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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 3, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes Page s strips Side i ills Reagan recall drive proves fiasco Cargamento Calif. A with returns from All but seven i ties in the Secretary of state s office announced Smail Coirini recall gov. Ronald Reagan had obtained Only Nam i fixtures far under the 780,414 required.4lms vey finitely a failure assistant Secretary of state a d Lii Iii in said of the six months drive which had the twin i \ of of forcing a recall election to oust Reagan and blunting prospects. Gop panel guards against bugging Miami Beach Fla. A the Republican convention plat committee chairman re thursday that an elec tronic eavesdropping attempt had scan made against the group at the 1964 National convention. Head anti bugging measures have been taken Here this Everett m. Dirksen of Illinois made the disclosure As the group ended Public hearings on the 1968 platform and headed int secret sessions. The senator refused to go int any details including w h o bugged the committee s meeting place at the 19fi4 convention in san Francisco or at what stage the eavesdropping was Dis covered. Dirksen said Steps have been taken Here to debug the rooms where the secret session were to take place. Something phony going on Miami Beach Fla. A amid Security presumably unon a mfr Ted in the history of National political conventions a thief armed with Sharp snips visited the message Center in the Mam Friy of the Fontainebleau hotel and stole three of its four modernistic telephones. Free Loving new York cop fired new York up Bachelor policeman has been fired for living with a girl City police department revealed the Case and said patrolman Alfred a. Mason was dismissed because regulation require a policeman s conduct on and off duty to Merit the Confidence and respect of Mason 37, was fired july 19after he refused to end his Liv ing arrangement. His lawyer said he had advised Mason to Appeal the dismissal which he called a puritanical and Vic Torian the department said Mason had been dismissed because occupants in the building where he lived were critical of the police department because they knew he was not married and was living with the woman. Los Angeles up Abranch Bank had two Robbe Ries so close together that offi cers taking the report of the first Holdup were on hand to catch the perpetrator of the f1h agent and two detectives arrived to investigate one Holdup in which a youth got away with $411. As the turned to leave Bank manager John Steemers shouted Don t go. There s been an other pointed to a teen age youth hurriedly departing with a paper bag clutched in his three detectives gave Chase on foot and cornered the suspect when he tried to hide Between two houses a Short distance away. North desegregation Given push Rocky roped a smiling gov. Nelson Rockefeller Waves to a Denver crowd during a Campaign Parade. Despite the Lariat around his neck the governor had reason to be gov. John love seated left has backed Rockefeller for the presidency. A voters get a Chance to 9 candidates jetliner was flying too fast Washington a the National transportation safety Board said a Jet Airliner that collided with a Light plane near , March 9, 1967, was flying 83 Miles an hour faster than the plane Speed limit for the area. The Board attributed the Accident in which All 26 persons in metro planes were killed to the Jet s excessive Speed and to failure \ of its Crew to see and avoid the Small plane. I thieves need to coordinate by Dick West Washington up surely the Best new Campaign gimmick to emerge thus far is the listen in developed by the citizens for j Nixon organization. Ial a listen in Nixon support ers set up a microphone and in Vite voters to make three minute tape recordings in which they Tell what they think is wrong with the country or the Candi Nixon or his political advisers play Back the comments to find out what issues Are Bug Ging the voters and How Well they think he is dealing with predict this method of voter candidate communication will successful. There Are reasons Why it can t a speech he plugs in the Audi ence. I expect folks would come from Miles around to attend that kind of course there is always the danger of a backlash or feed Back. If people Iell a candidate what is wrong and he does t act accordingly resentment begins to build the potential advantages far outweigh the democrats obviously Aren t going to sit idly by and Lethe republicans run away with an election by turning the Mike Over to the now the democratic National committee probably is plotting counter strategy. The thinking May be running along these lines what appeals to americans even More strongly than speak ing into microphones answer waving at television is therefore logical to As sume that pretty soon the democrats will be offsetting the Nixon listen in with a Humphrey or Mccarthy wave in. Voters will be invited to Stop by