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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 29, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseAt Hohenfels the scoreboard is the payoff As skill of Rifle squads 7s reflected in scores continued from Page 11 moves through the simulated shelling and advances into the rubble. After Cap Turing and Clearing the buildings the squad reorganizes and consolidates on the outskirts in anticipation of a counter attack. For safety s Sake the squad does no actual firing of its own in the close confines of the Village As the troopers carry ont their mop no mis Sions the seventh and last Challenge to the soldiers skill comes with the enemy counterattack represented by thre Ebanks of targets and a base of fire. The Small arms of the squad take the counterattack under fire while the m79 Gre Nade launcher attempts to destroy the base of fire. The m60 machine gun fires Ai the fibreglass pop up targets. Mask ing tape is stuck Over each new round of holes to enable scorers to keep accurate count of each squad s accuracy each tour of the test area takes about one hour to Complete. At the debriefing that follows in the Assembly area Points Are calculated with a Misc maximum of 1,200 possible. Half of this total is based on the actions of the squad and its Leader. The rest is deter mined by target hits. In order to qualify for a passing Grade the squad must score at least 70 per cent or 420 Points out of each600-possible category. A combined 1,100 to 1,200 is considered distinguished and allows the participants to Wear a special Patch to Point up their achieve ment. Squads achieving a qualifying score May display a Blue 21/-by-15-Inch Silhouette of a Rifle with fixed Bayonet on the Side of their pcs. Dear Ann Landers i m a High school senior who gets along of. The problem is my s a self made Man and does t let me forget it for minute. He keep badgering me to be tops although 1 have tried to make him understand that not everybody can make the Grade or wants to. Is there anything wrong wit being just an average Guy the double domes and eager Beav ers in our school Are laughed at behind their backs. Average Guys seem happier and Are better liked. They Aren t always in a sweat. They Are also better rounded because they Aren breaking their Heads to Excel in one thing like grades. 1 am satisfied to just get Tell my dad that there is nothing wrong with being a average Guy and to get off my Back. When 1 try to Tell him begets mad. Me dear Vou i Don t think you have to worry about being tops. With your attitude there s Little everyone can be a world Heater. It lakes Energy drive tenacity and discipline. Vou seem quite proud of the fac Thul you have none of these you Are Content to Jusi get by 1 Trust you Are also prepared to Settle for everything thai goes with mediocrity. I Pago 14 Trust too that Yon won t be bitter when you see your ambitious hardworking buddies reap the rewards that come with making it big in this highly competitive world. Dear Ann Landers Zelda Andi have been married for three years. She is a Lively girl an has always had a lot More Energy than i have. About six months ago my brother Dick started to take Zelda to the movies Bowling and a few other places because i was too tired. Last week Dick who is a Salesman asked Zelda if she wanted to go on the Road with him for a few Days. She asked me if it was of and isaid yes so she went. They got Back yesterday and Zelda said she had a groovy time. She wants to go again soon. A Guy at work told me 1 Mustbe crazy to allow this. 1 hink he has a dirty mind. I talked Ito Vei with my Mother and she said it was perfectly All right because Dick is a olt of relative. Do you agree questions raised i r . Sure Dick is blood relative. Bui he s your blood relative not Zelda a Dummy. Put an end to this Chu miness or you might Windup being your own brother in Law. If Dick wants a female companion on Nis trips suggest that he find a Nice single girl and marry her. Dear Ann Landers what would you do if you were 16 years old and your Mother kept harping on How important it is to be a Good Gir and choose your friends carefully and have nigh standards and make the boys respect you and then you found out that she was t Sucha Good girl when she was 16. Her standards could t have been very High and she was t very careful about her Choice of friends because she had a baby out of you obey her or would you laugh at her Buffalo teen dear Buffalo teen the Choice to yours but you know what sometimes Nap pcs to peo ple who laugh when there is nothing funny. Someone usually drops a Butterfly net Over them. Did it occur to you that you Mother loves you enough so that she does t want you to go through the Bell she experienced when she was your age it Maywell be that 1iek Mother did t Tell her anything and she had to pay an enormous Price for her ignorance. If you disregard your Mother s advice on the grounds that she is a poo example you Are making a big mistake. She May a the bes example after All. Copyright Iwa Huovi Hor a syndic the the stars and stripes u f i Arlough facts Frankfurt Agency offers the following Tourt Tulip time in Holland b hours at dutch treat at Tulip time by bus from May 3-5 for i inclusive and from May 2-5 and May 9-12 for $48 Hie Hii in a11 Amsterdam the Flower exhibition at Keuken Hof Madush a a Hague Delft Schev Ningen and Rotterdam. Departure tvs Pir Masens we Bruecken Lan Stuhl Baum older hah Dahlem Pitburg Ramstein Kaiserslautern Wiesbaden Furt Mannheim and Heidelberg. Is oaten memorial Day Tours include Paris by Rotor coach from $33, from May 29 to Tun 9eludes bus transportation sightseeing of Paris All by a nerf j visit to the Cathedral of Rheims and the Champagne a Sample time for Independent activities. Departures Are from Baden. Frankfurt Heidelberg Mannheim Kaiserslautern Weh Lan Stuhl and Homburg. Switzerland by bus from May 29-june 2 for $56 a Berne Lausanne Monteux Lucerne and Zurich with time. Shopping. The Price includes All breakfasts three dinners Narf lunch. Departures Are from Wiesbaden Frankfurt Max Heidelberg Karlsruhe Baum older Ramstein we Bruecken and Pir Masens. Copenhagen by bus from May 28-june 2 for $78 includes bus transportation ferry Crossings to and from Denmark and swede All breakfasts three dinners and one lunch an excursion Elsinore Denmark to visit Hamlet s Castle sightseeing tour d Copenhagen and one overnight in Hamburg to see the farm Reeper Bahn. Departure Point is Frankfurt. London by bus from May 29-june 3 for $79.50 includes bus transportation the ferry crossing Ostend Dover three overnights breakfast and sightseeing in London an excursion to Stratfor Dand one overnight in Brussels. Departure Point is Frankfurt Vienna by train from May 29-june 2 includes rail couches Tessand reserved coach seats on return All meals except two lunches a sightseeing tour of Vienna an excursion to the Kahlenber Hills and two dinners at typical viennese restaurants. The Price is $72. Departures Are from Frankfurt Hanau Aschaffenbur Wuerzburg and Regensburg. Shopping in Florence by rail from May 29-june 2 for $59includes train transportation by Couchetta both ways hotel All breakfasts and two dinners. Departure Points Are Frankfurt an Heidelberg. Berlin by air from May 31-june 2, $55 up includes flight an hotel accommodation with breakfasts and sightseeing in West and East Berlin. Ask for descriptive literature on the above Tours at the Taurus District special services Tours office l g. Farben building Apo 09757, phone Frankfurt military 8630 or civil 592450, or Contact the american Community Center Wiesbaden phone military 23851, or phone Ramstein military 6330, Sembach military 7571,Hahn military 7129, or Span Dahlem military 6207. Goren on Bridge both vulnerable. South deals. North 4 Akes a j 10 6 0 Kyj 10 8 7 5 West East 410874 4q3

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