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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 4, 1999, Darmstadt, Hesse S tube by Gary j. Kunich stars and stripes Buffy. Buffy. Buffy. Buffy. Buffy. Buffy. Buffy. Buffy. Buffy. Buffy. Buffy. Buffy. Buffy. Buffy. Buffy. You get the picture. Buffy the Vampire Slayer returns for year three at 9 . Fri Day on an Europe. Buffy fans already know Why this show has become a cult hit. Its True that the movie of the same name was one of the More lame of Vampire offerings. Even creator Joss Whedon has said his original vision of a pretty High school blonde going through the horrors of High school along with the horrors of having to learn she is the worlds chosen one a destined to spend her life sticking it to vampires hundreds of years older than she a was greatly watered Down. But the television show succeeds where the movie tanked because Whedon was Given free reign to explore his original vision after the fledgling Warner Bros television network took a Gamble on the show. The Small screen version starring Sarah Michelle Gellar took off from where the movie left off. Buffy moved to a new school in Sunnyvale after burning Down her other school while battling the vicious vamps but the new school just happens to be built on the Mouth of hell and that a not just a euphemism because of the smell emanating from the cafeteria. Gellar can make anyone forget the girl who played the movie version of Buffy. Not just for looks a the girl can act and has done an outstanding Job expanding the character who was originally portrayed As a one note Valley girl. Her acting chops Are keenly displayed in the season three opener in which Buffy tries to flee Sunnyvale and ends up far from Home and on her own. The writing in the new season is As Good a if not better a than it has Ever been. It pains me to note that it has yet to win an emmy. All of your favourites return for new season even Buffy a eternally suffering Boyfriend and 200-plus-year-old Vampire Angel David Boreanaz whom she killed in season two a finale. Devoted fans probably know this is Boreanaz last full year on the show As Warner Bros has spun him off into his own series titled appropriately enough Angel which takes place in los Angeles and has been promo Das having All times listed Are Central european time matters. Here a where it gets Tricky As far As the american forces network is concerned. The great and anointed ones in los Angeles who make these kinds of decisions Are closely watching Angelus ratings to see if it pulls in High enough numbers to warrant an an debut. If that happens the initial plan is to rotate seasons Between Buffy and Angel the problem is both shows continue to have characters crossing Over from one series to the next As sometimes Story lines meld Between the two. This gimmick seems always to Reward networks with higher ratings. Characters of and Spike have already done crossover episodes and Angel and Buffy do the same. Fun As that May be it creates a problem As an will have to find a Way to bump aside other shows so the stories makes sense. Its not easy but it can be done although its will be especially Tricky if Angelus ratings end up with a stake through the heart and an does no to it pick up. As for other recent spinoffs trying to catch a Core audience in the states it seems a party of one just Isnit As great As a party of five even when the one happens to be the time of your life featuring the. Mumm. Talents of Jennifer love Hewitt. Her show is Only doing so so so done to expect to see it on s on it really pays to have David Kelley produce two of the Best Legal shows on television today a ally Mcneal and the practice. Makes it a lot easier to make a crossover show Between the two. But its hard on an when those seasons Arentt in sync. Although ally has officially ended its second season run on an an episode from season one will replay at 8 . Monday on an Europe As part one of a show that a concluded at 9 . On the practice. The ally episode originally aired last september so viewers could keep up with Normal subplots of the show and will air again so people can understand what a going on in the practice. In the first part Billy is anxious to take on bigger cases and argues that his firm should represent a wife accused of brutally axing a wealthy client to death. In part two on the practice Bobby joins forces with ally a Law firm to represent the woman. Of yeah As a Darker feel than Buffy. Joining Angel on re. Angel which has already started in the a Bonus ally just May have been