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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 2

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes Pilot denies Story on bomb dumping Midland Mich. A former Navy Pilot denied Fri Day that he had said flier launched from carriers off Viet Nam dump about a third of their bombs and rockets into the sea and Are pressed into useless missions by commanders trying to amass combat Bay City times which quoted former it. Alex Maieron ordnance dropping and need less missions in a copyrighted Story tuesday said it was stick ing by its said he had been incorrectly quoted As saying he had flown 100 missions against North vietnamese targets. He said it was less than 50" and that some were search and res Cue not bombing missions. Asked How Many were com Bat missions he replied i Don t remember. 1 did t asked if the Pentagon or anyone had put any pressure on him since the publication of the orig Cossius Clay teen Bride honeymoon Chicago up Muhammedali Cassius Clay Honey mooned saturday with his Bride a pretty Petite 17-year-old Black Muslim. Clay the deposed heavy weight Champion who faces a five year prison sentence for evading the draft Friday took As his second wife Belinda Boyd who attended the Black Muslim University of islam. Clay s first marriage to Sonji Roi ended in divorce because he said she refused to follow the regulations of the sect regarding dress and mores. Combined rite Friday s ceremony presided Over by a Baptist minister inlay s Home on the far South Side of Chicago combined rites of the Muslim and Christian faiths. The wedding party included Only members of the Bride s family and close friends but not Clay s parents. Sources close to Clay said the couple would leave on a Honey Moon this weekend possibly to Honolulu. Clay the sources said wanted to go to Europe but because his Appeal on the draft conviction is Bride wore a floor length White silk dress with a lace wore a Black silk suit. Black Muslim guard miss Boyd s father Raymond was in the White garb of the karate trained fruit of islam the elite guard of the Black mus lims. Herbert Muhammad Clay manager and Best Man Caid the two met before Clay married miss Roi a Model in August 1964. Belinda and Clay became romantically interested in each oter about a year ago he said. Inal Story Waier said no none in talking with the associate press tuesday after the Bay City times Story Waier said head serious questions about justifying a 10 per cent increase for the Vietnam War when much of the Money now being spent is a he also told the associate press then that there Are a lot of insignificant targets where bombs Are dropped and i consider this a wasteful approach an not our original objective in Vietnam which is to Stop infiltration of i did t say about a third four ordnance was dropped in the water and that s a conserva Tive estimate " Waier said Fri Day in an interview with the associated press. Editor comments three people heard him say that said David Miller news editor of the Bay City Tim Sand one of the authors of the Story which grew from a two hour interview with Waier. Waier complained that what he said about his experiences aboard the Carrier Ticonderoga in the Gulf of Tonkin had been sensationalized not so but he went on to deny some of the Story s never said anyone flew just for the Sake of chalking up sortie Waier said. Ordnance was dropped sometimes because it was Nec Essary because weather pre vented bombing the assigned tar get or you could t find the tar to wed Gro Nicio s girl Jacques is franc about sunday Augill 20, if63 by Stephen broen1ngst. Denis France a Melinda Marx Groucho s Daugh Ter would t come to the door. Her Fiance tried to explain she s changed her mind said Jacques , Over a Glass of Beer in a cafe Guilloux said i Don know what came Over her. Just yesterday afternoon she know Guilloux confided that he me miss Marx on a Kibbutz in is Rael last month. It was love Athirst sight is the Way he de scribed it or at least that s the Way it translates. Guilloux Speaks a Little English. His Fiancee Speaks "40 words of French which is better than when i met her. Then she spoke Only 10 words of re going to be married around the 15th of september said Guilloux. Then everything is going to , a $40-a-week-clerk in the St. Denis City Hall has quit his Job. He is looking Forward to the Good life we re going to travel. Maybe for five years. First to America to see her father. Then to Asia. I want to Melinda Marx get. In my opinion it was not Nec Essary to bomb As much As we did and that because of this Ord Nance was thrown he added that he did t be Lieve some missions should have been flown because weather conditions were known to be poor before missions were sent out. The Bay City times had quoted him As saying Seweren t supposed to go on our hops without a minimum ceiling of 5,000 feet and five mile visibility but had done so often. Car production up As 968 models Roll Detroit a automobile production Rose 32 per cent last week As six More plants joined those now turning out 1968 Model cars. Automotive news said Assem Blies numbered 45,246 compared with 34,273 the previous weekend 24,464 for the same week in 1966. For the Calendar year out put reached 4,534,352 As opposed to 4,437,189 for the same Span in1966. Truck production also climbed with 19,760 assemblies during the week compared with 9,736 the week before and 13,241 for the same week in 1966. Truck production for 1967 Rose to 1,021,367 compared with 1,151,180 for the same 1966 period. Queen Mary 5 years for Viet refusal to make lost gala cruise London up Britai signed emigration papers Friday for the Queen Mary the pre War Queen of the Atlantic and prom ised the ship would Fly the Flagon one last cruise to its final mooring in Long Beach Calif. Sir Basil Smallpiece chair Man of the Cunard lines who operated the three funnel Queen for More than 30 years of peace and War signed the $3,-455,000 contract for the Sale with Robert Crow Deputy mayor Oblong Beach. Crow and Smallpiece said the81,237-ton liner would make a final grand cruise from South Ampton to Cherbourg Lisbon Las Palmas in the Canary is lands