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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 9, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 2 the stars and stripes Friday August 9, destroying every thing we can allies invade a Shau Valley again from a and up dispatches Saigon a Force of 6,000american and South vietnamese troops have invaded the a Sha Valley for the second tin in three months to destroy every thing we can in that enemy stronghold . Military spokes men disclosed thursday. The a Shau Valley stretches Westward from the Hue area to Ward the Border of Laos and Isa primary Supply route for the Viet Cong and North enemy hands it poses a major threat to Danang and other bastions on the coast. The drive began sunday when an initial Force of about 3,000 troops was flown in by Heli copters but details were with held until thursday for Security reasons. Additional reinforce ments since have been rushed in. We Are going in there to de stroy everything we can find said maj. Gen. Melvin Zais Weare spoiling for a Light resistance initial resistance was Light from the estimated 7,000 enemy in the Valley although enemy sharpshooters shot Down four . Helicopters on the first Day of the invasion and a fifth thursday. It was in Sharp con Trast to the invasion of last april when 100 . Helicopter were wrecked by the enemy. Up correspondent Raymond Wilkinson said 20 communists mostly snipers had been killed he also said at least six Ameri cans had been killed and 22wounded. South vietnamese losses were placed at eight killed and 18 wounded. The Valley covered by Loudat this time of year is a vast storage area for the 101st air cavalry men thursday found four russian made trucks and South Viet namese soldiers discovered 50bunkers full of rockets communication wire and other sup plies. Five North vietnamese soldiers were killed in a Brief fire fight thursday but their companions struck Back by shooting Down a helicopter with Rifle were no reports of casual other combat action thurs Day three battalions of Ameri can infantrymen sloshed through a Mekong Delta area about 12miles Southeast of Saigon seek no to pin Down what was be sieved to be a major enemy orce. Fighting was said to be Only sporadic. Listen lefty Don t blame Gene bar Harbor Maine up if you re left handed Don blame your genes says a scientist. Or. Robert l. Collins of Jackson Laboratory Here said Mon Day his studies with 1,000 Iri bred mice indicate that left handedness is not a genetically controlled trait. He theorized the preference Touse the right or left hand might arise from prenatal or Post Natal physical or cultural influx the 1,000 inbred mice he said about 50 per cent reached for a sweetened Pellet with the right and 50 per cent wit the left . If handedness were genetic ally controlled All the mice should have been right or left pawed he said. In the new action officers of the . 9th inf div said the Large number of american troops More than 1,500 men had been put into the area because we believe something is Light Contact began wednesday and was continuing Early thurs the american and communist troops slugged it out on the Battlefield the Viet Cong command told its forces thurs Day to prepare for the final definitive general offensive against the most dangerous enemy in the official communique broadcast by radio Hanoi to communist troops and support ers in South Vietnam warned that the War Days ahead would be More difficult and dangerous than Ever on the Way up Erin pot Ter 13, of Sydney Australia has advanced a theory that could affect world scientific research. She thinks that chem ical reaction is influenced by a magnetic Field. Up photo led of heat stroke 2 officers deny mistreating sgt. It. Benning a. Up two Ranger officers charged with mistreating a negro ser Geant who later died of heat stroke testified wednesday that he did not look sick during the training . Lance c. Warner 26, of Sandusky Ohio and it. Roberte. Lanham 31, of Houston both testified during their court mar tial they Felt sgt. Lon e. Baker of Nashville tenn., was trying to quit in the Middle of the train ing exercise and was not died one week after the seemed like he could t Complete the course and this would be a Good time to quit Warner said. I Felt he was tired and had made up his mind he was t going any , who is charged with dereliction of duty said bake did not appear sick when he fell during the training , who is charged with assault in addition to dereliction boy Given new heart in Japan twister hits Ohio area Minnesota City flooded a Tornado smashed a resort area in Ohio and 8j/2 Inch rain sent Flash floodwaters racing through Minnesota streets wednesday. Dank tropical air sent temperatures soaring into the 90s in most of the East half of the nation for the third successive Day. Severe thunderstorms Rake areas from Iowa to Pennsylva Nia. At least 14 persons were injured by the Tornado which smashed a Boathouse an Marina at Tappan Reservoir near Cadiz Ohio. All window were blown out of the Boathouse and dining room. An army corps of engineers official said the scene looked like scores of boats and cars were damaged. Water ran 4 feet deep flooding the streets of Mankato minn., after a night Long cloudburst by United press International which deposited 7.09 inches Ofrain. St. Peter minn., had 8.62 inches and Albert Lea 6 family was rescued by sheriff s deputies from a car stalled in deep water. Some highways were blocked by mudslides. Many telephones were knocked out by the struck a tree near Shelbyville ind., under which three motorcyclists sought Shel Ter from a thunderstorm. On