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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - December 6, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseIi bigger meal by Forest Kimler Pacific is staff writer Ryphe View from the 10-meter Tower Al at Tokyo s olympic swimming Pool is numbing to the senses. If you look up the weirdly Canti levered ceiling appears to float away and spin in slow cadence to the nauseating convolutions of the mind. And if you look Down the Green Waters a Bright Light that shimmers like Mol ten Glass 33 feet below inviting you to your destruction. Those who climb the Tower go witha single purpose to dive gripping the Edge with their toes for a moment be fore flinging themselves into the void Over the Green water without conscious thought leaving the body to act on the conditioned reflexes attuned to the thousands of pavlovian Bells subconsciously sounded at thousands of prac Tice sessions. Air Force it. Miki King climbed the Tower and stood for a Long moment thinking through the 2% spins she would ask her body to execute in a reverse somersault from the height and knew it was wrong. The conditioned reflex had been re placed by a conscious nagging doubt. The blonde . Diving Champion s All or nothing Gamble to astound the world s diving circles with an almost impossible dive for a woman at that moment became a lost King s Strong Young body flashed into the air and spun Over the waterline a balled up Kitten taking a wild Tumble but failed to straighten into the knife to Cleave the water. Miki King had gambled and lost possible Gold medal in the 10-meter Tower event in the 1967 Unive Siade a Tokyo. Her failure was As much of a Shockto the diving sorority of International women athletes at the world univer sity games As her spectacular reverse 2yz somersault would have been if Shehad brought it off. For Miki King was the . Women National Champion in the one meter and three meter springboard events already Gold medal Winner in the Unive Siade springboards and a toss up to upset to meter olympic Champion Leslie Bush. Instead on the failure of a Gamble that bombec1 in a mighty splash of Green water and unconditioned reflexes Theair Force Beauty came in third behind teammate Bush and Keiko Osaki of Japan. It was a typical performance in Mik King s life and athletic career an All or nothing Effort with no Compromise to achieve her goal. I wanted to throw the trick in their faces she laughed in explaining her Gamble. Go for the whole bit win going away if i hit it against the girl i be yet to beat from the 10-meter Tower. And if i missed to give the other International divers something to worry about for a whole year As they prepare for the 1968 olympics. To let them worry about whether will perfect this dive that Only a Man has been Strong enough to do consistently Well. Psych them into trying to match Atrick that i May not even use myself if i am selected for the . missing such an important dive As the one that would have brought her Goldin the Unive Siade on aug. 30 in Tokyo is hardly a thing to. Psych Miki King though. My first National Competition was in1961 when i was a 16-year-old High school student she said. I went to Philadelphia and uncorked dive that was so Lousy i splashed the judges and placed 32nd in a Field of 40."later, i took part in that same meet and got two firsts and a second. And i taught me a lesson. Diving is a conditioned reflex to perfect a dive you must practice it for years until you Don t have to thin about it anymore. And that is the reason i missed the reverse 2y 2. I am still thinking when do it unless you Are a gymnast it is hard for you to appreciate the difficulty of the trick of just getting off the Tower she said. You must spin your body backwards2y 2 times before you hit and then Cuttle water without a splash. An 18-year-old girl and i Are the Only two women in the world attempt ing this dive in Competition and Weare the talk of the International diving become the talk of the High divers of the sports world Miki King has sacrificed for a great part of her 23 years the frills of just being a began diving when she was 15 years old in Junior High school outgrew the Owca Pool in her native Pontiac l in Lor Sam mich., and began serious training i Detroit. Famed olympic diving coach Dic Kimball spotted her when she was in High school and encouraged her to join him at the University of Michigan. And the sacrificing began in Don t think people realize How much a girl has to sacrifice to be a athlete she said. People never understand for exam ple Why a girl should want to spend three hours a Day six Days a week practising a sport. A boy joins a team in school an travels automatically with that team. But i always and to get special per Mission from teachers to miss classes As an individual competitor and i never really Felt i represented Miki King s family understood How Ever and family life was built around her diving holding up dinner making the car available to her giving her Money to travel to meets since she had no official backing. I never really had a special boy Friend in All those Early Days and i Don t now she said. I Haven t had the time to be Seri Ous about anything but diving. Spice i have always trained with men i Verpent most of my time up to my ears in water with them but few other places on a steady Miki studied journalism and physical education when she was t diving at the Pacific is photos by Teruhiko Kikuchi University of Michigan and fretted be cause she was being asked to Divide her time and Effort Between studies and athletics. When a reporter once asked her about her love life she snapped that she was in love with a diving Board and has regretted Ever since the implication that she might have some misgiving about the path she has