules to keep them fair. But Ever since the embryonic postwar origins of the to there has always been an understanding that free Trade comes with moral brakes. Yes we support free Trade but not if it harms the Public health. Yes free Trade but not if it s based on slave labor. Today s questions Are extensions of these older worries. Should t Public health concerns extend to everything from air Quality to Bio genetic foods should t the prohibition against slave labor also be a prohibition against child labor the to has what i am sure its leaders prefer to think of As an image but it s not just people on the streets who have come to believe that the i m saving saving to s worldview is closer to that of a transnational corporation than a migrating tuna. Cases that decide the Fate of a child worker in Thailand or a sea Turtle in mexi co Are heard before three Trade experts behind closed doors in Geneva. The non government groups the environmentalists and the labor advocates Are kept out of proceedings As if they would Only Muddy the Latte. But As president Clinton said to a Luke warm response from the delegates information has already been globalized and citizens All Over the world have been empowered and they Are knocking on the door Here saying let us in and listen to us " the Trade questions posed about labor and environment Are not easy ones. Is there a Universal age of childhood How do we reconcile the environmental Stan Dards of say countries in Europe where trash is burned but landfills Are anathema with opposite american views who will decide the danger or safety of Binge noetic food but the world is More than a Market and a closed Trade organization is a poor fit with the free marketplace of ideas. So in Seattle the question was asked whose world Trade human rights environment we have three worldviews to be integrated for the Sake of one planet. That s the next and the True mobilization for globalization. Goodman writes for the Boston Globe. Her column is distributed by the Washington Post writers group. Bradley s vote on Gulf War belies his policy claim until the fall of the Berlin Wallin 1989," Bill Bradley said a Tufts University on monday we were sure about one thing we knew where we stood on foreign As an assertion of american cold War consensus Bradley s statement is either vacuous or preposterous. It is vacuous if it Means Only that there was a consensus about wanting to contain the soviet Union without nuclear War. It is preposterous if it Means there was Consen sus about matters other than that arid generality matters about which policy makers had to make hard High stakes in the cold War there were Sharp and bitter differences about collective Security entangling alliances. Later there were Sharp and bitter difference about the nature Aims and Likely evolution of the soviet Union. By the late 1960smany democrats believed soviet arms spending was primarily reactive to Ameri Ca s. President Carter s Secretary of state Cyrus Vance said Leonid Brezhnev shares our dreams and there were bitter differences about these of conventional . Forces in Korea Vietnam and even Grenada about nuclear deterrence in the Early 1980s much of Bradley s party including Bradley Wenton an ideological toot in favor of a Uncle George will a freeze about ballistic missile defense As an alternative to Reliance on Mutual assured destruction and about Aid to anti communist insurgencies e.g., the nicaraguan contras. At Tufts describing the dissolution of the cold War policy consensus that he retroactively postulates Bradley said there still Are times and places where the National interest is Clear Iraq 1991." Clear the Senate s Jan. 12,1991 vote on the crucial question of going to War was 52-47.Bradley s most important vote in his18 years in the Senate was cast that Day in opposition to authorizing the use of .forces to expel Iraq from Kuwait. It is obvious today and was not much less Sothen that Bradley and 46 other senators 44 of them democrats made a major made his vote into an exercise in having his cake and eating it too he preferred to continue economic sanctions now while keeping open the possibility of War but he criticized the size of president Bush s deployment of . Forces because it meant we could not rotate troops to continue a consistent threat Over the Long so Bradley s policy was to deploy a Force sufficient to deter further aggression but insufficient to win a military Victory and wait for sanctions to do what sanctions have never done reverse the Conquest of one nation by another nation. Bradley said a military deployment sufficient to deter further iraqi aggression combined with economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation sent the Mes Sage to Saddam Hussein that we would be patient and steadfast in our insistence that he must leave Kuwait if he Ever wished to rejoin the Community of nothing about Hussein suggested that he valued his membership card i that yet Bradley praised the economic sanctions As unprecedented in their breadth and Impact even though there was no noticeable Impact of the Only sort that mattered on Hussein. January 1991 was Bradley said far too Early to use Force. He suggested a 10-month wait until october to reopen the possibility of Force. By then he said Force May Well prove. To be the Only Way to liberate Kuwait. But wait. Bradley simultaneously said i still believe sanctions can work. Today Bradley s faustian about the sanctions As an economic noose that would strangle Hussein does not read Well. Nine years later the sanctions Are fraying and Hus Sein is unwavering in his willingness to accept economic punishment rather than Compromise his Pursuit of weapons of mass destruction. Bradley prophesied dire consequences of the use of Force civil chaos in Iraq sweeping Arab hostility and terrorism toward America soaring Oil prices thou Sands of american deaths leading to isolationist sentiment and he concluded characteristically by suggesting that those who differed with him did so be cause of intellectual laziness or obtuse Ness president Bush and Secretary Baker apparently have not addressed these four most probable outcomes from using massive military Bradley said they had apparently not thought through the consequences. Bradley s tone a lofty regret that the people who differ with him do not think As he does deeply was quickly refuted by events that proved that Bush and Baker had thought much More clearly than Bradley had. The most important vote Al Gore cast in his 16-year congressional career was on Jan. 12,1991, when he was one of Only 10 democrats to vote for the use of Force. Distributed at Washington Post writers group

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