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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 9, 1968, Darmstadt, Hesse1968 the stars and stripes Page 3 Cambodia threatens . P penh up Prince Norodom Sihanouk Cambodia stable chief of state threatened War thursday with the olates if american forces in South Vietnam moved into a cambodian Iwider province. I Hinorik said he would not hesitate to Call for Aid from Chinai Nenorth Vietnam if his country went to War with the . Ner King at a press conference in the cambodian capital Sihan Ink also accused the United states of wanting to profit from an internal communist rebellion his regime is fighting to finish him once and for said there was a heavy menace against Svay Kieng province which Sticks like a Duck s Bill into South Vietnam s strategic Plain of Reeds area West of Saigon. There has been Strong military pressure in the . To pursue Viet Cong guerrillas across the Border into Cambodia in this area. But Sihanouk warned that Cambodia would not yield and if Ameri can troops moved in there would be War. India flood victims get help Bombay up five hell copters dropped 15,000 food pack ets thursday to flood victims in Gujarat in Western India where More than one million people Are directly affected by the worst floods in half a Century. The Waters of the Taptik River and the sacred Narbada River slowly receded. The Narbada which poured into Surat wednes pm Lelm my i . Lar ivling x�1 our style boots bonnets baffling by Bob hovers a London Bureau chief after exposure to the nerve tweaking challenges of Continental traffic most americans can t wait to get their hands on the wheel in merry old England. It s bound to be better in the Mother country they argue. After All the English do speak English and they Are so polite and helpful. With this rationale they plunge off convinced that All they have to do is stay on the left Sid of the Road and everything will take care of More often than not. This sanguine pose is pierced on the first test Lap. A Friend who was caught inthe trap insists them is no Way to prepare for the frustrations of British traffic. The Day at a level ten feet above danger Mark fell 23 feet. The flood areas remained isolated from the rest of the sub continent with Road rail an Telephone lines Cut. For the first time an air shuttle service was instituted to link Ahmed had and Bombay because of disrupted train services. Sex dictator wants to sue Madrid up former venezuelan dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez 54, intends touring Legal charges in new York against the . Government for mismanaging his 1963 extradition from Florida to Venezuela it was announced thursday by his lawyer Morris former latin american strongman spent eight months Ina Dade county Florida jail House while the Justice depart ment arranged for his return to Caracas. Perez Jimenez had fled Venezuela in 1958 and taken up residence in aug. 1, after almost five years in a Plush Caracas jail suite he was found guilty of embezzling $13.4 million in stat funds and was cordially invited to leave the country. He arrived in Madrid the next Day. Sierralta said he will base his Case on the fact that Perez Jimenez trial should have been rapid and just but instead that it was delayed almost five years and the sentence was for a Shorter term than he had been in Ethel Kennedy visits Greece Athens up mrs. Ethel Kennedy widow of sen. Robertv. Kennedy arrived in Greece thursday for a Holiday on the Island of scorpios. Her brother in Law sen. Edward Kennedy and mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy Are vacationing on the ionian sea Island owned by greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis. 2,000-bed hotel for London London a plans were announced thursday for a 2,000 bedroom hotel to be built at Acost of up to $48 million opposite the West London air grand metropolitan hotels group said it would be Europe s largest hotel with an advanced style of architecture that will make a considerable Impact on the London site presently is occupied by office blocks private House Sand Small hotels. Details of the new hotel which will include conference Center and vast underground parking space Are under discussion with local authorities who must give Permis Sion for the project. Nasa chief arrives in Spain malt la up _ James e. Webb director of the National aeronautics and space administration arrived Here thursday with his wife for a five Day visit. They were met at Madrid s Airport by . Ambassador to pain Kobit Wagner and other embassy officials. Webb will visit the american Spanish satellite tracking station at nearby robot to de Chavela. Guevara diary figure returns Youn Barnard Italy who heart Case South african surgeon or. Christia examines heart patient Paolo Fiocca 13, of Marino aroused the sympathy of actress Sophia Loren. A Barnard to tahe italian boy9s Case Lima. Peru up former bolivian Interior minister an Iii Arthuu Das. Central figure i inert of the diary of Siuyin Cuba revolutionary Ernest Che Eva a arrived Here thursday Loni nov yen route to his to try to stand trial for treason. Aik Wlas fled Bolivia Las month after the