Lizzie states is stuck up cheerleader Cordelia Borden in a previous life. Charisma Carpente who always seems the rugrats kick off the first round of to be eternally suffering Over worldly Holiday showings this week with a Rug James Sorenson the associated press Sarah Michelle Gellar is Buffy Summers in a Buffy the Vampire Slayer a the unlikely Bojt tasty comedy horror hybrid that returns to american forces network this week. Rats hanukah 8 . Sunday on an Europe. This Isnit to be confused with a rugrats hanukkah. Isnit it a Little weird that they can get More rabbis in a cartoon than the . Government can get in the in a Hollywood hound s Christmas . Makes sure there a plenty of Good cheer in store for tinsel town. Spectrum airs that cartoon at 1 30 . 9 30 . And 5 30 . Monday. Spectrum then catches up with biblical experts and modern Day researchers who take a historical look at the Mother of Jesus in intimate portraits the Virgin Mary. It airs at 5 ., 1 . And 9 . Tuesday. Thursdays lineup features the always awesome frosty the snowman who comes to life again at 7 . On an Europe. Am i the Only one who used to cry when he melted every year frosty is followed by just shoot mess How the Finch stole Christmas a Send up of the or. Seuss classic narrated by Kelsey grammar 8 . Thursday on an Europe. What s new Hercules the legendary journeys returns for year five sunday at 4 . With a three parter. Of two parts i can see. But this is stretching it. The new detectives examines How High tech criminologists use state of the Art equipment to replace old fashioned police work. In the opener titled lethal obsessions psychologists study the muddled Workings of the criminal mind. Maybe . Will tune in to get tips on tracking Down the real killer. The show airs on spectrum 5 ., 1 . And 9 . Monday. Law amp order returns for its seventh season with All the cases a ripped from the headlines a 9 . Friday on an Europe. If you have complaints compliments or observations of any kind about an or to in general email Gary j. Kunich at got Aan answer by Gary j. Kunich stars and stripes no doubt As astute readers out there go Over this Fine publication every Day they can to help but notice How stars and stripes goes out of its Way to give advice and Comfort to the masses. First there is dear Abby and her meddling sister Ann Landers dishing out words of Wisdom. Keeping up with the times we added columns in our sunday Magazine with Carolyn Haxo a Tell me about it advice for the under-30 crowd and finally heart to heart a not to be confused yith Hart to Hart that detective television show from the 1980s. In keeping with the Fine tradition of overkill its time for tube talk to get into the advice action with e special it one time Only or at least until we do it again in a couple of weeks edition of tube chatter that answers ail the latest questions sent into tube talk. At the top of the mailbag is this from Stephen Taylor from Vilseck Germany a when is the emmy award winning 3rd Rock from the Sun going to return its nor Mal time Slot was saturday evening. It has been a year since it was on and since in be last seen it in be heard William Shatner has appeared As the big head. What a the scoop a the scoop is that Shatner did indeed Star As the big head and it was a funny episode and As Long As you re watching an you la probably never see it. Even one of the big Heads at an told me they love the show but rules is rules is rules. And one of Afna a main rules is the show has to be in the top 20 for a specific age demographic. 3rd Rock has done that in the past but not lately As its become a Bertaln rent editor victim of schedule shuffling at Abc. Sorry Steve of while we re on the subject of disappointing astute readers and Loyal viewers Here a a letter from the Barton family of Ramstein air base Germany a we read with much dismay one of your recent columns heralding the possible end of sports night on an. We really appreciate Afna a work but it would be a major mistake to let sports night drop from the line up it is one of the few shows our whole family enjoys and looks Forward to watch see chatter on Page 3 Noel Getlin natures editor Europe Brian Bowers be Linn a 202 761-1162 Bowers a 202 761-0724 John Taylor Tav Lori @ _ 49x0 6155-601297 advertising from the United state Call 202 761-0910 or fax 202 761-0890. Advertising from Europe Call 49x0 6155-601252 or fax 06155-601-376 advertising from Pacific Call 81 0 3-34049447 or fax 03-3423-8257 , Damarion a Wells @ in or it i a it it s a

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