Rio de Janeiro Chile Peru Panama and said hundreds of Ameri cans would Fly to Britain tomake a sentimental journey Home in the Queen Mary. Starts in october the cruise will Start in lat october and last More than a month. Cunard will decide on the fare. For the last time the Queen Mary will cruise with the red duster the red Ensign of the British merchant Navy with the Union Jack in the Quarter units Jack staff. Then the ship will have a honorable and dignified retire ment the condition on which Cunard allowed it to be sold abroad As a maritime museum and convention ship. Humanity s Rush to Calif. Eases a bit san Francisco a a general court martial deliberated five minutes Friday then handed out a sentence of five years Athard labor to a Young Shoshone Indian who refused to go to Viet Nam. The Indian Richard d. Wil Liams 22, claimed that his Bat the Mountain nev., draft boar inducted him illegally six weeks ago because he said the act violated . Treaties with the Shoshone Between 1863 and1868. On june 30, Williams attempt to exclude himself and All Sho shone indians from military draft was turned Down by . District court judge Alfonzo . Cancels order Zirpoli also dissolved restraining order to prevent the army from shipping Williams off to Southeast Asia. At the time Williams said he would carry his fight to the United nations if necessary to Tell what the White Man has done to the american m not going to Vietnam. They can shoot Friday s court martial was conducted at the san Francisco army Presidio before 10 officers. A 10 eople live there thai Well be Oes the fut re son in Law of Groucho Marx think of the comedian s films i really can t say. It s been a Long time since i be seen any of Only two or three Guil Loux said. Guilloux has an apartment Ina Public housing project Here in this dreary Industrial suburb North of Paris. I was in the process of Selling the furniture when you came he said. In sorry she would t see you. I told her i had arranged the rendezvous. I Don t know what s the matter he said reflecting. Seated next to him atthe cafe was a Friend. He had Long sideburns and did t say much. Except on the Way from the apartment to the cafe whence tried to flip a five franc piece like a character in a George raft movie and kept dropping it. What he said in t said he is 21 years old the same age As miss from miss Marx Guil Loux s love is the guitar. He pre fers jazz or classical Charlie Christian or Andres Segovia he said but not the beatles. He said he did t like the three years he spent As a town Hall clerk. Too much paper work he the guitar that s some thing on the Way Back toward the apartment Guilloux said May be if you come Back tomorrow she la talk to you. I m sure she grenades missing from storage area in Germany Mainz Germany special military authorities Are search ing for a Case of hand grenades and a Case of 40mm grenades which Are missing from the i Bodenheim ammunition storage area near Mainz. Hand grenades can be easily exploded by persons not familiar with their operation. These Are described As egg shaped and approximately Sacramento Calif. A the Rush of humanity to Cali fornia eased a bit in the Las year but the nation s most pop 400,000 residents to an estimated 19,535,000. State finance department officials predicted saturday that California will pass the 20 million Point in about one year. California s net population gainer year has declined steadily from a Peak of 626,000 in 1963.the Only higher figure was 771, 000 in 1943, with an influx of world War ii servicemen. The state s new population projections show a further trend toward Urban areas with los Angeles county now the Home of seven million residents More than the total population of 43 of the 50 states. The county s area of 4,080 Square Miles is slightly smaller than the state of Connecticut the eight Southern Californi counties and the nine in the san Francisco Bay area account forbore than 17.5 million of the state s residents. California has grown by 24.3per cent from 15,717,204 in 1960. New York the no. 1 Popula Tion state before 160. Had a population of 16,782,304 in the fed eral census of that year. Canada . Vets reunite at Dieppe Dieppe France up thousands of Canadian and British veterans gathered her saturday to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the aug.19, 1942, Dieppe raid in which the Canadian army gloriously but Blo Odily underwent its world War ii baptism of was at Dieppe 25 years ago saturday that 5,000 Canadian and1,100 British army troops and a detachment of 50 . Ranger stormed ashore at Dawn in what Winston Churchill called a reconnaissance in Force to test the defences of Hitler s fortress when they withdrew nine hour Slater they had suffered nearly 4,000 casualties including More than 2,000 canadians taken prisoner. Inches in diameter with the fuse release handle safety pin at the top. Under no condition should this pin be removed As the Gre Nades May become 40mm grenades Are in containers approximately three inches in diameter and seven inches Long. They Are packed Ina hermetically sealed can approximately 18 by 14 discovering these Gie Nades or other explosives Shoul Contact German police or Amer ican authorities Case contains 24 Gre Nades. The loss was discovered during an inventory at the Stor age area. Weather . Temperatures h la l 88 65 Albany 86 60 Albuquerque 92 61 Amarillo 86 67 Atlanta 87 65 Birmingham 70 47 Bismarck 86 68 Boston 82 69 Buffalo 84 51 Casper 79 61 Chicago d4 67 Cincinnati 87 66 Cleveland 77 49 Denver 76 6f Des Moine 86 65 Detroit 58 49 Duluth 88 63 Elpaso 94 72 fort Worth 80 70 Houston 83 67 Indianapolis 92 73 Jacksonville 90 72 Kansas City 107 77 Las vegas 94 72 los Angeles 84 69 Louisville 86 68 Memphis 85 81 Miami Beach 74 61 Milwaukee 60 57 Mola St. Paul 92 67 new Orleans 88 72 new York 71 57 North Platte 95 65 okla City 104 76 Phoenix 81 63 Pittsburgh 89 66 Portland me. 91-. 58 Portland Ore. 72 65 rapid City 93 57 Reno 89 68 Richmond 88 68 St. Louis 98 59 Salt Lake 77 70 san Antonio 82 70 san Diego 62 53 san Francisco 86 55 Seattle 86 69 Shreveport 91 78 Tampa 97 72 Tucson 91 71 Washington

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