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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 8, 1999, Darmstadt, HessePage 14 stars and stripes wednesday decembers 1999 stars Robert Taylor publisher George m. Web chief operating officer col. Mitchell e. Marovitz Usa commander publisher euro Pelt. Col Barry Williams Usan Deputy commander Max Lederer Genera manager news and editorial Thomas e. Kelsch editor in chief Bill Walker european editor Doug Clawson managing editor Kimberly Mielcarek Andy Savoie european desk editor letters editor Joe Gromelski electronic edition editor assistant managing editors Chris Carlson news Harry Thompson sport cherish May graphics Brian Bowers features addresses . Mail unit 29480, Apoate 09211 International mail Postrach 1330, 64345 Griesheim Germany fax Dan 349-8416 Civ. 149 0 6155/601416 email news letters Central office 529 14th Street new suite 350 Washington do 20045-1301 phone Dan 312-763-0900 or Civ. 1 202 761-0900 fax 1 1 202 761-0890 ombudsman currently vacant. Send comments to director apis 601 n. Fairfax Alexandria a 22314 or email How to Call us commander publisher Dan 349-8202 Civ. 49 0 61557 601202 editor Dan 349-8237 Civ. 49j 0 6155/601237 letters Dan 349-8400 Civ. 49 0 6155/601400 sports Dan 349-8225 Civ. 49 0 6155/601225 news bureaus Germany country code 49 Bamberg Sally Roberts unit 27535, Box 23497, Apo a 09139 Tel. Dan 469-7957 or Civ. 0 951/36896 fax Dan 469-8007 or Civ. 0 951/300-8007-, email Heidelberg Marion Callahan room 117, Rome str. 104, 69115 Heidelberg Tel. Dan 370-7010 or Civ. 0 6221/600554 fax Civ. 0 6221/23421 email Kaiserslautern Kevin Dougherty Cory Lancaster and Chuck Rob erts Apo a 09227-3717 Tel. Dan 489-6585 or Civ. 0 631/52104 or 0 631/57140 fax Dan 489-6357 or Civ. 0 631/5366357 email , Lan , Spang Dahlem Jason Sandford building 125, Apo a 09126 Tel. Dan 452-7827 or Civ. 0 6565761-7827 fax Dan 452-4249 or Civ. To 6565/61-4249 email . Stuttgart Cindy Elmore building 3307,3rd floor Kelley Barracks Apo a 09107 Tel. Dan 421-2088 or Civ. 0 711/ 7292088 fax Civ. 0 711/729-2337 email . Wiir Burg Richelle Turner Collins unit 26233, Apo a 09036 Tel. Dan 350-6308 or Civ. 0 931/700541 fax Civ. 0 951/300-8007 email Turner Collins o Belgium Mons Gregory Piatt car 451, Box 188, Apo a 09708 Tel. Dan 423-5317 or Civ. 32 0 65/44-5317 fax Dan 423-5352 or Civ. 32 0 65/44-5352 email Italy Aviano Gary Kunich pc 54, Box 782, Apo a 09601 Tel. Dan 632-5176 or Civ. 39 0434 66-5176 fax Dan 632-5222 or Civ. 1391 0434 66-5222e-mail Naples Ward Sanderson pc 810, Box 56, Fpo a 09619 Tel. Dan 625-3527/3528 or Civ. 39 081 0724-3527/3528 fax Dan 625-3526 or Civ. 391 081 0724-3526e-mail Sanderson Simonella Sicily Jon r. Anderson pc 812, Box 3520, Fpo a 09627-3520 Tel. Dan 624-2590 or Civ. 39 095 86-2590 fax Dan 624-2589 or Civ. 39 095 86-2589 email Spain Rota Marni Mcentee pc 819, Box 1, Fpo a 09645 Tel. Dan 727-1099/1686 or Civ. 341 0956 82-1099 fax Dan 727 1034 or Civ. 341 0956 82-1034 email Bosnia Tula stars and stripes operation joint forge Apo a 09789 . 387 0 75/814-167 email Skopje stars and stripes Ulica Naum Ohri ski 49, Skopje Cernica Macedonia Tel. Civ. 389 0 91-110024 email Izmir Terry Boyd room 509, Akin building Alsan Cak Izmir mail ing address stars and stripes co Boyd pc 88, Box 3137, Apo a 09821 Tel. Dan 675-3388 or Civ. 901232-441-6488united kingdom Raf Mildenhall Ron Jensen and Dave Masko building 465 Cess us Raf Mildenhall Apo a 09459 Tel. Dan 238-4868 or Civ. 441 0 1638/544868 fax Civ. 1441 0 16387" 7180j3e-mail , masked . Chuck Vinch Oast a the Pentagon room 2e756, . Box46095, Washington do 20050-6095 . 11 703 697-6695 fax Civ. 11 703 693-6366e-mail Thi newspaper is in authorized unofficial publication for Mem Bers of the military services overseas. Contents of stars and stripes do not necessarily reflect the views of or endorsement by the .government, the department of defense or the . European com Mand. The appearance of advertising in this publication including inserts and supplements does not constitute endorsement by the department of defense or stars and stripes of the products or service advertised. Printed in the United kingdom by 2000 print services in Italy by edit Rice Tel Estampa military Justice i am completely baffled Over the Mili tary s View on equal treatment when it conies to the uniform code of military jus Tice. Recently i read in the army times about a few generals who lost stars due to sexual misconduct. They slept with the wives of subordinates who worked for them. For their punishment they were busted and allowed to retire. Yes that s what i said allowed to retire. This of course Means they lost some pay but they Are still making a Good sum of Money in retirement. While this May be a disgrace to them As Well As the military it still confuses me As to Why they were allowed to re tire and keep a big portion of their pay. For those who think that they received a fair punishment let me Tell them some thing else i read in stars and stripes about two enlisted members. One had consensual sex with a woman that involved Bond age. Neither was married. This enlisted member was busted two ranks and has to serve some time performing hard labor. Another Story involved a first sergeant who groped some female soldiers for whom he was responsible. For this he was busted to private sentenced to five years in prison and Dis honorable discharged. So Here we have two officers who both slept with wives of their subordinates. They Are busted but can still retire. Basi Cally a slap on the wrist. On the other Side of the House we have two enlisted Mem Bers. One had consensual sex and the other groped his soldiers. One is busted and has to serve hard labor the other loses rank has to serve a prison sentence and is discharged. All these acts Are against army regulations and none should be condoned. But does anyone think the enlisted received the same treatment As the officers last time i looked the Ucma applied to All regardless of rank. What kind of message Are we sending to the soldiers for whom we Are responsible i am sorry