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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Dec 3 1999, Page 43

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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 3, 1999, Darmstadt, HessePage 8 stars and stripes Tim e too t december 3, 1999 paces Hothead fanning the associated press photos Oakland raiders offensive tackle Lincoln Kennedy interacts with fans in these images from television after getting hit in the face by a snowball following Oakland s 27-21 overtime loss to the Denver Broncos on monday nov. 22, in Denver. Fan related incidents on the Rise lately society s escalating violence perceived ass abandonment by players both blamed by Amy ship Eythe Washington Post angry about being pelted with snowballs an blocks of ice Oakland Raider Lincoln Kennedy climbed into Denver s mile High stadium stands last monday to confront several fans. Meanwhile teammate Charles Woodson Alleg edly struck a female fan with a snowball he fired Back into the crowd. The flare up which began when a barrage of snowballs were thrown at raiders players and lasted until Security officers escorted Kennedy Back to the Field resulted in eight fans and one player Woodson facing mis Demeanour assault charges and 13 other stadium goers receiving citations. Three fans spent the night in jail. It was described As the ugliest scene i have Ever seen by raiders 12-year Veteran Tim Brown and an Embarrass ment to the City of Denver by Raider Darrien Gordon a former Bronco. Though Kennedy and Woodson neck injury. Took the unusual step of respond ing physically a fan with a bloody lip accused Kennedy of throwing a punch the affair was merely the latest in a series of fan related disturbances at sport ing events in recent months. Three weeks ago 10 fans were arrested and 20 were ejected during a monday game Between the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas cowboys in Minneapolis metro dome. During the american league championship series in october fans threw bottles and other projectiles onto the Field during a new York Yankees Boston red sox game at Fenway Park Caus ing a Brief suspension of play. That game took place just More than a week after fans at Philadel phia s veterans stadium cheered when Dallas cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin was felled by a even Golf has been sullied. During september s Ryder cup in Brookline mass., fans derided Colin Montgomerie and reportedly spit at a european player s wife. Most fans Root with a Fervour but when things go wrong on the Field for some it turns into a twisted Zeal said Tim Mccarver a major league Catcher for 21 years who was in the broadcast Booth during the red sox Yankees game. Our civility is being severely tested in this Day and age. Where Mccarver added is All this anger coming from the seemingly unprecedented display of fan Misbehaviour in recent months has raised disturb ing . Are fans getting meaner More prone to violence after All a municipal judge was installed last year on the premises of veterans stadium to hasten the associated press Houston astros Bill Spiers 28 and teammates Craig Biggio and Carl Everett left take Down a fan in right Field during the game against the Milwaukee Brewers Friday sept. 24, in Milwaukee. The fan jumped onto the Field and attacked Spiers and was handcuffed and led off the Field by Milwaukee county sheriffs deputies. Of disorderly fans games. Though there have been recorded incidents of such violence dating from the 1930s and 40s, some say fan Misbehaviour is now More frequent vicious and threat ening to other fans and players. The general impression is that it has gone up said Frank Farley a former president of the Ameri can psychological association and professor at Temple University. I be been Here 13 years said William Lester general manager of the metropolitan sports facilities commission in Minneapolis. There s been a trend to More raucous behaviour. We re concerned. We Don t want it to Degen Erate into the soccer fan Hooligan ism Issue that has plagued Europe an the whole Arena of sports has become an uglier one said Arthur Bernstein who directs the United sports fans of America a two year old advocacy group for fans. " new Orleans saints coach Mike Ditka was fined for giving the Finger to the fans. You would never see a coach Challenge the fans in the past. You get into a Cycle of everything justifies every thing else. There s a Lack of re Spect All the Way even passionate fans might wonder whether a venue is Safe in August a fan at a do United game was hospitalized with Stab wounds after an altercation in the stands earlier this year at mile High stadium a Metal object thrown from the stands struck Broncos cornerback Dale Carter in the Cheek causing blurred vision and a Bruise in september a Milwaukee Brewers fan jumped onto the Field and punched Houston astros right fielder Billy Spiers and a fan riot after a Colorado Colorado stat game was quelled with tear Gas. In May 25 people were ejected from Chicago s Wrigley tfx a i he 4 k so v he a the flames Field for throwing garbage to protest an Umpire s Call. It starts with this profanity laced dialogue from the fans to the play ers Mccarver said. With that former Cincinnati Ben gals quarterback Boomer Esiason now a television announcer speculated that Alco hol and fanatical talk radio shows have exacerbated a longstanding problem fans losing control in a setting in which passion comes with the Price of the ticket. Farley said societal desensitization to violence and abusive Lan Guage Likely plays a part others speculate that the frenzied Crow atmosphere associated with professional wrestling whose popularity has soared in recent years has extended to More traditional sports venues. Pittsburgh Steeles owner Dan Rooney noted the growing Divide Between fans and players because of players High salaries and the tendency to change teams through free Agency. There is too much movement now of players from teams Rooney said. Ido think it leads to a feeling of abandonment by thebans from the players feel vigilante fans athletes must go like players turn their backs on them for Money and said Bernstein it s the whole alienation of fans from fans Felt like they were part of the sport and Loyal to the team they did t do things like most stadiums offer alcohol free sections Stop Selling alcohol Well before the end of the game and serve food and drink Only in plastic and paper containers. Extra Security measures Are usually taken for games Between big rivals. Security officers usually assume places around the stands at the end of games where fans Are Likely to storm the Field. In 1997, major league baseball banned pregame promotions that could serve As