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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 5

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Darmstadt, Hesse, August 20, 1967 the stars and stripes Safe stroll oat of harm s Way a Painter strides along girder of a Bridge Over the Missouri River. A photo painters dread Brush with car. Kansas City a walking along a 24-Inch girder atop the Roadway Bridge 150 feet above the Missouri River is a Little difficult for painters if the wind is blowing hard the Boss said thursday. But the real danger he added is when they descend and try to Cross the Roadway heavy with traffic to and from municipal air port. Those Drivers said Robert Miller the Bridge Engineer Are something we Don t think much about the danger said Miller who strolls the top girders with the painters. If a Man wants to take a Chance then it s dangerous but up Here there Aren t any second chances if they mess up once everyone is pretty Well aware of that Case someone does get careless a boat is manned under the Bridge whenever the painters Are working. But we have never had to use it Miller said. Page 5 defense commitments include lbs toasts state dept. Says want Rev or nor or / Washington a two dinner toasts president Johnson offered in Honor of foreign Lead ers Are certified by the state department As pronouncements ranking among the nation s de sense commitments and Assur treaties communiques com ments and memoranda listed by the department As document bearing on the action the United states would take if another country were the victim of aggression. The compilation of or i f7" 11 ties 71 pages Long was submit Maricate. Interwoven array of i Ted thursday to the Senate for ances. The toasts Are included an mayor would put Beach Back in Miami Beach Miami Beach up this showplace Sun and fun City is in danger of becoming a resort with out a Beach within the next dec Ade. Mayor Jay Dermer has warned that if Ocean front hotel owners Don t get their Heads out of the Sand they Are going to find there is no Sand left and the City Economy will be wrecked. The first big Campaign of the new mayor is to make All private beaches Public so the City can apply for a $17.5 million Federal Grant to reconstruct beaches eroded by the Waves and ravaged by hurricanes. Cold shoulder but the hotel owners holding title to some of the most expensive real estate in the coun try have Given the 37-year-old mayor a cold , who just a few months ago beat Elliott Roosevelt forthe mayor s Job in this tourist Mecca insists the beaches will have to be rebuilt or else there May not be any by 1977.Dermer said the City could foot the rest of the Bill on the army corps of engineers project expected to have a Price tag ranging around $30 million. His idea is to condemn the entire oceanfront of Miami Beach about 12 Miles of it including he famous picture postcard scene. By getting an easement and right of Way the City Hopes o tap the Federal Treasury to help foot the Cost. The City Council by a 5-2 vote recently turned Down Dermer s proposal that a test Case be instilled by condemning one parcel of Ocean front would have determined what damages if any the City would have to pay to improve the mayor said whatever the Cost it would be inconsequential. The benefits would Over come any substantial degree i want to put Beach Bac Kinto the name Miami Beach he said. We must decide now whats most important a private property owner s right to use the each or the Public right to use the Beach so As not to lose trading stamp donations food Aid mapped for poor Washington a i things work out the Way the fed Era Antipoverty Agency would like persons living in poverty areas May be Able to Exchange trading Stamps for food. Sargent Shriver director of the office of economic Opportunity has called on the trading stamp Industry to permit shop pers throughout the United states to use the Stamps they receive with purchases to help the has discussed the proposal with William Beinecke chairman of the Board of Sperry and Hutchison co. Of new York one of the largest trading stamp organizations. Beinecke has sent representatives to Leo Headquarters to work out a suitable plan to turn the trading Stamps into food. Other trading stamp companies Are expected to join in the of Leo spokesman said under one proposal a Shoppe would deliver her Stamps to a Central trading stamp collection Agency which would turn the mover to a local government Agency to be converted into Foo Stamps for the poor. The shop per would be Able to designate where she wanted the Stamps to be sent. Another proposal envision the Stamps being sent to local Community action agencies which would then make the Exchange for the food spokesman said however that no specific plan has been agreed on and discussions will said i believe american housewives would be willing and Happy to redeem their trading Stamps to provide food for poor children in the ghettos and Rural barriers must go Romney Ann Arbor Mich. A the United states must not erect useless and arbitrary barriers to communist China s nor