to say that i have no answers for the soldiers who come to me and ask Why officers do not receive the same punishment As enlisted. Staff sgt. Tracy Bessette Bamberg Germany translating jobs my responsibility is to provide interpret ing and translating for . Military personnel As a civilian contractor through try corporation. I am surprised that the . Forces do not have enough of their own linguists since their defense Lan Guage institutes in California and washing ton . Are very reputable. There Are at least 500 local and 50 . Citizens with Security clearance providing language ser vices in Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia Kosovo and Macedonia. We Are indispensable to daily peace Tell us what you think stars and stripes welcomes your comments on editorials and columns that Are published in the newspaper and values letters on topics of importance in the lives of our readers. All letters must be signed and must include the writer s address or base and Telephone number. We Reserve the right to edit letters for length Send your letters to . Mail stars and stripes unit 29480 Apo a 09211 International mail stars and stripes Postrach 1330 64345 Griesheim via Fox country code 493 0 61s5/601395dsn 3498395 email Etters a ,Mil keeping operations because without us sol Diers could not perform tasks such As Force Protection meetings with military and political leaders joint military operations and even food preparation and build ing maintenance. Yet in the military like in other governmental units and private Industry linguists Are not valued like other skills and professions. I have had experience in All three. Perhaps it is because a great majority of americans have not had to learn another language besides English. Here in the Balkans Brown and Root s . Janitors Are paid about twice As much As . Linguists. Perhaps it is because a former . Secretary of defense is affiliated with Brown and Root and try is a Sci ence and technology corporation that Hap pens to have a contract with the . Army to provide language services Here. I have worked As a janitor and i know that one can learn the most complicated cleaning tasks in one week. A language takes years of learning and practice to be Able to work on a professional level. I know some professors with doctorate de Grees who can t speak the languages they have studied because they do not have the Talent and or have not practice since they did not have an Opportunity to reside and be totally immersed in the language and culture of their discipline. Unfortunately most of the teachers and professors in our educational institutions Learned their languages in classrooms which is not a nor Mal environment for that discipline. Machak Broj ii Camp Demi Bosnia and Herzegovina sex Story i be never been much of a Public crusader for social action but stars and stripes article jury to decide if sex act was con sensual or rape . 3 compelled me to write. What positive practical benefits did stripes readers derive from knowing the exact prurient details of bondage sex de scribed in the article does stripes sup doonesbury pose there is any Chance the tantalizing front Page refer line a jury of seven men and one woman will determine whether the bondage style sex an army specialist had with a fellow Soldier was rape or con sensual Drew the interest of any Curi Ous impressionable Young folks publishers must take care before print ing information accessible for All Ages con sumption. The newspaper is readily Avail Able in Homes and libraries. Children Are encouraged to read it along with their stud ies. Often in Leisure they enjoy the comics the weekly kids Section or the sports pages. But if it were a movie would t the article in question be a rated or worse the Young athlete May forget the score of last night s football game on Page 30 after scarring his memory with the lewd word picture on Page 6. More frighteningly Are these the Type of thoughts stripes would like people pondering in the Back of their minds while they re alone with our sons or daughters stripes should continue to serve the Community by reporting the news we need to be informed and prosperous citizens. But please leave out the unnecessary particulars of sensual behaviour. Unfortunately there Are numerous other print and Broad cast outlets which will take up the Slack for stripes. Harmless fashion and health magazines seem to be among the worst of fenders. Their careful blend of helpful in formation and lascivious stories is deceptively dangerous. These influences Are contrary to the social order established by our creator because they subtly eat away at moral integrity and weaken relational Bonds. Recognized boundaries regarding physical intimacy become Gray. Secret addictions Are often formed. Ultimately friendships marriages and families Are impacted. This kind of material is also a part of the steady diet of child abusers stalkers and Young rapists in what Are the causes behind the deeds of those in prison for deviancy Why Are so Many children making the news for sexual wrongdoing they mimic what they read hear and see. I m constantly amazed. Society bemoans sexual impropriety. Government businesses religions and schools expend Money and great Energy to implement prevention and rehabilitation programs. We punish those who violate the rules. Yet at the same time mass Media overwhelmingly saturates us with images and thoughts in citing the very behaviour we re trying to control. Can we put out a fire with a Kitchen extinguisher in one hand and a gasoline pump Hose in the other i know we live in a culture which no longer treasures innocence. However i be Lieve stripes would find Many grateful parents and appreciative customers if its writ ers and editors would consider these Points when composing their articles. Responsible journalism edifices. Mike Massicotte Ramstein air base Germany by Garry Trudeau u r of people have0&n/&wn6 what Economy stump an or $ not character,s7vpip Anft not it not i about 7h& 5u&, whip Wev know what 7h& Eck n mow

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