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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Apr 28 1957, Page 3

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 28, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Or april 1hi stars and sinks Irish tycoon for jibes England aim Al wealthy 76yearold retired Busl who hates children has of sending anon to bereaved them the deaths of their were a blowing to the Henry Bessemer grandson of sir Henry bes who1 revolutionized the pm facture of was fined 40 pounds on charges of mail big grossly offensive judge told Clark that writing letters was the vilest and contemptible crime anyone and declared the Fine was quite out of Date and Alto tether Ujj elective inspector Henry junes fans eme spent 3i years tracing the writer of letters to rents who had lost children by 4 Sample a old fashioned script of generations ago finally led to whose own son killed in a railway Accident and whose wife died several years woman whose 5yearold son had just Clark wrote it was a very sad expert Lor you and the father but there is one and that advantage to our great Britain has been overpopulated foe some if More brats died there would be More loom Vin which to live and move about the j to a woman who had just Given to he wrote i understand you have added three to your you should be ashamed of your foolish and unpatriotic it would be a Good thing for the country if the three brats did not to a woman whose baby Daugh Ter was fatally injured in a Road dark wrote instead of Breeding women should take up a Spital work or Domestic ser Tolsa police chief guilty in payoffs okla a Tulsa police commissioner and chief of along with 14 other defend have been convicted of conspiring to bring whisky into okla homa by accepting is in under provisions of the states con Royce Savage earlier dismissed charges against three other defendants atthe comple Tion of the prosecutions they were Nolen crime reporter for the Tulsa Tribune Cliff a bail and Ber wafd Neil a Bootlegger suspect Ifni Tortal was in Federal on charges of conspiring to violate Laws prohibiting the importing of into dry convicted along with police com missioner Jay Jones and chief police Livingston were if six a if Tollard parlor operator and a Jop liquor store tammany Hall u Dies of heart attack York a John f Leader of tammany Hall m died of attack at his Winter Home Cora polities after losing leadership in two after the forced resignation m democratic mayor cur a headed Manhattan Atic organization since crucial Ahsu Enface nato at Bonn talks Bonn Cap foreign minis ters of the 15 North Atlantic treaty organization meet in Bonn this week to up series of critical to the future of the Western it will be the first major inter National meeting Ever held in this once sleepy University City on the but Bonn now capital of the West Germany and in its Short member kelp in Germany bag become the focal hinge on which swings the Mili tary defense pattern of the Alii no specific Agenda yet been set Forth by the nato Council of but h is certain these will occupy much of the time of the delegates British decision to Cut Back its troop strength and place primary Reliance on the retaliatory strength of atomic proposals for the to train and Arm its nato partners with tactical atomic question of whether atomic and Hydrogen bombs should be stored on the european Montt particularly in West Ger British proposal to place the Cyprus in which debretto frets about roped Cottons a peer not a peer London new Edi Tion of the who who of has come out with a budget of useful information for the worlds knights and other titled items include better Way must be found to keep track of whose children Are or titles May go will not permit the of print used in listing the wife of a peer to be a barometer of the affection in which she is will not act a go Between for wealthy american women who wish to help support poor but deserving editor of the 155yearold which runs More than pages and costs was particularly worried about the within last year or two several have Arisen of Chil Dren in the direct line of Succes Sion to titles being repudiated by t heir he in the pref Ace to the new 40 Russ reported killed in52 attempt on Everest London a a weird Story of How 40 mountaineers perished attempting to heat the British by scaling mount Everest in 1952 reached Here sir John who led the successful British ascent of the worlds highest Mountain six months later in i think there is some truth in the the Warsaw newspaper Zandar Mlodoch carried the report of the disastrous soviet expedition which it said was carried out under direct orders of the late dictator Joseph a polish climber named Pawlowski was quoted As saying the soviet Mission was to Plant the Flag of peace on top of Everest As a dramatic gesture in stains peace offensive at that within feet the soviet expedition reportedly reached feet of the in december the russians radioed confidently they hoped to scale the Peak within two that was the last heard from them and presumably the