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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 24, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseB the stars and stripes so Turnoy August 24, arriving from Czechoslovakia . Uniforms look good9 to refugees by Mary Ann Reese stuff writer Nuernberg is Ameri cans Here stood ready to assist additional tourists fleeing Czecho Slovakia Friday in the Wake of 80 refugees among them former child actress Shirley Temple now mrs. Charles Black straggled into Nuernberg s american High school cafeteria late thursday. Arriving in i buses and their own cars from the czech Border the 80 tourists educators an businessmen most of them american and Many of the without Luggage heaved audible sighs of Relief As the red Cross and . Military took Over their immediate notified thursday night army Community service volunteers served Coffee and sandwiches to fatigue refugees while the red Cross notified anxious friends and rela Tives in the United states and provided toothbrushes soap another items for those left without their belongings. Military personnel found them lodgings for the night and offered All pos sible help. You Don t know How Beautiful this looks commented a los Angeles businessman gazing around at the More than 150 american military personnel and conscious he begged us to Tell Diers Why they had come Andi he americans what s going on Here he added czechs told him the special radio system had Bee planned when the Warsaw pact was forming to unify the czech sin the event of a Western inva Sion. He said czechs found i ironic it was being used for just the also said wednesday in Prague s Karls Platz czechs sur Why they did t leave. Lie said the russians were astounded. They had expected to be received with open arms because they thought they were coming to save the czechs from the . And mrs. T. P. Thayer Washington d.c., delegates tothe International geologists convention in Prague said they left thursday morning because on rounded russian tanks and i the Day of the invasion almost asked the Young russian sol no russian delegates showed up at the thursday when we had decided to vote whether to Cuttle meeting Short it had been scheduled to run through the27ththe russians showed up in Masse and wanted the meeting to continue. However there were no czechs there to , concluding it was hardly a climate to discuss scientific mat ters Many of the american Dele Gates left of the american tourists shaken by the events of the past i a. Volunteers flock to help fleeing tourists Nuernberg is there were More helpers than refugees at the Nuernberg american High school cafeteria thursday night As americans military and civilian joined efforts to help for Eigners fleeing re prepared for 1,500 peo ple said one military spokes Man. But Only 80 showed up. Sergeants and army Community service volunteers House wives and schoolteachers mad sandwiches and hot Coffee and he said tourists sponsored bythe defense department or Mili tary dependents were Given quarters for the night at the . Army hotel Here. Earlier in the Day All reservations had been cancelled to make room for the expected refugees. Those not authorized lodging there were placed in German hotels. Shirley Temple was included in this group. She created the biggest sensation of the eve Ning As workers swarmed around her for the last of the refugees were sent to hotels Early Friday morn ing some servicemen bedded Down on cots in the left names and num Bers and said Call any last minute preparations were made for Friday s expected guests. Volunteers waiting to help in the j a coped process the several after Seiner nil to Hosp and car Louls of american and cafeteria. After seeing All those russian soldiers nothing looks better than the Good old .uniform," said Francis Robert other tourists leaving Czechoslovakia. More than 200 Kostoch he and his wife had i we re l la left their bags in a Prague hotel and hitched rides to the Convoy Shirley Temple Black the first tourist processed at the cafeteria kept repeating How Happy i am to be Back looking fatigued but smiling and signing autographs she said All she wanted was to get Back to san fran she planned to catch Frankfurt flight Friday. Attended meeting in Prague to attend a meeting of the International federation of multiple sclerosis societies of which she is vice president she commented she d nearly had another close Call this trip when she barely missed a Florida flight that was hijacked to 15 dutch arrived in a bus turned Back 30 Miles fro the czech German Border be cause a russian tank Convoy blocked the Way and had found another route out told a interpreter they were especially grateful to the had visions of being stranded and had no idea whereof How we were going they said. The red Cross helped the make plans to get Home. A first Aid station operated by staff from the 20th station Hospi Tal Here sent one Young woman suffering from a High fever to the Hospital and dispense aspirin and Tranquili Zers to some arrivals showed the Strain of the past 48 hours. But no Seri Ous illnesses were of courage the refugees brought Bac tales of bravery and of people carrying on in the face of crisis and death. One reported the czech radio kept urging local Citi Zens to help the foreigners All you can. They Are guests in and the citizens did so sometimes giving away private gasoline