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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 2, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseFriday Augu 2, 1968 the stars and stripes Page f f. Buckley or. Should we let biafran children starve i wonder How Many readers will compete the wading of this column. Because it it about. Tafra. John gun Hor one Ald thai americans will do Atwo Luto in anything for latin Amorita a wet read about it. So it if with Many other pm aeon of accept in moment of Flash flood inter est. Along comes Biafra and the general reaction i of no not another one of Froio african thl Ngi. Those african things have Tome frequently into the now Over the 10-year period of de colonization. It began with the declaration of Ghana s Independence towards which our Diplomat devoted much unctuous optimism. When Tho gentle Man who was designated to Lead Ghana to a new Dawn Freo of imperialism took to beating and imprisoning just any old some body and his Cabinet ministers wives began ordering solid Gold bathtubs we sort of lost interest in Ghana. For a while the Mau Mau got our attention and certainly they earned it. But Robert Ruark Drew Tho full Benefit of that uprising and perhaps a Little besides and then old burning Spear took Over and once again we were Back to simply hating South Africa and standing by to hate rho Desia. Fortunately there was that lodestar of stability on which All of us could count the great nigerian federation presided Over by sir Abubakar Tarawa Alhaji Zalewa. Not you understand that Nigeria was a sleepy time Republic of altogether acquiescent Plains men freed from the shackles of colonialism. It was a Good robust democracy. Time Magazine s cover Story on the prime minister Back in the Halcyon Days recorded the reception Given in parliament to the speakers on a typical Day. Each. Was greeted with cries of Heah Heah from his friends and derisory shouts of sit Down you wretched fool1 from his foes from the Rostrum came the Peren Nial plea for Odah Odah " and of course a very few years later sir Abubakar Zalewa was found dead his face mutilated and the reign of terror began but by this time we had shut out our minds on african prob lems so Long As they did not As in Rhodesia and South Africa involve White folks. And that is Why so Little attention has been Given to the horrors of the biafran secessionist War. We Are right to stay out of that political controversy. Few americans have any idea of which is the right Side and which the wrong Side and those who do make arbitrary commitments. But the Point is that the suffering of the ibo people is on a scale unparalleled since the communist starvation of the kulaks in the mid thirties and somehow nothing is being done about it. The grisly estimate is that unless we act immediately within a week or two one million Bias rans mostly children will die. And the rate will continue at one million per month for six months. The american committee to keep Biafra alive has taken full Page ads asking individual american citizens to write to Dean Rusk requesting that the . Government take Steps to bring food to Biafra and to be Suade the nigerian authorities to permit the passage of food through the blockade it is currently maintaining. Rusk should Grant no greater priority to any other problem than this one. But where Pray is the United nations when last heard from they were in uproar Over the execution in Rhodesia by the White government of one depraved murderer duly convicted by an integrated jury How we did Wail and gnash our Teeth Over that one. Since then col. Benjamin Adekunle commander of Nigeria s army of invasion has described Relief efforts to Biafra As misguided humanitarian rub such food the colonel argues will go to soldiers who will prolong the War. If children must die first then it is too bad. Just too where is the Herbert Hoover of the present situation one wishes that some of those dogged signature collectors who want to reduce the suffering in Vietnam or impose suffering in California on Ronald Reagan or effect the impeachment of Earl Warren would use their precious time to organize Relief missions for Biafra. How can i get people inter ested in my country a nigerian attending a midwestern univer sity once asked me when they Don t even know where it is it s hard. But the american peo ple Are a very generous people. The problem is to awaken them. Herewith my meager contribution. Washington Star Syndicate inc. The making of Mcgovern 68? i Chuck a baby glad to see a Flora Lewis Washington it took 44 Days to fool the prophets and make a candidate out of Wen Dell Willkie and there Are Only three weeks to go until the democratic convention. Still signs Are growing that the possibility of a new democratic candidate for president has to be taken seriously. The key to it is this simple proposition if the Mccarthy sup porters and the leaderless Ken Nedy supporters could agree on a candidate Humphrey would face a real Challenge. The vice presi Dent s convention strength is impressive on the sur face but As one politician said a mile wide and an Inch Chicago s shrewd mayor Daley who likes a Winner even More than the next Man was really saying the same thing when he came our with his extraordinary endorsement. He knew whom he wanted for vice president Teddy Kennedy but he could t make up his mind yet about president. The latest fashion is to Call for an open convention which is pure political code. It has Vari Ous translations depending on the speaker i Don t want Humphrey but i Don t want to risk opposing him if he does pull a bandwagon Miracle or i want