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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 23, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseThi Stam and Swiss i " " actin tit. Whill pm Joni Timok a do a to if live f Fol How with Itu. Tii Ivo of the u8af Litlie Wartt in till boy from Hamilton Afu with Mccoy and tight Mil om3 enl Lollon to min Wolf of i my 8mmtrh nit i h Jotin in to on ,1nl inf div the two the old a exhibition Ito Unkn Lulu m in Holm april 30m i Ink full 34ih inf d v to a tit Unn to Vii Huttl Jmel my 9-Ji and the Rrt inf div full Krain Fml Park by 15 Ufi i Mounir Elf 3rd Inid i vhf from Juif thai Trout try Wilt Tony path in a Tali cow to w it tourney hrs , of in titty Rhian int will v Jim film luf Elf limn rat of cull in i a link Milt i j m Ami a j to or filth to to t 1-0 i ill run us in Ali to in five i or i nil a of h nil tvo no in in tit in in Tomii h r a n to tin army s Hort m Tosh four to Iii in let i Hatji inn Leif to i Tut it a a a Ham Kemt Linn i tiny or to flu Chi of Isth Silin Olny or Toriumi Al t Liu i in � to Iti tit 41 h Inid div Indk a Wittry in the. Uhal Kuh will 6pn h four pm Littlon tour in or Cru to 1111 Power Ulm any Halai k Cimfl Wii Fly a to p tunic is will ply Pijie in Dan in on whew duty new Llund to Verdun for n two lir a or rfcs inv in a april Ninn nit r Siuty Priti Nutly him prompt fun but Trilik for by item on he unit knit a Nib in to a Nuy if fat Oft i Pithy thu Ninffa. If int in by ii Trio of a Rutt Day n my i in a Maui l for of hts fat find jul in lit is in finnic in Illihi d of Viii Lect i to officer 4lb annd his sch. A nil ii in v Herman air or and Irish la i by try Ltd Imit in my Iff mid Hod Huttl to part Idun a in wet think my tit Holh a inti is Ftp Fin Ploc Tiivi Ellb Hal Gnu her i Fri Rel a Jour. To Patrk with Hio irn out win whelp i i limn re Nilca in Star Only in off 1 10 it Tunu of a Coin Mound furn pin Josh to Trio Ori a. Pin Hillst la usim Lelih a a jilt pit Ltd i i lit Milf is i a tour p i. At7iw-s, a tilted with Bunni h in Llu the army Sii Inri a Ned Nutt Itin to Vlin . It twirl by a Lii min on Hiu Uii Tush Mil i of Tiitu Ory hmm Fri Tii i Ith till cd fun a h i 1,74 plan Filc lit Clud Lite tits i imm it Jill m Bifid Mutl ill for t ii Iii in tint Nhieu. Fly Iii Ftp the win onto Tow it it if not Hotnit butt Utu entire us by a to if Law Ehui Imam of. Bhunuj pointing Marine Chertik a to in the i960 0�ympfc�, took qty let Honor by we nil a few flub Tiu of in theft Tiu to to army Cir not Wal item n a Luxor Oivinn it 8rfkif to Tel for and hot Pitin in a if Lantt or Horn not Trow " Only Ling whim too Tro for undo Arti it hts of a Mem i itt. Aim mlle by � .4. Tarrin it ciirillnjf0 unt attic re hut i from my i Chi Al him Rufii my a. Wkmlhtt1w . Lil a i titty it fief army a Al Tell Elisha Flat i. Onui., k n in Toh uht Elf in in it to of it attn Iii not found him Ivi it uni tul tour Tanh Tuii Ivy to it Foo cd Jit Nii Liti Hon run in up a a i is Lotf 4hot,"" tin k n p r to Outlook of ibo thu Iii Fht or Fth it m i Iuni a tit of four t n of Toni Witk Hunt Ibrim fit in j Wilt. In n Cut ii Val to of Clit to Mil hot let. Boyn on i Utun Flat Slun find tftwi1 if win. A Ritter l it my it to to i Lii 4m, e. Pitrey of i Tif. Tier or Melior Yov cd Sliff it Nik Mrija i Xvi a ik-ji7.- a. I Rith Man a giant Lemro Aji do hut will ii Dow if Ludt tit by it Tull a. N n Udo Nul Pool he will Titko of i butt of Dot Iii Vii n h us Phi in Lii Muul " con Iniba Ili Nir Felt Itje to Idi Nln in it put Jdc lint Law . In Pii Hii of in in he i i to thu in Othnell i play Al Tri if my Kiik h u dry blur Tim Tryr Liefl Tinl we i to to Fiir to pc it t it in Huttt film of pump Ltd Pihrt m tort Nix flip in Hil aft ill to Bill Idle milk in tint now it a Wurr lord it Tiht Liow it Ali Only to la Twy of Vlf it Buo a Riihl it Janif. T it a would Levi at Iii a to draw �4nm,0 put Cru from ii Tih i Tim would pm if

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