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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 21, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 6 the stars and stripes up in arms suburbanites you re half cocked by Dick West Washington up one upshot of the recent riots herein a wave of gun buying out in the a suburbanite myself i View this armaments Rush wit mixed emotions two parts apprehension and one part conster nation. I certainly would t say a sub urbanite should t buy a gun to protect himself his family his Home and his rhododendrons. There is always a possibility that violence will erupt again an that some of it will spill Over into the a suburbanite moves to Arm himself however he should consider some statistics i have compiled. Then he should care fully weigh the potential threat Aga inst the hazards of gun ownership. These figures Are necessarily approximate being based Pri Marily on things 1 have read and my own observation of sub Urban life. They do show How Ever that the chances of household gun being used for the purpose for which it was Pur chased Are rather Remote. If past performance charts re main valid for suburbanites who Purchase a gun the following percentages will prevail 17.6% will forget to buy bul lets. 12.8% will buy the wrong size bullets. 33.4% will forget to Load the gun. 29.3% will forget How to Load it. 18.2% will be too nervous to Load it. 14.7% will forget where the put the bullets. 41.1% will discover that their wives have put the bullets some where else.9.7% will forget where they put the gun.37.6% will forget How to re lease the safety catch.9% will use the gun to frighten away intruders. Use gun .1% will hit the wrong a son. A -4.4% will accidentally shoot themselves while Cleah a t gun. 8 w9 -2.1% will be deliberately shot by their wives. " new 25.4% will sell the gun a up later for 80% less than they Pas Tor i Jackson mayor sees negro slums for first time Jackson miss. A i be seen things today i would t have believed existed in the City of Jackson mayor Allen c. Thompson said after a3 /2-hour tour of slum areas con ducted by negro mayor and the two City commissioners. Clark Horton and Derwood Boyles were shown dozens of trash filled vacant lots ditches with stagnant communists to join race for president Milwaukee wis. Up Gus Hall general Secretary of the american communist party said Friday the party will enter the presidential race with it sown candidates for the first time since 1940.Hall said the party would con duct a National Campaign to choose candidates from among himself Arnold Johnson a Mem Ber of the party s Central com Mittee Henry Winston party National chairman Claude Light foot Illinois communist part chairman and Herbert Aptheker a leading theoretician of the party. Hall said there was discussion Over whether to run a negro either As the presidential or vice presidential candidate. The party recently has been emphasizing work in the civil rights movement and building apolitical coalition of Whites and negroes said Hall who was i Milwaukee to meet with Wisconsin party party favors nonviolent action for negro rights and Amer ican communists Are Active in civil rights organizations Hal said. Water rundown houses and eve outdoor toilets three blocks from the state ordered City attorneys and the sanitation depart ment to take whatever action is necessary to get this clean Dup. If the property owners Don t do it then let s take them int court. If you Don t have enough lawyers he told the Legal department then Tell me Ardwell hire some More. I want this cleaned and Thompson agreed that the area near the Capitol where the toilets were found had but one solution there nothing to do Here but bring in a told an old negro Man living in one of the shacks you d be better off sleeping in the streets than living Man agreed and said he paid $6.50 a week rent. Prompted by remark the tour of the City s negro slums was prompted by a re Mark Thompson made at Council meeting tuesday. He told negro leaders there Areno slums in the City of Jack disagreed and offered the he had seen a few of the houses Thompson admitted head been wrong. I can see Why they laughed when i said there were no slums in the City Thompson is terrible just the mayor a Veteran of 20years in office said we re not going to pull any stops. This has got to 26,000 evaded Berlin Wall Bonn up More than 26,000east germans have fled to West Germany since the communists erected the Wall across Berlin on aug. 13, 1961, the West German refugee ministry announced Fri Day. But escapes Are decreasing. Of fighter crashes in Long Island town Bay port . A Anair Force Jet fighter crashed and exploded in a residential urea of this South Shore Long is land Community Friday after its two crewmen apparently tried in vain to Man Euver it outto sea. Several Homes were Dama Gedas the f4d phantom Jet came Clown and burst into were no injuries and John Barry police commissioner of Suffolk county said thank god no one was Hurt. It seems like a two crewmen maj. Lloyd e. Lewis of Apple Valley calif.,and capt. Robert e. Mckenzie of Victorville calif., ejected from the crippled plane and landed safely by witness on the ground Charles Behan 19, said he swathe aircraft headed away from Bay port toward creat South Bay an Atlantic Ocean Inlet. But after the crewmen abandoned the plane he added it veered Back Over land. Behold that Tiger Tammy the Tiger plays with kids at a Panama party. A Paja m m partying must be caged9 owner told Miami Fla. A Tammy is a 110-Pound Bengal Tiger and a gentle Host at children s Paja a parties. But the Dade county sheriff office says William Seefeldt the owner will have to Cage his 10-month-old pet. The Cage is Nec Essary to qualify for the permit to keep her. She is Housebroken with seven generations of Captivity behind her Seefeldt said. If they Luther in a Cage away from people she would go was born in a litter of five tiny tigers at the county Scranton Park zoo. The zoo traded the excess cubs to an an Imal dealer and Seefeldt bought Tammy from the dealer. Heddin t reveal the Price but or. Gordon Hubbell superintendent of the zoo said Tiger prices Range from about $600 to $1,200."i can t figure Why he would buy such an animal for a pet said Hubbell. It just gets big Ger and More said he bought Tam my As follow up to other unusual pets a Bear Falcon Fox and has had Tammy six Wichita debaters win new York up the de bating team of Wichita kan., state College has won the22nd annual n a t i o n a 1 debate tournament defeating Butler University of Indianapolis. Months and she s a plaything for the neighbourhood children. The adult neighbors Are afraid said Hubbell. Thursday the sheriff s deputies pointed to the statute re Quiring permits for flesh eating animals. They said Seefeldt would get the permit when Tam my got a Cage. Seefeldt said he would take his Case to court. . Murder rate lowest in top 10 new York up although there were 746 murders in new York City last year it had the lowest homicide rate among the nation s 10 largest cities a police report shows. In the annual report of the police department s crime anal Ysis unit the new York City often some relative proves to be killer new York a murderers in new York turn out to be a Friend or relative More than seven times in 10, City police statistics show. Out of 746 murders in the Cit last year up 14.1 per cent Over 1966 the killer was a member of the family 140 times a common Law spouse 32 times Boyfriend or girl Friend 50 times and a Friend or acquaintance 321times. Murders were pinned on strangers in Only 203 cases. Murder rate was listed As 1.1per 100,000 residents. Houston5 rate of 26 per 100,000 was Amer Ica s highest murder rate. The Fri reported recently Uia murder rates in . Cities averaged 18 per cent higher i year than in 1966. The new Yort City increase was 14.1 per Cen new York police said arrest were made in 715 murder cases leaving 31 unsolved. In there were 643 arrests in g murders leaving Only 11 cases unsolved. 1o-n i three murders took place � subways and 236 were . Most of. The Yocum were slain with a 7�jsharp instruments and the Gro est number of attacks took pm Between 10 and 11 pm there were 271 my ices Manhattan 264 in a Jin the Bronx 62 in Queen in Staten Island. Manhattan � had the highest murder Rathe five boroughs 16 Pel

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