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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - April 28, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseFlying buttresses shaded areas support soaring vault. Is Randy delicate towers of Cologne s Dom Are rated As masterworks. Cologne s Dom is typical of gothic vaulting relieved by glowing stained Glass windows. The romanesque buildings were heavy ponderous and limited the gothic in a Clear Antithesis to the name were soar ing Graceful and filled with Light As the lighter Walls no longer used to support were pierced by vast windows of coloured Glass. As a clearly defined style the gothic emerged first in the 12th Century when the Abbey Church of St. Denis near Paris was built. Obviously gothic creations predated this the style was a gradual fusion with the romanesque but the at. Denis Church is usually accepted Astle beginning the Abbot of St Denis suger was determined that his new Church would be worthy of the old where had been consecrated. He conceived of a soaring Structure worthy or the past and in the shape of the Mure. He called the greatest builders off Europe to work on the Church but the to nil Ancl the attention to detail were mainly his. The style and vision spread from to the whole of France to Italy Tho pan and a Stria and inevitably Townen Catholic Germany. The builders vue Groat roving bands of artisans and a Trismen with the architect supervising 4n a i Napier hiring the serfs and curing a Supply of material. Sunday april 28, 1968 the builders of the gothic were Amon the greatest of Western culture. Their stained Glass windows had a Richness and Luster unequalled since their ingenuity included provisions for the replace ment of single sections of a mighty roof without disturbing other sections of the slating. To protect the roofs and Walls which included the jewels of stained Glass workmen set spouts into Corni Ces and then lifted the Rainwater drains out of the commonplace and into near Art by making them fanciful Birds or animals which came to be known a gargoyles Little throats roughly. Of course technology such As it was went along with the towering Cathedral. Blacksmiths produced new cutting tools new chains and hoists carpenters built soaring ramps for Wagon loads of build ing material and came up with the strik ing device of the wheelbarrow wit which a Man could double the Load he could move. The builders naturally pitched their tents in the squares about their project and when they moved on merchant moved into the emptied area. The Church quickly became the heart of the town the Center of business of Trade and of the Pursuit of religious belief. Sculpture of course was the Art form if Lii i Rankin f in near at f l \ anal to Liuni Lanai Iii i or animals u h Icli raw1 to in Nunn of if a. The stars and stripes most closely connected with the architect. The slim and Graceful portals and windows of the gothic style were idea places for the sculptor to create his religious allegories and the artists responded by moving the figure out of the Relief form common in the romanesque and giving rounded life to their creations. The gothic period was a sprawling spawning Era of great creativity be tween 1170 and 1270 in France alone More than 500 great churches Rose in the gothic style. But toward the end of the medieval times the gothic style became cluttered and the Fine detail blurred. Artists turned More to secular work and from Italy came a new move ment to be known As the Renaissance. But the True glory of the gothic remained in the single towered strength of the Cathedral of Ulm at Freiburg Andin lofty twin towered Beauty at Cologne. The gothic builders gave towering shape to Man s thrust toward the heavens and they opened the interiors of the places of worship by great glowing expanses of Glass. As if to Echo the words of god let there be Light they opened their minds to the world next sunday romanesque and the Imperial cathedrals of Mainz worm Sand Speyer Page %

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