supplies and foodstuffs along the american couple said As russian tanks rumbled through streets wednesday smashing any one within reach of their swing ing gun barrels they ran to the nearest doorway for safety. Czech Man also ran to our door Way to get out of the tank s Way but he was struck in the Back by the Jong gun. Before he went in women an for Volunteer help said Marcelle Nelson acs Volunteer chairman and Many had to be turned away. Two dozen at a time they typed out forms helped care for the few children among passengers ran errands and when necessary pushed brooms. Gis act As guide everywhere there were men in uniform military police Lotsof guides and Drivers showing people from the Border 75 Miles away to the hard to find school in . Darby Cavern administrators translators and information Guy area red Cross director and a dozen of his volunteers had sent More than 60 telegrams to the United state notifying relatives that loved ones were Safe. They also loaned Money to refugees lost their belongings or left them in hotel Sand were in need of Cash. None of these people is Desti tute said Guy. They just Don t have enough Money on them Topay hotel Bills. Ordinarily this is not our responsibility maybe to Morrow it will be the embassy s worry. But tonight it s red Cross also supplied Comfort articles toothpaste Wash cloths soap. Boxes of Dis Posable diapers were stacked ceiling High. In charge of the Nuernber Welcome station was capt. Lloyd p. Spears director for Intelli gence and operations support District Nord Bayern. Happy to be Back mrs Charles Black former child actress Shirley Temple beams happily la the american Iliff school in Nuernberg after her arrival from Czechoslovakia. Wither is sgt. Maj. Max d. Martin of North Bavaria District sup port command he. S4s photo by Cole tourists get free Gas couple Day Home Irnne planned to they pc with cameras shot did t know it Thev wer or foreigners. " re were another american ported seeing one t shot in the struts of and a Little boy in Over b it 1 1 r t Kostoch and his vhf. On Fth last leg of a tour of Iron Curta capitals said Laic we Unesda when russian tanks poured bid lets into a four Story Prague Bank across the Street from their hotel that Little kids ran Over to � up the empty cartridges the saw two czech military officers weeping but added the czech were by no Means intimidated wednesday afternoon the marched Down the main streets singing their National Anthe they carried Black flaw dipped in blood of those had die earlier by russian tanks and As usual but the strangest thing the said was that service went on As usual in their hotel. Clerks waiters cleaning ladies were All on their jobs. By wednesday afternoon waiters were embarrassed and apologized because they Cook Only offer us two kinds of soup and four entrees. They were so upset they did t know what to do. They apologized that they could t offer the Umeki 12 in radio Prague he station changing locations after Ever broadcast to prevent russian Dit covery told the czechs the always to offer passive resistance said Tom Caffrey a student an teacher from Milwaukee spent a week in Prague. The advised Don t Jive the it sians food. Don t give them directions. And Don t give them any technical assistance. If they ask questions Tell them you Don t All the techs he a were doing that and More a said. Stop jamming russians told Washington Iti a director of the i a. Information Agency Leonard Marks Thun Day called on the soviet Union to Stop jamming voice of Amer Ica and other a morn Broad casts. ,. Marks said the jamming which was stopped by Ilu soviets on june 19, 1963, was resumed shortly after soviet troops invade Al resumption of cold War tactics is a regrettable step a wards Marks said. I i Estly Hope that the soviet eminent will reconsider its a czechs hiding food9 from russians Vuk. Vow two Tnp a a Wilt i it ftu.n�. 1.1 i a _. _ f _ _ in to. A Al a vol loins so by Nick staviuot1s staff write Nuernberg is the czech population is hiding Foo from invading russian troops and giving gasoline away to keep it from going into thirsty tanks according to two american Stu dents arrived Here from Prague czechs Are giving away gasoline to tourists foreigners and passing motorists said Olga Kahn 20, of Poughkeepsie . They Are not taking Money for it but did take two Small bags of sugar from us in return for a thankful she said. Czech Money is no longer Good miss Kahn said but for eign Money is still in demand she revealed saying that the people Are apparently using Foo to barter for other needs. Miss Kahn said the russians Are looking for food and apparently expected the czech people to give it to them. Many of the russian soldiers look like Young kids she mid quite a few of them apparently thought they were Only on a Kahn said that Many czechs were trying to hand Leaf lets to the red troops said no no go away the czechs then walked up to the tanks and read the leaflets asked Why did you come Why Are you Here Carolyn Snead 21, of Berkeley calif., verified miss Kahn s ments. She was also in a Given free gasoline by of and said the population is a food from the inva a 9lliave Art people want to Lea � gathering at and Flag key Points i prs be Snead said ail Are driven to the Are t Einn Iii i less of nationality she a miss Snead said lbs of forced to Favit

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