Campaign Headquarters and spend three minutes waving at camera. Or the candidate sched Ules a nationwide television appearance during which he is never seen on the screen. In Stead the cameras pan the audience. People can resist to speak into a Washington up the Senate appropriations commit tee has approved legislation which would require the govern ment to enforce school desegregation in the North As strictly Asit does in the South. The committee wrote the provision into an $18 billion Money Bill for the departments of labor and health education and House earlier had stipulated that Federal funds be used to Force the busing of students to schools outside their neighbourhood or make attendance at any particular school a prerequisite for Federal school Aid. Tree nailing figure gets clemency Titusville Fla. Up former outlaws motorcycle gang member was Given two years probation for his part in impaling a teen aged girl to tree last full near Juno Beach. Brovard court of record judge Ecil u. Rosier issued the pro Bation to Donald mangy aves 19, Only Days after sen Ein four other men to a Varav. O a Ciuci Jiichi in Nety of jail terms for nailing year old Christine Deese of West a Alm Beach to a tree by her. Hosier Hud this to say about the cyclist who when arrested affected Long straggly hair an Greasy clothes but was wearing a arc Cut in court i think you were the Syroun Giest people i Ever saw in my life. Today you look like you just came from the Myca. You look like an average citizen.", Rosier said he was giving Graves probation because he was the least culpable of the quintet that nailed miss Deese to a tree because she failed to give her gang member Boyfriend $10 she had earned. Be wildly two Basic miss _ very few the temptation microphone. It is infinitely More satisfy ing to toll a candidate what you hink is wrong than it is to havea candidate Tell you what he thinks is May see the Day when the listen in will replace the old fashioned political rally As the Standard Campaign candidate appears on the platform Only instead of making standardize envelopes. Lbs tells government Washington up pres ident Johnson has directed All the government departments to Start standardizing the size of their envelopes in Hopes of encouraging private Industry to follow general w. Mar Vin Watson said the wide variety in envelope sizes causes jamming of mail processing equipment and delay m hand line by postal employees. He said the Ideal envelope would be no More than 5 3-4 inches High u1-2 inches Long and a Quarter Inch thick. Romeo Klai Sinan informs on pals conventions commentator Washington up Frank Mankiewicz press Secre tary for the . Robert , has signed with the National broadcasting co As television commentator at me conventions of both major Polit ical parties. Jackson. Miss. Up Anbi informer who ran off with a fellow Kun flux Klansman s wife identified the jilted husband an two other reputed klansmen As participants in the bombing of a real estate Earl Wilson a 35-year old travelling Salesman testified in the trial of James l. Harper on a charge of unlawful use of explosives in the March 7, 1967bombing of w. H. Blackwell real estate co. Harper Joe Daniel Hawkins and Burris l. Dunn or. Are charged with the , who said he and Dunn s wife fell in love after the bombing testified that Harper and Hawkins placed a crudely made bomb in the Concrete Block building while he an Dunn waited in a nearby car. The building was almost destroyed by the predawn blast. No one was in the office at the time. The explosion came after Blackwell had received a num Ber of annoying Telephone Calls and after negroes had Pur chased Homes in All White neighbourhoods although Blackwell apparently did not handle the sales. It was the first of a dozen terrorist bombings of jewish synagogues and the Homes of White liberals in the Cross examination Vil son who said he was paid by the Fri. Admitted he fled Testate with mrs. May Matherme Dunn for fear after the klan got the word to eliminate he said he assumed the feb knew he was living As Man and wife with mrs. Dunn. Do you mean to Tell me that the Fri knew you were Cross ing state lines in adultery asked a defense attorney. Yes sir i assumed they re plied the six foot Brown haired Wilson. Wilson originally was indicted along with nine other White men on unlawful use of explosives charges. However District at Torney Jack Travis Nolle pressed the charges against Wilson and six others and new indictment were returned against Harper Hawkins and Dunn. Wilson said he had been granted immunity from prosecution in the bombing Case. Filler t pm a and away Annapolis. . Apr a Burns of Charlotte was set Ting Low on g a s o 1 i n a so he stopped at a service station and got some. Nothing unusual about that except that Burns was at the controls of a helicopter not a set the helicopter Down in a parking lot near the service station had the Gas tank filled i and took off

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