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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 7, 1999, Darmstadt, HessePages stars and stripes tuesday december 7, 1999 family colleagues recall heroes killed in Blaze one body is recovered by Tom Kirchofer the associated press Worcester mass. One begged his dad to take him to fires when he was just a boy listening to fire Calls on his own scanner. Another followed a Rich family tradition of 200 years of firefight ing. And a third was the father of six Young sons. As searchers on sunday recovered the first of six firefighters who perished in a vacant Ware House fire last week families of the victims told their tales and shared their grief. I have three children. Who want everybody to know their father was not one who Ever shied away from anything. Anything he did in his life he did with True dedication with True spirit said Kathy Spencer the wife of it. Thomas e. Spencer who died in the dec. 3 Blaze. The body of Timothy p. Jack son a 27-year Veteran was re moved from the still soldering building sunday morning. Fire fighters stood and saluted As Jack son 51, was carried Down a lad Der. Some made the sign of the Cross. Others covered their hearts with their helmets. The loss of the six men were believed to be the nation s highest death toll involving firefighters since 1994, when 14 firefighters perished in a Forest fire in Colo Rado. In the same spirit As the men who gave their lives trying to save others firefighters refused to halt the search for their fallen comrades and for answers to what sparked the Blaze. Fire marshal Stephen Coan said that while the cause of the fire has not been determined it has been deemed suspicious. At the scene of the crumbling warehouse firefighters said Jack son was one of four men who died trying to Rescue two firefighters who became disoriented amid thick smoke in the Worcester cold storage and warehouse co. Building while searching for homeless people they believed to be inside. Still buried inside the rubble were Spencer 42 James f. Lyons Iii 34 Joseph t. Mcguirk 38 Paul a. Brotherton 41 and Jere Miah m. Lucey 38. Lyons had been Rushing to fires since the time As a Young boy he got a scanner to Monitor fire an police radio transmissions his father James f. Lyons jr., said be tween sobs. He was a hero on the Day he was born but today he s a mar Tyr the elder Lyons said. He went into this fire to save people what he wanted to Mcguirk was a third Genera Tion firefighter whose family has chalked up More than 200 years of service. A father of two Mcguirk was a Carpenter until he Michael Dover the associated press troopers from the Connecticut state police use a body sniffing dog sunday in Worcester mass., to search the rubble of the former Worces Ter cold storage and warehouse co. Building where a fire killed six firefighters late Friday night. Became a firefighter three years loved camping Riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle and watching the stars with his sons John Patrick 8, and Jeremiah Michael 11.the family of Brotherton a father to six boys under age 14, took Solace in the words of a firemen s prayer hanging in his bedroom when i am called to duty god wherever flames May rage give me strength to save some life. And if according to your will i have to lose my life please bless with your protecting hand my children and my report me commit More violent crime than women by Michael j. Sniffen the associated press Washington three quarters of the 2.1 million violent crimes committed by women each year in this country Are Sim ple assaults on other women while men commit Many More crimes and More violent ones the Justice department comparison men commit about 13 million violent crimes each year. Just Over half of them Are simple assaults and 70 per cent of their victims were males the department s Bureau of jus Tice statistics reported sunday. The figures were based on an Nual averages for 1993-1997 As measured in the annual National crime victimization Survey of about 100,000 remainder of the violent of lenses by both sexes were More serious aggravated assaults robberies rapes and comprise nearly 52 per cent of the . Population an the totals mean that there is one violent male offender for Ever nine men and boys age 10 or older compared with one violent female offender for every 56 women and girls age 10br older the statistics Bureau violent offence rate per person has been declining Amon both men and women since Peak rates in 1994. Between 1994 and1997, the violence rate has fallen by 29 percent among men and 25percent among women the re port said. Police say teens attacked Counselor fled Camp eld Stiha Tiosh uni Mitt round trip Saver air fares by Lubna Khan the associated press Salt Lake City search ers headed Back into the Rocky Southern desert monday to search for seven teen agers who vanished after allegedly attack ing and tying up two Counselor during a camping trip for Trou bled nights of bitter cold have officials concerned that the boys May be in trouble. They apparently had some survival gear Wool Coats and a two Way radio but Little food two sets of tracks found Sun Day led searchers to believe that the boys Between the Ages of 14 and 16, May have split into two groups. An eighth teen was Cap tured used a helicopter with night vision equipment motorized Parachute gliders and blood have approximately 3,500 Square Miles of an unforgiving hostile territory said Iron county sheriff David Benson. If they get wet they re in real trouble. But they re All from the East coast so i Don t know if they recognize How hostile this Environ ment is Benson teens beat 23-year-old Counselor Kirk Stock unconscious with Sticks tried to break his legs and then bound him with duct the group allegedly threat ened 22-year-old Counselor Sun Shine Fuller tied her to a tree and fled. Officials believe the boys Are using the radio to Monitor police escaped saturday with one Day ration packs of food Wool Coats and blankets. The youths disappeared near Cedar City 220 Miles South of Salt Lake City the boys were on a camping trip sponsored by red Cliffs As cent inc., one of several Southern Utah outfitters that teach Trou bled youths survival skills. Com Pany officials refused to com captured teen has been charged with felony aggravated assault simple assault and theft Benson said. He is being held in a juvenile detention Center in Cedar alleged attack was not the first time red Cliffs has had runaways during its camping previous cases red Cliffs officials were Able to capture the runaways he said Florida town Knight Ridder newspapers Miami the mayor of Hialeah gardens fla., was arrested sunday for allegedly trying to output a contract to kill her sex Hus band the charges were an unexpected twist to a monthlong voter fraud probe of Gilda Oliveros 50. She was picked up sunday after noon at Miami International air port after arriving from a Busi Ness trip in los Angeles. The mayor was cuffed in front of passengers and councilwoman Fatima Morejon and Lucy Vandesand led away in tears. Her lawyer vehemently denied the charges sunday. In 1997, Oliveros allegedly bought a cheap life insurance policy on her then husband and then hunted around City Hall for a hit Man. But investigators say the Sig nature on the policy was a forgery and the paltry proceeds were Tobe split with hired gunmen. Her alleged backup plan to Poi son her mate with sleeping pills. The whispered talk of murder came to be known in Hialeah Gar Dens As the she approached employees with promises of big dollars they investigation was spawned when former employees said they were forced to change address son their voter registration forms so they could vote in Hialeah Gar Dens where they did not live the five term mayor was charged with two counts of solicitation to commit first degree Mur Der and insurance fraud she was also charged with three third de Gree felonies relating to the alleged voter fraud. Distributed by Knight Ridder Tribune information services. 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