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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - August 2, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 8 the stars and stripes Friday August 2 T a Nixon May decide to risk All on 1st ballot by Jack Bel Miami Beach Fla. A Richard m. Nixon s top strategists now favor a risky All out attempt to win the Republican presidential nomination on the first ballot when the gop convention votes next week. The former vice president will make the final decision himself Early next week on whether to attempt to grab off the Nomina Tion at the first Chance or play it Cool for a second ballot oppor will lean heavily in this decision on the advice of his Campaign manager John n. Mitch Ell Richard Kleindienst Robert Ellsworth r. J. Haldeman and Herbert g. Klein his press director. They make up the inner Circle of Nixon s Are some out sized political risks involved in a Blitz attempt. Failure conceivably could Cost Nixon the Nomina Tion. The tactical move would involve Riding roughshod Over favorite son candidates who might be More amenable to supporting Nixon after they have had a moment of glory on National television with formal nomination forthe nation s highest office. Beyond this however lies the political desire of these Heads of state delegations to claim the supplied the necessary votes for the nomination of the party Standard bearer when he needed first ballot Victory would subject Nixon to charges that Bosses had chosen the Nomi Nee without free consideration by the delegates of whether he was the Man most Likely to Winin november. The arguments against this put Forth by the Nixon advisers were simple no contender bows to protocol if the Nomina Tion is within his grasp. Nixon won All of the gop primaries and thus is the popular Choice of a majority of of new York gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller indicate they Hope Nixon puts All of his chips on the line at the e. Miller former party National chairman and the1964 nominee for vice president said the governor s Camp is ready to combat alternate Strat egy moves by we see it Miller said in an interview Nixon has Only two courses open he can go for the nomination on the first bal lot or he can sit tight and let the favorite sons have their vote Sand then try it on the second he does t break apart the favorite son vote on the first Roll Call then he s in trouble. If he decides to wait until the second ballot then he will be in trouble because i Don f think the favor Ite sons Are going with him. If i gets by the second ballot Rockefeller is going to be both sides agreed privately that the key individuals involved in this tug of War a egos. Ronald Reagan of califor Nia George Romney of Michi Gan James a. Rhodes of Ohio and Spiro t. Agnew of Mary land. Miller spoke hopefully of Rockefeller s chances of convincing the delegates he was the nominee they needed to win in november. Miller said a poll taken by the Rockefeller group showed that As head of the ticket the Newyork governor would pull mar stars and striped. Columns and comment Ginal District Republican through in concessional race in new Jersey. Ohio North , Michigan am Rhode Island who would lose if Nixon were the nominee. These congressional contests Are going to have Impact on delegations from these states Miller said. These people want a local War Crit Mcgovern to rally Frk backers belly laugh California gov. Ronald Reagan Center joins in merriment with sen. Everett Dirksen left and sen. Hugh Scott during Republican talks at Miami Beach. A Washington a s. Mcgovern has emerged As a rallying Point foursome supporters of the late sen. Robert f. Kennedy but mainly to influence the democratic party position on South Dakota Democrat an outspoken War critic said Inan interview he has rejected suggestions from Kennedy peo ple that he actively seek the presidential nomination at the democratic National convention because of his own hard reelection race. But i have told them if the want to use me As a rallying Point that s Okay Mcgovern added observing that this will give a Little More leverage atthe it was for this reason that he went to California last weekend to discuss the convention an especially its platform with Kenn exly called them for a moral commitment to passion an action in the service of the nation and implied that neither vice president Hubert h. Humphrey nor sen. Eugene j. Mccarthy the party s presidential contenders could do this. Mcgovern however made it Plain he will support the part nominee. When asked whether a dark horse such As he i lit wind up As the nominee he said this is a very very unlikely he did say he would accept a nomination adding that any one in politics who i Els As far As the . Senate who says he would t accept the presidential nomination is Mcgovern said he will Proba Bly ask to testify before the convention s platform committee on both farm and Vietnam policy and added he will work at Chicago to organi a delegates to try for the strongest possible Plank on Vietnam to improve our chances in november and to line up with the mood of in his los Angeles speech he indicated he thought the plat form should admit the errors of the Johnson administration s am he said that any president with the will to do it could end the War i Vietnam on terms acceptable to the american people in 60 Pope s birth control stand May weaken Church authority up a statement of dissent by 87 the progressives Mannu hair a of. New York a Pope Paul s birth control decision and its reinforced condemnation of contraception appears to con front american catholicism witha sizable crisis of authority. The first tremor has already rolled a statement of pointed disagreement with the pontiff by several score Catholic theologians. They outlined the Points on which further Contro Versy is Likely to recently authority has never been much of a Church problem in the United states the Catholic Church was fed fora Century by immigrant Stock largely Irish and italian and Toa lesser degree East european slavic groups. The vast majority were Stead fast believers Seldom disposed to question Church authority on any level. But now authority is As much at Issue As the moral Law arguments on which the Pope built the Case for his encyclical on human life issued at the vat ican monday. A statement of dissent by 87american Catholic theologians characterized the Pope s Docu ment As insensitive incompatible with certain decisions of the1962-1965 Vatican Council unmindful of the dignity of the poor narrow in its notion of papal authority inattentive to modern science fallible and even open to possible later proof of being inadequate or erroneous. As startling As the accusations themselves and their source is the fact that most of the theologians involved Are from the Catholic University of America for years a Refuge of traditionalism. The University used to be compared to Home s Lateran University Home of the conservative papal theologian who gave out the new encyclical. The Amon american prelates and Many theologians advising them fought for the inclusion in coun cil documents of such Concep Tsas the private right of each married couple to decide for themselves How Many children to have and How often. Priests who for six years could choose to give Liberal contraceptive counsel to married catholics inside the confession Al or outside on grounds that state of theological doubt pre vails no longer can use that argument with the same impunity. Catholics must plumb the Depths of their minds and souls to reach a personal decision that will torment Many. Washington up the Catholic Bishops of the United half of the approximately 265bishops in the United states said we Are aware of the difficulties that this teaching lays upon so Many of our conscientious married people. But we must face the reality the Strug gling to live out the will of god will often entail statement was seen As an Effort to counter widespread pro test among catholics against the Pope s encyclical monday on birth control which reaffirmed traditional Church opposition to birth control devices and drugs. 1ii he Tricot. James a Campbell. It. Col. F. S. Michael jr., u8afdeputy Mert Proctor. Managing edits. Product. On manage " Elmer d. Prank henryep4tein circulation is Ops Tel a we up lean authorised publication of the department of and. T ail01 Over a the lure and Stripe be published by the cow if i u 8 burp a command in a port of the command intern information program of the department of defence. Content of the. Start t in Ilij of. Or of official Plewe of Tho . Government v d i is a issued Here on be. V. N. Paid

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