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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Apr 28 1968, Page 4

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 28, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 4 the stars and stripes we be taken night away from the Sunder pr1i As. By Lewis Simon scamp Eagle Vietnam a troops of the .101st airborne division have taken the night away fro the enemy around the City of Hue and Are trying to drive about 20,000 communist troops from the area their commander said Friday. We have taken Over the night said maj. Gen. Olinto m. Barsanti of Tonopah nev.,commander of the screaming eagles. The enemy can t move around any More without meet ing us and without our killing some of since the operation began april 1, the paratroopers have killed 923 North vietnamese Andviel Cong troops in the sector according to unofficial casualties Are de scribed As Light -.,- six battalions of the Para troopers More than 3,500 men have been sweeping the coastal Plain and rugged Jungle West of Hue Day and night in what bar Santi termed a churning that Means we never move in a straight line. We Hoofe the enemy never knows where to look for us next he staid. Barsanti s troopers Are als Clearing a 13-mile stretch of Highway 547, the Onaiti infiltration route for the movement of North vietnamese men and sup plies into the a Shau Valley the Valley a communist stronghold could be used As a springboard by the North Viet namese for a renewed attack on Hue. We Are denying this route cutting them Oft and the coast to them an from Hue Barsanti now we re aft wicked in with them a layer ofus a layer of enemy a layer of to 60 per cent of his a troopers regularly take night ambushes Barsanti Sai " we re determined today and night he said and we Are doing Are broken Down into company size the same As the enemy said Barsanti who car a protecting Ella a Pueblo Mission Washington up sen Shadow of a doubt whether theatre democratic Leader Mike was in International Mansfield proposed Friday that Waters at All United states try to Send a Mission to interview seeing the sights vice president Huber Humphrey Points out the sights of Washington to King Olav v of Norway As they stand on an eighth floor Balcony of the state department with mrs. Humphrey. King Olav left the capital saturday at the end of a two Day visit. A special Missi captured c r e w m e n of the Pueblo to determine if the ship violated North korean Waters. Mansfield said in a Senate speech that the United states should ask North Korea which seized the intelligence Gath ering ship off its coast jan23, to admit the Mission in Good Faith. He said there was Ever reason to believe the ship had not ventured into North korean Waters prior to its seizure. But he noted that former defens Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara and Secretary of state dean3rusk both Haye acknowledged they could not say Bey did a directorate will oversee riot troops Washington up act ing out of prudence defense Secretary Clark m. Cliffor Friday created a new office in the Pentagon to oversee Federal troops on riot control duty in american it. Gen. George r. Mather who was in charge of. S. Troops sent to Chicago on riot duty earlier this month was put in charge of the he is Comman Der of the army s Iii corps at it. Hood said the directorate will operate from a command enter in the Pentagon base ment which will be fully i operation by july 1. Its Job will be directing coordinating an supervising All Federal military activities related to civil disturbances the Pentagon said. While the Basic responsibility for preventing violence and disorders belongs to state an local civilian Law enforcement officials prudence dictates that the defense department take appropriate measures to Assur that prompt and effective supplementary Law enforcement assist Ance will be available if Neces sary Clark said in a written announcement. Since riot duty has involve moving troops by air Gen. Mather s Deputy will be an air Force officer maj. Gun. Joseph a. Cunningham commander of the 22nd air Force military Airlift command Travis air Force base Calif. The Center will also include Navy and Marine officers. Fao plans . Frogman alive global food working for Russia Aid system by John Kikue Gerstoff writer Rome is an Early warning system to Avert food shortages is being set up by the United nations food and agriculture organization to Fao director general add eke h. Boer a of the Netherlands the new system will operate from monthly Field London a Crabb British frogman supposedly killed in 1956isvery much alive and serving As a Captain in the soviet Navy anew Book claims. Crabb British wartime underwater hero disappeared at Portsmouth 