Mal participation in world affairs Michigan gov. George Romney told a group of asian experts Friday night. Romney also said the unite states must prepare for the Day when communist China is read to become a member of the United , considered a front runner for the 1968 Republican presidential nomination aired his views on red China at the27th Congress of orientalists at the University of Michigan. Precludes membership Romney declared however that red China s own behaviour has precluded the country fro membership in the United nations As of seem to be More and More willing to have their government explore ways of communicating with a land of700 million people to help re Duce China s isolation rom Ney said. I think we ought to do every thing we can to help the communist chinese reach the Point where they will deserve and de sire membership in the unite nations. We must not erect useless and arbitrary barriers to communist China s Normal participation in world affairs. We must seek to remove any false apprehensions the Mainland chinese May hold about american motives in boy was t scared9 in Sierra Fresno Calif. A a Tough and Independent 10-year-old boy said from Hospital bed Friday he Felt pretty Good after being los for 10 Days in the Snow spotted High Sierra with no nourishment except water from a Mountain was t scared at All Gary Eraser of Santa Monica Calif.,said. He said he became lost be cause i tried to climb my favorite Mountain at the 10,000 foot level of the Sierra 75 mile Northeast of Fresno. It was the second time the boy had gone into the Sierra and the second time he became time he vanished aug. 8, then stumbled into a abandoned search Camp thurs Day night. His arms were Cov ered with sores from Mosquito bites. His thigh was infected from a Gash suffered when he tripped on a Rock and fell. His survival was fantastic miraculous in the words of or Charles Glass who flew to the Rescue Camp and accompanied him to a Fresno Hospital by helicopter. He was wearing Only Light trousers a to shirt a Nylon jacket and shoes. All were torn Ashe wandered in the snowy tried to attract a searching helicopter s attention once but said he could t yell loud saw a few Deer but no other animals. Eign relations the items on the state department list Are a news con Ference reply by vice president Hubert h. Humphrey in korean feb. 23, 1966, and the seventh annual message of president James Monroe on dec. 2, 1823. That message pronounced the Monroe doctrine. Humphrey said the entire Power of the United states is committed to the Security and defense of South Korea. Sen. J. W. Fulbright d-ark.,requested the account As he pressed for approval of his Reso Lution to declare the White House cannot make . Commitments abroad without action by . George d. Aiken r-vt., said the administration apparently holds that president John son can use . Armed forces any place any time he discerns a threat without consulting Congress. The administration is awfully High handed about this Aiken said in an interview. What they mean apparently is that the Congress is outmoded and Only the executive Branch has progressed with the state department report was an updated version of a de sense pact listing filed a year ago with the Senate military preparedness subcommittee. Defense treaties it covers collective defense treaties linking the unite states with 42 nations along with notes and memoranda on their terms. But 40 pages of the state department report comprise a list of official declarations and the Johnson toasts Are under that heading. So is the Monroe Doc Trine. The department quotes the Toast Johnson offered King thu Zibol and Bidet of Thailand i Bangkok on oct. 28, 1966 let me assure you in this re Gard that Thailand can count on the United states to meet its obligations under the Seato treaty. The commitment of the United states under the Seato treaty is not of a particular political party or administration in my country but is a commit ment of the american people. I repeat to you americ keeps its 2 items cite the Seato Southeast Asia treaty organization pact was one of two items cited by under Secretary of state Nicholas Katzenbach before the foreign re lations committee in arguing that Congress has passed on and approved the War in treaty was approved by the Senate feb. 1, 1955.the other the joint Resolution adopted by Congress three years ago amid naval warfare in the Gulf of Tonkin approving All necessary Meas ures to prevent further aggression. Both documents Are Amon the papers filed by the state de other Johnson Toast cited among official declarations of Assurance was offered aug. 2, 1966, to president Zalman Sha Zar of Israel. The relevant passage is Brief we subscribe to that Juk support this was a reaffirmation of president John f. Kennedy expression of american support for the Security of Israel anther Arab neighbors. While the Johnson Toast an the Kennedy statement were listed among official Assur ances the state department said the United states has no commitment in the Middle East

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