projectiles. That decision came after fans at Mil Waukee s county stadium threw of souvenir baseballs onto the Field suspending play for 14 minutes. Vikings general manager Tim Connolly said that after the arrests at the nov. 8 Vikings cow boys game Beer vendors were asked to Cut off sales after half time instead of the third Quarter Rooney said the Steeles seize the season tickets of fans who cause disturbances if fans throw stuff onto Thefield it s the responsibility of the fans around them to make sure they re ejected former washing ton redskins quarterback Joe Theismann said. I certainly think the court system and local municipalities would jump Down hard on fans who make it hazardous for the players but that s Only going to come from cooperation from other by Mark Purdy san Jose Mercury news san Jose help me out Here. I am trying to put myself in the Guy s place. The Guy is a Broncos fan at a monday night football game. His team has just won an Over time thriller. So How does he celebrate he assembles a Snow Ball a fat and icy one and then throws it directly at the face of raiders offensive lineman Lincoln Kennedy. The fan does this because. Why exactly and the fan expects Kennedy to. Do what exactly if you want to throw some thing at me and hit me with a snowball said someone who was there then i think you deserve to be punched no the someone was t Kennedy. It was Surprise Denver coach Mike Shanahan reacting to the news that Kennedy had indeed landed a Haymaker on the fan s Kisser. Shanahan it seems had been struck by a thrown Battery from the stands oct. 10 at the Broncos raiders game in Oakland. So he was sympathizing with Kennedy s emotional reaction. Meanwhile most raiders players were Sim ply irate and puzzled. I would have understood it if we had won the game tight end Rickey Dudley said. But they won the game. They should be i guess that s Why i will never be invited to Post game parties at either Dudley s or Shanahan s Homes. I Don t understand the concept of fans pelting athletes with airborne objects win or lose Home or away. I Don t understand punching Back. But i do understand that bad fan behaviour and the actions of athletes that can provoke it Are reaching some sort of critical loathsome mass As we approach the end of the millennium. And if the business of sports is going to keep growing the remarkable Way it did in the 20th Century it needs to take the Issue More seriously. Do we need to make a list at warriors game two weeks ago the return of Latrell Sprewell Waymarked by profane exchanges with taunting fans. Earlier that Day at the Stanford Cal football game 17 spectators were arrested for throwing bottles and rocks onto the Field. Last autumn in Milwaukee a major league base Ball player was attacked by a fan who jumped out of the stands. Atthe Ryder cup a quoted up Ameri can Golf fans jeered at european stars. How did we get to this sorry commentary state of affairs my own theory is during the 90s, two wretched plagues have spread almost unchecked at live sporting events. They Are 1. Intoxication. In other words too Many drunk fans 2. Cart ionization. In other words the modern mass Market ing of sports As some sort of confrontational animated Arcade game rather than a genuine human Endeavor let s Start with the drunk fans. The nil in particular needs to get a handle on them especially at night games when the Combina Tion of cocktail hour kickoffs and the crashing helmet hype is a dangerous formula. Unless the league is careful something far worse than Denver is going to happen. If our athletic Arenas Are turn ing into immense sports bars then we need to run those stadiums the Way the Best sports bars Are ,., if run. At far too Many stadiums fans Are Al Lowed to get Sloppy drunk and curse profusely for hour upon hour with no in a real sports bar those louts would be tossed out. Why not at the Staci urn this does t mean foot the associated press the league has cracked Down on the Throat slash gesture favored by Brett Favre and other nil stars but More measures Are needed. Ball games should become Tennis matches. It does mean that Poten tial troublemakers should besotted earlier and ejected Long before they toss snowballs or batteries. Perhaps teams could use the huge profits from Beer sales to hire bouncers. Because of those profits alcohol sales will never be totally banned at stadiums. But if the . Government can appoint a drug Czar then surely the nil can appoint a Beer Czar. He could have absolute Power Over alcohol sales at games. At most stadiums Beer lines Are Cut off in the third Quarter. Why can t that be a sliding scale the Beer Czar could decide. Example if the game is a mean ingless late season contest in san Diego Between the bengals and chargers Beer can be available until the final play. But an intense night game in Denver against the raiders with Snow on the ground no alcohol no Way no How after the first series of Downs. Of course that still won t solve the whole problem. There Are fights at High school games where booze is nowhere to be found. And at Texas stadium where by Law no alcohol is served on sundays rude cowboys fans improvise. Something Odd has happened to sports in America Over the past decade something created by the marketing gurus and the television networks and yes other Media. It seems that athletes Are no longer considered to be real people. They Are spectacular cartoon characters even in their own minds. Last week the nil issued a directive ordering players to Stop making the Throat slash gesture at opposing players and fans. Recently such players As Brett Favre Keyshawn Johnson and Ricky Watters have used it. What do they think fans will do in response blow kisses these Days those paying customers warm up for their weekend taunting on a certain genre of sports talk shows where callers Are encouraged to come on the air and spout Ever nastier insults at athletes As if they Are fictional comic Book villains. Sure it can be entertaining. Does it make the games More enjoyable i Don t think so. Next time listen to some of those radio callers and ask yourself would i want to sit next to this person on sunday afternoon last saturday after the mad Ness in Oakland Over Sprewell kicks coach Jeff Van Gund was asked his reaction to the disturbing behaviour of some fans. He Shook his head. I Don t know what rights you have when you spend x amount of dollars for a ticket Van Gund said. I Don t know what that allows you to i m not sure either exactly. Butt would be a Good idea to print up and enforce the rules soon. Other Wise we re going to have More vigilante offensive tackle justices we did monday. And the next time that occurs i Don t want to know How a fan might respond

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