chosen in her i have always longed to really represent someone make my diving apart of something official. That feeling i have missed in the size second it. Miki King Usan Emp a in the past when speaking of belonging to something official. Because that bid in her life has been filled. "1 started belonging to something right after the air Force approached my senior year at the University me Iron m air i rot Chisan she said. Was officer showed me How Theoroe could allow me to continue comp Felting while working with the program at the University. So i Joine which is the reason Miki King saluted when they ran up the old glory at the Unive Siade and she was handed a Gold medal for her springboard Victory against the Best in the world. I Hope 1 can continue saluting through the 1968 olympics in Mexico she said and then consult my list of things to do that i have been com piling Over the years the things that i veneer had a Chance to do one of those things is learning to one can say i m in the wrong Branch of the service for that she grinned. S&8, Gates pfc. Samuel Bigler 160 pounds and heading for a no fat 198. Most of the time it s All business when Miki King is on the diving Board left but she cuts Loose at times right Sirvrt Ler s end of the bargain is to add fou hours of his own time. At 160 pounds Bigler is Able to hoist240 pounds in the press lifting the bar to shoulder level then overhead no fair jerking235 pounds in the snatch one continuous lift from the floor to Over headband 310 pounds in the Jerk same As the press except that a springing movement is allowed on the second phase. Bigler guesses that it will take considerably More to make a . Olympic team. He figures 340, 275 and 375, respectively. But i m Only 20, remember Headds and weightlifting Calls mainly for ligament Muscles which Aren t properly developed before a Guy is 25 or wit that in mind Bigler is a bit doubtful that such development and improvement can come before the 1968trials. His sights Are More seriously set for 1972. I think that s a lot More realistic he reasons. Bigler s interest in weightlifting Date Back to Junior High school Days and the Story would do Justice to Acharles Atlas Arent you tired of being Skinny the eighth and ninth grades Bigler recalls i weighed 98 pounds. I by Ron de Lacy staff writer Totine of the 10 members of the Sieg 11 Fried Heilmann sport club from Darmstadt Germany Wear Blue outfit sin team weightlifting Competition. The other wears a White weightlifter s suit Over a Blue Jersey and uses Tri coloured gym shoes red White and Blue. That lets people know where i from explains pfc. Samuel Bigler a clerk with the 93rd signal in in Darm Stadt. Otherwise everybody d think i was a German and the United states would t get any affiliation with the Darmstadt club gives the 20-year-old Bigler a Phansee for occasional Competition to break up rugged routine of daily eight hour prac Tice , from York pa., is a member of a three Man army squad both team mates Are in Korea to be sent by Uncle Sam to the 1968 olympic weightlifting trials next summer in los Angeles hence the mean training program Sun Days included. Since his ninth place finish in the middleweight 165-Pound division of the 1967 National weightlifting Champion ships in Columbus Ohio Bigler has had four hours per Day chopped from his regular army duties for training. Big was real Skinny so everybody used Topick on an Uncle talked him into taking up body building exercises in 1965, and within a year he was up to 140 pounds. I did t go much for that looking at your Muscles in the Mirror stuff though. I joined the York Barbell team because they put More emphasis on strength and Competition than just the Yorac outfit regarded As one of the Best Amateur weightlifting clubs in the world provides Bigler and about 30other promising . Members with training material and special High protein foods. Bigler s weight 152 pounds in 1966, Isnow at 160 and rising. That s the idea he says to keep going up but without he eventually plans to set the at about 198 pounds which he figure Sis just right for his five foot six Inch Frame. Meanwhile the Competition he Long for will be supplied through the Darm Stadt club Usa eur meets and theol Rapic trials. Bigler s original goal in taking up muscle building has of course Long since been realized. He just does t lookalike the sort of Guy who gets much Sand kicked in his face. To Hie making of a marathoner in sports standing just 5-foot-5 an weighing a Mere 125 pounds May not seem like much of an advantage except for a featherweight Boxer or perhaps a Marathon runner. Happily Jeff Reneau a first lieutenant with the 97th general Hospital As a Laboratory officer belongs to the run Ner category. At least he aspires to be one and his surprising sixth place inthe recent Kosice Czechoslovakia International peace Marathon is a big boost in his drive to make Uncle Sam s olympic team in his favorite event. Sixth place might not sound like much but in the Classy International Field always gathered behind the Iron curtain for the Kosice meet one of the big three in Marathon racing it s no bad at All. Especially since Reneau is not exactly Well known was participating in his first International Competition and was the Only american there. And traditionally americans have hardly been any great shakes Over the years at distances beyond 800 meters though things have improved recently. Jeff is a relative newcomer to the by Don Sauer staff writer Marathon game having started just two years ago while doing graduate work at the University of Minnesota. A fellow member in the twin cities track club Ron Daws one of the bet Ter known american Long distance stars thought Reneau shewed potential and got him started. In Jeff s firs Start the october 1965 City of lakes