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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - December 3, 1967, Darmstadt, HessePage 24 the stars and stripes sunday december 3, 1967 lbs again urges test ban treaty Chicago a president Johnson and the Heads of the . And world atomic Energy agencies marked the birth of the nuclear age 25 years ago sat urday with Strong appeals for an International treaty to help protect the world against possible said this country is not asking any other country to accept safeguards that we Are unwilling to these precautions Are adopted under a treaty to pre vent the spread of nuclear weapons the United states will allow the International atomic Energy Agency Iaea to apply them to All nuclear activities in this country both govern mental and private excluding Only those with direct National Security significance the pres ident us use this historic anniversary to deepen and reaffirm the search for peace he said. It was a Quarter Century ago that the secret of producing nuclear Power through a Chai reaction was unlocked on the Squash court at the University of Chicago by a team headed by italian scientist Enrico Fermi. Johnson spoke Over a close circuit from the White House to Chicago and then sat Down in Agold chair to watch and listen to italian president Giuseppe Sar Ragat. Both speeches were Tele Vised live on opposite sides of the Atlantic and relayed by satellite. Johnson petted and scratched the stomach of his favorite dog Yuki on a chair beside him Dur ing the Sarraga speech. At the end he applauded the address vigorously. Scientists Are meeting in Chi Cago for a two Day Observance marking the atomic birthday. I believe Johnson said history will record that on this Day 25 years ago Mankind reached the turning Point of its the Heads of the . Atomic Energy commission and the Iaea urged also that a nonproliferation treaty be reached to keep nuclear weapons from spreading to nations that Lack them now. A treaty has been under Dis Cussion for Many months at Geneva but talks have snagged on issues of safeguards and inspection. Or. Glenn t. Seaborg chair Man of the dec said a nonproliferation treaty plus effective safeguards against diverting nuclear fuel to bomb production Are essential. Both Steps must be taken he said if programs for expand ing the peaceful applications of nuclear Energy Are to be Pur sued with maximum effective Ness in an atmosphere of Mutual Trust where nations can fee assured that other nations Are not engaged in nuclear develop ments that could threaten their autobahn crash the sudden Drifting of fog across a Ger Man autobahn Between Kaiserslautern and Mannheim caused a truck to slow almost to a Stop and it was struck by this to the inside Lane the truck was then hit by two More cars. Ten people were involved in the Accident. Autobahn police from Watte Nheim investigated. Is Grandy brain Haemorrhage kill Spellman continued from Page 1 but father Mcgovern said this was Only for privacy in under going a regular for the Cardinal s funeral and for. A temporary successor to assume his duties As spiritual Leader of two million roman catholics in new York were expected to be announced by the chancellery later saturday. Cardinal Spellman was name archbishop of new York in 1939 when a close Friend Eugeni Pacelli became Pope Pius Xii and became Cardinal in 1946.Cardinal Spellman was born in the Boston suburban town of Whitman on May 4, 1889. He was ordained a priest in .1916 an spent several years in Rome working at the Vatican s secretariat of state under Cardinal Pacelli. Cardinal Spellman who Servidas chief spiritual adviser to . Servicemen had made trips weather partly Cloudy with morning Haze. Little change monday. Frankfurt Heidelberg High 40, Low 30. Temperatures recorded saturday get 44 44 am pm 39 39 Aviano c is 41 Berlin p 34 39 Frankfurt p 30 50 London cd 37 61 Madrid p am pm 28 36 Munich p 36 48 Paris c 48 48 Prestwick cd 50 61 Rome p 54 64 wheelus p a Clear cd Cloudy a partly Cloudy. 2nd weather Wing overseas at Christmas time forthe past 16 years to be with them. He spent the last two Christ Mases in Vietnam. A trip to South Vietnam Las Christmas thrust him into what seemed for a time to be an International dispute with the vat Cardinal told troops that pfc. Smith wins War continued from Page 1 army or the savings Bond Money an army spokesman said he expected the release to be nor Mal meaning none of the Money would have to be returned but he said that he could not be while the army was reaching its decision to release Smith the draftee s Acle lawyers received from Federal judge Rob Ert c. Peckham a show cause order for the army to explain Why Smith should not be Dis charged. Peckham laughed when re porters told him about the re lease. Newsmen said army attorneys were in court when the order was Given. Anything less than an Allied Vic tory was inconceivable and was immediately accused by Many including unofficial Vatican sources of going against Pope Paul s Call for a prolonged truce and negotiated settlement trend the War. Two Days later in Honolulu Cardinal Spellman said he had meant nothing else than Victory for the Sake of genuine peace in Vietnam. A peace wit Justice after Victory Justice for All countries and All in his Long sometimes Troub Lous reign Over his Large influential and diverse Domain Cardinal Spellman became known for his driving efficiency his bus fund raising ceaseless building