disclosure that us made copies of Guevara sq1 � a and Tutuh them pm. 01 Numier Fidel Castro. The bolivian army captured and executed Guevara last october crushing a guerrilla movement he had led in the mountainous South american first took Refuge in Chile then flew to London where he spurned Castro s offers of Asylum and instead announced he would return to Bolivia to stand trial. President Hene Nar Vientos guaranteed the former minister a fair trial. Rome a South Africa heart surgeon Christian Barnard examined nine patients thursday in a whirlwind three hour hos Pital visit in Rome that stirred storm of criticism and resent flying off to Nice. Bar Nard announced that of the eight children and one adult he had visited he had decided he would operate on 13-year-old Paola Fiocca. The child whose Case Hadron the sympathy of actress Sophia Loren. He said the other were in less serious condition. Barnard declined to say whether the operation would involve a heart transplant. He said the parents of the child would have to let him know soon whether they would let their son be sent to his Hospital in Cape Tow the heart surgeon s second trip to Rome was carried out inthe same kind of breathless Pace that marked his first visit her last january. It caused even More criticism in the italian press. Last time he was taken to task in editorials for nightclub Bing and hobnobbing with movie people such As miss Loren. This time newspapers called his trip an obvious publicity stunt. I doctor Barnard arrived in1 Rome in the Center of a publicity Man Euver said the Rome daily la Luna. The pro communist Rome daily Sera called the visit a vast publicity 1 surgeons irritated i papers reported a Ganvin feeling of irritation and resent ment among italian surgeons atthe attention Given to an out Sider. J there Are Many cardiologists in Italy whom Barnard has Noth i ing to teach said Sera acidly. It appeared that linking of miss in Ren s name to the bar Nard visit had caused a certain amount of embarrassment. One newspaper said that contrary to earlier reports she had nothing to do with his coming Here. Sheds presently in Swit Erland. After a fortnight of Alternan ing sprints and snarls he had undergone a Complete uninhibited Optimist to surly cynic. Like thousands of fellow Visi tors jumbo pseudonym used to avoid embarrassment arrive via Channel ferry from the continent on a humid summer week end lie cleared customs and pointed the Sedan toward Lon Don. After adjusting to the left Sid traffic and the habitual Lane hopping of the britons he Felt in his own words that he had it few Miles along the motor Way that s the British equivalent of the american turnpikes and German autobahn he pulled into a service station. Filler up with your he said to the rumpled redhead who ambled out to Waiton him. For an embarrassingly Long pause the attendant eyed him in silence then said. You want petrol. I a real Gas i always associated petrol with Petroleum and or Kero jumbo said t know if you can do anything about it. But i be gota mean rattle under the 1 jumbo went on As the redhead screwed the Cap on the Gas ? what s that with mounting agitation. Jumbo jumped from behind the wheel walked to the front of Theca. And leaning across the Grill with Palms motioning downward said this is the Hood. I Don t know what you Call it in this coun . You mean the the attendant said with indifference. Well never mind the mean the jumbo said. Just wipe off the Windshield Ardwell get out of your at this the attendant screwed up his face. Don t Tell jumbo Don t have windshields. In this country they re the redhead said then nonchalantly began wiping the dust from the Windshield with a Greasy rag. Crinkled fender jumbo soon became thoroughly acquainted with British Auto Mobile . When his right front fender was crinkled at a roundabout traffic Circle he Learned that it was really not a fender thai was damaged but a Mudguard. When a girl Friend handed Hima tire Lyre Iron Ami said she found it in ins Hoot he blushed until he realized that the Hoot is the p and Down the dual Carriage ways divided highways an across the lanes and mews alleys he wandered."1 not the vocabulary Down and even Learned to find those Road signs behind Trees and on the Gables of houses. It s the Riidu mortis of the traffic that drove me up the jumbo take me Back to the grand prix de Paris or the merry go Moinul de sex 8ll", of us Inch or u y sold11111 past million paid at auctions rotheby s and Christie a the two a knowl Art auction ering world have disclosed Chat Mhz million Worth of Art Obj months. Warsaw pact Maneu vers combined cts Moscow up Warsaw pact Maneu vers now encompass Al the rear Echelon forces of Poland and East Germany As Well Ashe soviet rear echelons in the West reported. It said High level commanders of the three armies met to co ordinate their War games which started last month at the height of the soviet czechoslovak the Maneu vers lost their Omi Nous overtones Oike the soviet and reformist Cech leaders met and ironed out their , the military exercises continued. They were orig Inalle scheduled to end aug. 10

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