Marathon he finished second behind Daws. The following May Reneau manage Dan eighth place in the National aau championship followed in june just be fore he entered the army with his first major Victory. He won the easter regional Marathon at Holyoke mass., notable because he bested the Fame Johnny Kelly. Then came the disaster the 1967aau title race run in humid broiling 92-degree weather at Holyoke. Renea tried to keep up with a group of favor ites who set by Marathon standards a sizzling Early Pace. It proved Tough on everyone As Many runners failed to survive the heat and Holyoke s Hilly course. Jeff dropped out after 16 Miles but Daws who did t try to keep up won the championship. It was a crushing disappointment forthe Little new Hampshire runner. But it was eased slightly by the realization of a valuable lesson never go too fast too Early and expect to have anything left at the finish. The practical application came a Kosice where Jeff started More slowly standing Only 25th or so at the half Way Mark and just 10th in the late going. He passed two runners near the end then two More on the final Lap As the 129-Man field120 finished returned tothe stadium for the Windup. He clocked a respectable 2 23.56 two hours 23 min utes 56 seconds his Best Ever in the 26 Miles 385 Yards of sheer punish ment. He was just Over three minutes off the winning time that time ranks him with the Best . Marathoners and is better than the third place 2 24.38 in the just concluded Little olympics at Mexico City but perhaps the most tangible Benefit was to Reneau s self esteem. Jeff keenly Felt the pressure of being the Only american who was expected to carry the prowess of . Track and Field All on his own slender was a memorable experience for the soft spoken freckle faced redhead in that and several other respects. Is Gate Jeff Reneau the Long Long grind. It was the no. 1 subject among Kosice participants Jeff came away from the meet convinced that High Altitude training is essential preparation for the 1968 olympics to be held at Mexico City s 7,400-foot he was very much impressed with what High level work has done for ethiopian runners helping them develop tremendous endurance and strengths vital in the gruelling test. One of their runners Gebru Moravia who eventually finished second was openly boasting All Over the Camp that he would win easily with a time of 2 hours 17 minutes. He probably Wouldhave too because he had a big Lead but got a muscle cramp near the end Reneau recalls. Nonetheless Jeff was impressed by Moravia and the Iron handed strictness of their venerable Trainer a Captain in the renowned Palace guard of emperor Haile Roar of laughter greeted Jeff who is 24, when the ethiopian asked How old the Page 12 the stars and stripes wednesday december 6, 1967 the stars and stripes Youthful american was. You just baby the old Trainer chortled in broken eng Lish. And indeed so it is in the ethiopian insists that a Good Mara Thoner does not mature until 28 to 30.his two time defending olympic Cham Pion Palace guard sergeant Abebe by Kila who did not compete at Kosice will be 34 when he tries to make i three straight and most Likely he will be heavily favored. Regular training Over a number of years is definitely advantageous feels Reneau who Points out that it take years to build up the physical and men Tal toughness so necessary for the Marathon. The mental part of Marathon racing cannot be underestimated conditioning yourself to keep going mile after Mil rather than give in even though you think you Are going to collapse Jeff said. Right now Reneau regularly train twice a Day before and after work. He starts at 5 30 or so each morning run Ning 10 to 17 Miles depending on his work schedule. Then after work its an other 5 to 7 Miles at a faster Pace. Jeff feels fortunate to be stationed at the Hospital where regular work hours permit training every Day. In Addi Tion he s been competing with the Ein Tracht Frankfurt sport club during its fall Cross country season having come up against the Best German runners including the country s 10,000-Meterchamp. But he s hoping for a Transfer to the Colorado area where he can take advantage of the High Altitude to prepare for the olympic trials at Adams state College Alamosa Colo next july about the time he s due _ for release from the army and if he s Lucky the olympics in october. As a tuneup for the trials Reneau who grew up in Laconia n.h., Hopes to make his first Start in the Fame Boston Marathon another of the big three along with Kosice and the polytechnic in England. I m really looking Forward to bos ton Jeff admits. Reneau is a native new englander having run track and Cross country Dur ing the four years 1962-1965 he spent at the University of new Hampshire. His record As an undergraduate was t unforgettable the Best being a Yankee conference title in the two mile run. The turning Point came in Minneapolis after starting training sessions with Daws and Van Nelson aau six Mil and 1967 american games 5,000 meters Kingpin. At the time Jeff was working on a master s degree in nutrition and biochemistry which he plans to Complete after his Roth commitment is gave him the big boost after that aau fiasco. He was so anxious to compete that he was willing to All his own expenses including the fare fora Long tiring train ride. But with the help of Boston athletic association Trainer Johnny Semple the czech government which pays expense for Many foreign competitors provided the train ticket As Well As food an lodging. It s still a Long Way to that prize spot on the olympic team but in the meantime perhaps the Colorado assign ment will come through to help Jeff find out first hand if there is really something to High Altitude training. Page 13

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