program and firm discipline Over the 4,500 priests under him. He was unalterably anti communist and stressed the Virtues of patriotism. He was critical of unions fought what he consid ered indecent movies supported state Aid to Church schools and favored More consideration for religion in education. When the supreme court in 1962barred state sponsored prayers from the Public schools Cardina Spellman called it an attack on the american Way of contrast to his mild Ami Able Demeanour he could us Strong words in his Public state ments and he occasionally got into Sharp controversies. One of them was with the lat mrs. Franklin d. Roosevelt whose opposition to Federal Pidto parochial schools in 1949 led him to accuse her of a record of on one of the rare occasion when he preached in St. Patrick s Cathedral Only sixties in 27 years he took the pulpit in 1957 to decry Dishon est Union leaders who have Al ready condemned themselves by their Defiance of god and disloyalty to America. Another Sermon from that pulpit was to condemn a motion picture baby doll which the Cardinal regarded As also spoke out frequently in behalf of equal Justice an rights for negroes and other minorities. It is lamentable hence said that some Ameri cans who would die together will not live Nelson a. Rockefeller of Newyork said Cardinal Spellman s death comes As a loss to Al new in a statement Rockefeller said Cardinal Spellman s untiring dedication and Devotion to the spiritual needs of his fellow Man will serve As an inspiration to allow us. I am deeply saddened by the loss of a dear Denver up Fred enlisted in the Navy in 1918 and then went Home to await his orders to report Foi duty on 24 hour notice lie saic1 Friday he has been waiting Ever , now 70, said he took his Natl of office at the old Denver Post office. The Recruiter then instructed him to go Home to await orders. Left in Ury Dock 49 years they weren t sending anyone to Camps then because of the Spanish influenza Linsenmaier said. He still was waiting three months later when the armis Tice came so tie thought he had better Check. Linsenmaier who now operates a Denver bakery Supply business said he went Back and was told he had enlisted for six years. He went Home again an waited. He waited 40 More years until1958 when he decided it was time to Check again. Linsen Maier said he wrote the Navy and told them he thought he should re enlist or get a Navy replied asking him what ship he had been on and his service number. Linsenmaier who had never been on a ship or received a service number decided to forget the whole thing. The Central City colo.,native, who signed up for $13 a month when he enlisted 49years ago said he was t worried about the , the length of time i be been in the Navy 1 should be an Admiral he said. Makarios blocks pact on Cyprus i continued from Page tit urn Home thursday when the worst of War fears appeared Mohave past. Saturday morning and again saturday night Vance fought to persuade Makarios to accept thesis Point package plan designed to Avert a greek turkish was refusing to yield. Greece saturday night issued communique saying it had reached agreement with Turkey to end the Cyprus crisis. The communique said the same announcement was made in the turkish communique issued by the foreign ministry said Bot countries would gradually with draw their illegally stationed troops from Cyprus. It said the contingents allowed there by tho1959-60 Zurich Accord would re said that at the same time Turkey would take the Neces sary Steps to reduce tension by restricting its War the communique added that because talks on the settlement were still going on in Cyprus More details of the greek Turk ish Accord would be announce later. Navy wins. Continued from Page 1 from which fullback Charle Jarvis a hero in army s 20-7 Triumph a year ago Fumble the Ball. It was recovered by Ray Decario Navy s Middle guard on the 20. Cartwright giving a spectacular performance of passing Ball handling and Over from there and marched the team 59 Yards tothe army. 20 before the final gun sounded. Navy took command from the moment John Church kicked a 29-Yard Field goal at 6 29 of the first period after a 36-Yard pass from Cartwright to his favorit receiver Rob Taylor. Later in the opening Quarter Dan Pike plunged Over from the one after a 45-Yard March an dearly in the second period Navy smashed 82 Yards for another touchdown Balsly plunging through the Middle for the final13 Yards. The midshipmen made it 19-0in the Early minutes of the fourth period when Nick Kuril to army s punter fumbled a Low pass from Center in his owned zone and was smeared by Navy Captain Bill Dow for safety. It was at this Point that army coach Tom Cahill threw Otoole in to the quarterback Slot for Isace Steve Lindell credited with leading the cadets to an 8-1 rec Ord this year before the middies o Toole pinpointing his passes and mixing his play swell to upset the Navy defense took army 52 Yards for a touch Down but failed on an attempt for a two Point later army had the Ball again at its own 48 and on second Down o Toole Well protected rifled along spiralling ass to end Gary Steele who had outdistanced the Middi defenders to Scatch it Over his shoulder and race for the Sec Ond Cadet time the two Point try was Good when Otoole hit no Andrzejczak in the end he with a came Navy s Short kick an 11 yarder which gave armpits last gasp

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