Mccarthy but i Don t want to stick my neck out yet or and mostly wish somebody else would turn Ted Sorenson of the Kennedy Camp has been the most Active Hunter for somebody so for he and his friends Havo had surprising Success in keeping the bulk of Kennedy delegates uncommitted. They still Havo Rea son to Hope that delegates pledged to the slain senator can be shepherded to the convention floor As a fairly solid bloc. There Are a lot of reasons Why he Kennedy workers Don t like Mccarthy and Many Aro per Sonal Petty and resentful. But he decisive reason almost certainly i their feeling that Mccarthy has contempt for Power. He h q loner hard to staff. He act unpredictably seemingly on whim. He can t be imagined As an organization Man even at the top. And that very Quality of one disinterested and meditative soul which is so attractive on the Public platform frightens the administrative minded men who want to see policies not Only made but executed. It has frightened some of Mccarthy s intimates too. They love him but sometimes they wonder. He does t want to occupy the presidency said one he wants to purify and because it s Good underdog tactics anyway they put together coalitions committed to an idea not a candidate. Still an idea can t be elected president. It takes a Man and they too have been glancing around sideways in Case Mccarthy obviously can t make it. The Kennedy Ite search and the Mccarthy Ite peeks have now focused on one figure and that is Why a number of professionals have stopped laughing at the notion of a new face at this impossibly late Date. The face is Calm sober relatively Young. It belongs to sen. George Mcgovern of South Dakota 46, a Man practically everybody in Washington likes and practically nobody else where knows. A leading staff member of a major Senate com Mittee on which Mcgovern has never served said of him the thing i can t understand is what such a Nice Guy As Mcgovern is doing in the Senate. This in t a collection of Nice he is As dovish As his Good Friend Mccarthy As Liberal As his Good Friend Humphrey in the old Minnesota Days and it was his Good Friend president Kennedy who helped him get elected. Mcgovern explains his growing popularity in Arch Republican South Dakota saying i be Learned to explain Liberal ideas in conserva Tive he has t the dry wit of Mccarthy but he has the conviction and the thoughtful reassuring manner without the Brood Ness. The main thing he lacks is a National name. But How Many peo ple knew of Eugene Mccarthy nine months ago nobody knows How much to has changed the rules of the game. That makes the professionals deeply uneasy. Mcgovern himself is listening to it All with a sceptical ear though he in t playing Coy. Nobody turns Down the Nomi nation for the presidency he says with Candor. C 196s, new Day inc. & it Russia May try to Sway . Election. l. I. _. I it or am i a w a off la i Washington in cooperating with the . On the new treaty against the proliferation of atomic weapons and now in agreeing to talk with us about Large scale disarmament is rus Sia again intervening in an american presidential election this suspicion has As yet Little currency in the ., but the thought has occurred to some of our friends abroad who re main As always sceptical of so Viet intentions As they relate to what the diplomats Call cd general and com plete disarmament. There is a feeling that the russians Are presently no More Eagar to see Richard Nixon in the White Clayton first cosy House than they were in 1960 when he was running against John f. Kennedy. There is not Only a personal distaste for Nixon in Moscow but a continuing fear that his presence in the White House would neither sustain nor Advance the state of co existence that has been so laboriously established in recent years. Premier Kosyug m is voting Early and he is voting for Hubert Humphrey observes the London economist adding it is More than a year since president John son started prodding the russians to sit Down and talk about fix ing a limit to the number of nuclear missiles the two super pow ers should be allowed to possess. That or. Kosygin should now have accepted or. Johnson s invitation after dodging it for so Long Means that he must have a doubts that the motive is entirely a passion for disarmament Are reinforced by the aggressive talk coming out of Moscow against Prague and the recent exercises of soviet troops in and near czechoslovakian territory. We have former Premier Khrushchev s own testimony that rus Sia was acutely conscious of the . Presidential election in 1960, and conducted itself in a Way it hoped would promote the inter ests of Kennedy. Last year Khrushchev told for the first time about his 1961 Vienna meeting the opinion expressed in the columns and cartoons on this Paga represent those of the authors and Are in no Way to t considered As representing the views of the stars and stripes itself or i i United 6ut with Kennedy. He recalled he had said to the president i told him the fact that you became president was due to us. We made you president.1 he asked me How he should under stand that. I said i la Tell you How. You collected 200,000 More votes than Nixon. Nixon asked us for Powers the u-2 Pilot to be released Khrushchev meant the rb-47 Crew. And if we had done it he would have received half a million votes just for that because that would have shown that Nixon could have established better contacts with the soviet Union. But we guessed his plans. We decided not to give him any answer and just to give it to you when you moved into the White House " in 1063. i a

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