expedition was wiped out by an Ava Hunt says he remembers a mystery plane circling Everest while the British expedition was training on the Mountain in april before launching its a strange plane flew he it came from the North at circled round for a then zoomed Back to the we vaguely wondered at the time whether it was a russian we had heard russians had set off from the or aide of Everest in some troth i think there is some truth in the Warsaw newspapers but i dont believe that 40 rus sians reached a height of feet it is More Likely that an and Vance of six men tried to reach the top and reported in some italian and swedish we had always thought that any attempt on Everest from the North was asking for the t Light trim England up the Barber in this Yorkshire town operates a set of traffic lights in his Green for no custom and red Swiss know and their expedition tried from the i went to Moscow in 1964 to Tell the our Hunt a group of russian climbers told me then that Russia did not Send an expedition to order of the Day Lewis r a n k i n cheerfully consented to a woman request to use his Tele stood by in astonish ment As she put in a Long order with another thanked him and walked in such cases we have usually obtained a birth certificate which has been found invariably to be is and indeed in some instances the father has actually registered the birth of the As a Hank son suggested that the who keeps track of be bet Ter informed As to what goes on m divorce failing he there Wilt exist danger that at some future when succession to one of the titles involved takes All the necessary proof required to establish the rights to the title could be by a Man who had been shown by Evi Dence in the divorce courts to have As to the matter of unloved wives and Small Hankinson wrote that one peer has persistently attempted to keep his wife name out of having failed in he amended his plea by requesting Are to tuck her away in very Small Type Down at the along with her i am not disposed to allow the size of the Type used in describing a wife to become an indication of the measure of affection existing Between her and her Hankinson otherwise i fear that in some cases it would Only be possible to read the wife name with a magnifying cops new crash Chapeau new York patrolman Tom Guthrie models the new crash helmet to be worn by an the cites motorcycle it a plastic laminated we tic foam rubber Shock and Turkey before tentatively by the a Jav and went but by to Bronit Francos Spain into the organism the fax of of Ami letters from the soviet Union admonishing the allies not to per Mit to their soil for atomic the meeting will not Only weighty diplomatic and military makers but also issues of consider Able political significance inside the member weapons cd perhaps most crucial involves atomic under the is from divulging any atomic to even its it la considered probable that some nato members will urge Secretary of state John roster Dulles to work for changes is the american under any is an important difference of Opin Between Britain and West of atomic weapons As a deterrent to potential soviet Britain takes the position that conventional weapons Art a thing of the past and that War can Best be guarded against by heavy Stock ing of atomic West Germany con that in the event of a so Viet attack on the traditional foot Soldier with his conventional weapons would be first line of a Tiller mediator it is expected that Dulles will placed in a position of mediator Between these president Eisenhower has said he a none Tow Happy about the British but that he understands the Finan Cial reasons behind it cannot be predicted a Advance whether this meeting of the coun cil will Supply a definite answer to the military future of the West either a major swing to atomic weapons or a continued Compro Mise Between weapons and conventional but the time clearly Neara when final answers must be made and the Bonn session May turn out to be the All 15 nations Are to be represented by their foreign Chancellor Konrad Adenauer will officially open the conference at big reception there will h two sessions daily thursday and Fri Fuy and a final meeting Satur Day Montesi hearings off until May 20 Italy up ont St tribunal wound up us 14 week interrogation of witnesses saturday and declared further hearings suspended until May court president Mario tiber announced the closure of interrogation after a verbal clash Between defense lawyers and prosecution a half hour suspension of the 52d the uproar caused by de sense lawyers who accused wit Nesses of repeating nothing but rumours about Piero sob f a former foreign Picci oni is charged with the Man Slaughter of roman party girl a Vilna Montesi in april explosion injures 15 in chemistry class teen persons were injured1 in an explosion that shattered fixtures in the chemistry auditorium while an Indiana University professor was conducting an Charles Rohrer was mixing aluminium with liquid oxygen when the blast another professor and 13 students in

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