cyclist was killed and another knocked out electric Power to two counties in Ohio and two in Pennsylvania for up to six hours. Youngstown Ohio got 2 inches of rain and Pittsburgh pa., measured1.5 inches. At least four fires were blamed on lightning. A Westing House Plant at Shawron pa., was shut Down when lightning knocked out electrical transformers. Of duty and maltreatment corroborated Warner g testimony. In earlier testimony Soldier present at the time said Baker fell several times and that the two officers hit and kicked him. However. Warner said he an Lanham picked Baker up by his web gear and pushed him for Ward after he fell several times. I did t do it to Hurt him Warner said. I did it to help him get to his feet. I implored him to go on and told him it was just a Little ways to broke away Warner said Baker then broke away ran across the Road and fell again. He said that when Lanham attempted to help Baker the sergeant began swinging his arms wildly and hit Lanham pretty he said Lanha then slapped Baker a couple of times with an open hand. It Wasa hard slap but not a malicious slap. It was meant to Shock theman to bring him to his senses Warner said. He said that he then placed his foot on Baker s shoulder and told him to Calm Down but he denied kicking Baker or placing his weight on the foot. Warner said he asked a Medici Baker was sick and the medic answered he thought he was not. Several other defense witnesses backed up testimony from the two officers that Baker did no complain of being sick. Baby s breath like pc Ruine London up the perfumes called Midnight. It proved irresistible for Jeffrey Tiller. Jeffrey 19 months old drank whole bottle Ful. His Mother rushed groggy Jef Frey to a Hospital. Doctors who said the perfume contained a Jolt of alcohol treated Jeffrey and sent him Back Home to bed and his Teddy Bear. Eban jarring to meet London up Israel foreign minister Abba Eban and United nations special envoy tothe Middle East Gunnar jarring will Confer Here Friday the israeli embassy said thursday. Guard snuffs out bomb in Calif. City Beverly Hills Calif up a homemade plastic bomb with a burning fuse was snuffed out by a watchman wednesday night outside theoffice of a travel Agency. Police said a red White an Blue sticker declaring unite cuban Power in Spanish was found nearby. The watchman Arnold Bolton called the police department and reported i just found a bomb in the Hall Down Here. It was burning but i put it bomb experts from the los Angeles police and sheriff s departments rushed to the office of Herron s travel Agency on the fourth floor of the Gibraltar savings and loan association on Wilshire Boule Vard. They said the bomb had Atwo foot fuse and appeared to be a homemade plastic device similar to those used last july to wreck four consulates an tourist offices. The attempt appeared to Bethe latest in the series of anti Castro terrorist activities across the nation against consulates and tourist offices whose governments Trade or maintain diplomatic relations with communist took secret Security precautions last july 30 in the Wake of a bombing of the British consulate where cuban Power sticker was found in the wreckage. A heart into an boy thursday i n first such operation Ever nor formed in East Asia. Surgeons described the 314hour operation As a Success they identified the heart recipient As Nobuo Miyazaki the donor was a 20-year-old Man killed in an Accident his identity was withheld at the request of his family. The operation was perform Din Sapporo medical College i government institution in , capital of Japan s Northern Island of hokkaido off the siberian coast. It started at 2 am. And was completed at 5 30 am the operation was Success Ful or. Fusayoshi Tomita was a member of the 20-member operating team which was headed by professor Juro Wada. Miyazaki had been suffering from a heart ailment for four years. He would have had no Chanceford a Long life if he had not received the heart of someone else Tomita said. Miyazaki entered the hospital15 Days a o and doctors said it was believed then that a trans Plant was necessary to save his life. Doing very Well doctors said it took Only 15minutes to remove the donor s heart and about 45 minutes to transplant it into Miyazaki. They said Miyazaki had recovered consciousness and was do ing very they added that he was still under partial Seda Tion. The operation was the world s30th human heart transplant. The first transplant was performed i South Africa last december on Louis Rashkansky who died 18days after the operation. It was also the second in Asia the first one in India being an unsuccessful one. Blast. Contain if of a p i / i there and i know there is do the explosion rocked a Shaft inside the mine with a series of blasts. A Miner who had Bee working in a nearby area saw the blast knocked you Down every time you of up just use a 8,000 feel bark it was estimated that tto trapped miners were nearly 8,000 feet Back from the in trance to the mine and about a feet beneath the surface. The dead miners were identified As will Rice 31, of mrs Gary Bobby g. English 34 of Beec Creek Ernest w. Miller 45, of Central City James Harris of Sacramento by. Rran Ley 45, of Greenville Creekmore 44, of Central Dennie Saling 56, of Echo James Bryant 25, of a Onwu and Robert Ridiner Madisonville. Child report to Iii Vil Springfield 1" of a gov. Samuel h. Signed into Law a Lull of school doctors and nurse Sjo port to Public officials suffering f r o m �iil1 school doctors and Reno Snible under an Eai or to report instances 01 abuse

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