12 years ago while diving near the soviet warship which brought this observation suggests that there could be facts beyond those presently known to us Mansfield said. He suggested that something May have happened during the period when the Pueblo maintained radio silence that could clarify the Issue and Lead Toa settlement. By interviewing the Crew members it should be possible to determine to our satisfaction what May have transpired during the Days of radio silence and any other facts which have not heretofore been available Mansfield said. We would no longer renegotiating in the dark he said. We would have the Complete understanding of the situation which As the former Secretary of defense has frankly acknowledged we do Noth ave now. This understanding would provide a basis or full and evaluation of All Rontch Lions sur rounding the Pueblo incident. From that it is conceivable that there might conic a peace Ful Resolution of his the information Boe Masaid would be provided by Fao regional offices and by Fao sponsored world food program project officers in various capitals. From these appraisals Boer a explained Headquarters Here would be constantly aware of impending food shortages allowing for prompt and orderly countermeasures to be initiated such As appeals to member countries for emergency food , . Undersecretary for economic and social affairs Philippe de Keynes agreed Here that the world food program s direction must be redefined in the Light of global strategy More than in the past he declared in an address a i d must be determined by the needs of recipient countries and less by circumstances in he warned against a return to the practice of destroying sur plus foot and urged deliberate Levels of production to relieve the needs of the then soviet leaders Nikolai Bulgarin and Nikita Khrushchev on a Good will visit to Britain. A headless body wearing frogman s outfit was found washed up on England s South coast 14 months later. Although an inquest accepted that this was Crabb speculation has persisted. The Book entitled com Mander Crabb is alive cites mysterious Telephone Calls re ports and photographs smuggled out of Russia All Pur porting to show that Crabb was kidnapped by the russians. Author j. Bernard Hutton Acx ech born journalist living in Britain claims Crabb was Cap tured by the russians who later dumped a body in the sea from a submarine after haying removed Means of identification the hands and head. Hutton said Crabb Hud Madea secret underwater Survey of the soviet Cruiser Sverdlov in cow decided to Kidnap him. Crabb was tricked into be Lieving the British wanted Sim Ilar information about the War ship the author Crabb entered the water and swam submerged toward the soviet warships the rus Sian divers went overboard to intercept him. They were in Der strict orders not to kill but Are primarily concerned wit to overpower him and take maintaining the truce at a him through an underwater 38lh parallel dividing North a Airlock door in the Cruiser s South Korea. The Pueblo talks ought to be handled by Hutton said Crabb was taken representatives who speak to Moscow where under inter Foj sively in this instance for the rotation he agreed to join the United states he said. Russian Navy Given the name of lev Lvovich kor Abib. There have been numerous published theories on what happened to Crabb but the circumstances of his disappearance Are still shrouded i mystery. Mansfield also proposed that the talks at Panmunjom a about the incident be broken off and other diplomatic channels be used to obtain the Pueblo Crew s release. The Panmunjom negotiations Mansfield said the Pueblo Crew was exposed to grew risks in the name of us government and the govern ment should make every also warned that a festering of this unresolved Issue can Only Lead to gathering european edition col. James w. Campbell Usa filter Chat. Col. F. 8. Michael jr., us of our Edl Edilow Mert Proctor a lust of Elmer d. Frank a ,. Mem Henry 8. Epstein circulation in an unofficial newspaper of and for the . Armed Force pull a Judt commander in chief . European command and printed Dally at Germany. Military a Drewi the 8t�r and Stripe. Apo 091t5. Ter a . M o the 8tar� and it Rupee poot Fach 104, Ai Darm Adt Germany. Tel � 79\. In prefix 0166 hot it Dar Hiudt air trip prefix 2376j 7-jl. Telex wi4 pfc York office 41 Walno ton st., new York Tooh Tel area code a second claw Poitra paid at new York . The appearance of i play a menu in Tiu newspaper concerning commercial publications ?Ttf0 endorsement by i department of defence or any of to ". The United states it an open a piety in which the. British Waters in 1955 and mos to know it her laced and Lyndon u

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