European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1999, Page 79

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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 5, 1999, Darmstadt, HessePremier crossword by Donna j. Stone liquidity across1 still $ Little devils 9 lost a Lap 14 83 Woody Allen film 19 code 20 year segment 21 Dodge 22 Beethoven dedicated 23 Melanie Griffith movie 25 maugham work 27 Check recipient 28 Marge in the fridge 30 impresario Hurok 31 Mai de 32 More than More 34 author Martin 38 Dick Tracy s love 41 Laura Esquivel novel 50 Southern St. 51 Green bean 52 artist Joan 53 arrives 54 most painful 57 Drivers lies., . 59 Bando of baseball 60 yarn purchases 61 drum 62 Coolidge or Gam 64 conspires 66 where the buoys Are 67 Dachshund or Dik Dik 70 pop 72 ant pollution Gap. 73 porker s Palace 74 with the John Irving Book 79 russian Jet 82 despatch s Daisy 83 Ballet movement 84 dreaming of you Singer 87 private pension 88 insect stage 90 Canvas cover 92 Layette fasteners 94 Patriot Hale 96 kind 98 zilch 99 Sardou drama 100 be Nosy 101 actress Purviance 103 mount Batten s rank 105 like Austin Powers 106 Jimmie Rodgers hit 112 machine 113 stagger 114loretta Young s Birthplace 115 lawyers org. 118"pro Nobis 120 certain slav 123 restaurateur Shor 127 Angel of the morning Singer 133 no no Nanette song 135 actress eve 136 basketball venue 137 valuable 138 Chiles or Nettleton 139 baggage checkers 140 sociable Starling 141 German River 142 Lily Down 1 Friday the 13th" setting 2 Sayao Solo 3 Painter Peter 4"you feel like dancing 76 hit 6 the Consul composer 7 role for 8 terrier 9 wine word 10 dam org. 11 Acorn eventually 12 poems of Praise 13 Spanish explorer 14 Road to enlighten ment 15 Antiquity archaic ally 16 novelist o Flaherty 17 tropical spot 18 will of the Waltons 24 catty remark 26 Baldwin of outside Providence 29 lout 33 it s Good in a Pinch 35 mortician to Pugsley 36 Rainbow goddess37 remnant 39 White House pet 40 Gin fizz 41 Glasgow girl 42 actress Massey 43 designer Donna 44 islamic ruler 45 salad Veggie 46 shout 47 off the Mark 48 belief 49 Lamb product 55 95 Down s real name 56 big Rig 58 Bend 60 no longer fresh 63 Man or stallion 65 artistic output 68 big Pitcher 69 tragic Monarch 71 laotian native 75 study for exams 76 More macabre 77 or threat words 78 you me 57 hit 79 capital of Belarus 80 persian presently 81 los Ca 85 Ruth s Mother in Law 86 chef s shield 88 Stickpin locale 89 Cabinet Wood 91 realty map 93 mean Marquis 95 Bonanza brother 97 Patella s place 99 insipid 102 dug in 104 pie filling 107 anytime now 108 flow 109 High rails 110 West Alliance 111 spirals 115 Trojan War hero 116 Raymond of Godzilla 117 Celeste Verdi aria 119 crooked 121 Raison a 122 authentic 124 Nebraska native 125 baby Branch 126 mediocre 128 dodger Ron 129 Minnesota twins 130 Hamilton Bill 131 out limb 132 Slang negative 134 service charge 15 16 17 18 #919 12-5 average time of solution 61 minutes. Crypt quip answer Grid on next Page Xgo pad do Lac a ski exp so own efm cd tick i wok w Tig Akk do Ufa Ulko. Today s crypt quip clue q equals m Goren Bridge with Omar Sharif Tanna Hirsch �1999 Tribune Media services inc. To the left to the right North South vulnerable. North Deal North a a 10 6 2 v 102 4kqj109524 void West aq875 v k843 6 kj72 South a k j 9 3 v q76 a7 10 9 6 3 East a 4 v a j 9 5 843 a q 8 5 4 the bidding North East South West 1 pass u pass 3 a pass 3nt pass 4 a pass pass pass opening Lead three of v to take a finesse for a missing Queen is no great shakes. But what about first taking it against one defender and then against the other it is a rare situation but does crop up occasionally. North had a difficult bid to make on the second round and the aggressive raise to three Spades was probably As Good a Choice As any. The final con tract was excellent. West led a Low heart to partner s Ace and East correctly returned the Jack to pin Dummy s ten. Declarer s Queen lost to the King and another heart forced Dummy to Ruff. Declarer cashed the Ace of Spades and continued with a Spade to the ten following Low from hand when East showed out. But West allowed the ten to hold and Declarer had lost control eventually going Down three. Suppose that after ruffing the third heart Declarer immediately leads a Low Trump to the nine. If West wins Declarer has no problem so West must hold up. Now Declarer has Avail Able a safety play of a Low Spade to the ten taking the finesse the other Way if East wins Declarer can Cap Ture any return if necessary ruffing in Dummy come to hand with the Ace of diamonds to draw the remaining Trump and claim the rest of the tricks with Good diamonds and the last Trump. If East shows out As is the Case Here All is still Well. Declarer cashes the Ace of Spades returns to hand with the Ace of diamonds to draw the last Trump then runs the diamonds to emerge with an Over trick. Verily a True two Way finesse q As South vulnerable you hold a 104 � 983 kj76 aq63 v the bidding has proceeded East South West North la pass pass int pass ? what action do you take a do not hang partner for refusing to sell out to one heart. In the Balanc ing seat partner s one no Trump shows 11-15 Points so despite your Good hand game is doubtful til Best. Since even two no Trump could be in jeopardy pass. P ft�fts�7%-1.v few -. Of or

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