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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 21, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and strikes saw Cal Fri a to 40m a a we head a 3. Parley slate of officers Bobbi Ore Germany Sas Congress of Amerl and teacher has re Gerdova Smock As it drier vent Pron Dpt Foj it rant in Gina 1s57, Bec Iune theat Eto Dod to second the organization was to form in 1951, co Frederick c to of Law Patrick Pat at Heuel Bere three contents curing off jews for in com he or Gunder school Louii ejected and Vloe def sting capt Jamas of Buttac France a. Craig a sixth teacher to Frankfurt school no. I defeat ill a Mecum of tout Al the Rue for third vice Robert a Franr. Cd adjutant a will and Frankfurt elementary Pat was ejected it tie was Nim to Lou b. Strong Jim Atea her to Meu it wife of a Captain. 71, t t rpt at Jpn � " i,.il-.t a Way of Fern of la Kun Roiann of american brents and Tea Chorn a front Row left to right my. William a Huron of jr., j. Oort on Blwck Prenol Dent Oure Gim Drinan h cond Virn prod Dent Back Row so t maj Kruth a Fay Trca Piror la Rachel d. Or neg Oill vice Ntreh Dent. Incl it col Robert , first vice Urcal debit. Sas by Randy at of tin Edward , Korma Dianna Welchin. Patilda Hope Hantling in a to j1- As of Trumm a moderated the chairman of hat the Munich Branch airways had o the Don Tjon firm it in 1110. The from to schools in the Las the Europe t Rem Luton whih we let american to tools in the per tent of welfare. Sp5 in slut Iii be sent to Frankfurt 3&s -rsp5 Jot Hill found innocent of the pre meet Tatad murder of i wife will tie evacuated for medical reasons to the United states and further disposition of his Case will be made let a. The army wild hot a member of the 51st inf i a found innocent by a v corps court of the premeditated murder of his if Bessie .m.hjll. He Throat was slashed with a razor Mitilde their apartment in the Butzba Cli Amir Len housing Are dec. 9. A second tin Noldor had been charged with Al Altig his wife after she moved her Pento Aal posse Taloni out of the apartment and refused to live with him. She was his second wife. -.--. / will i Anity Wai a major Point in i five Day trial. Three army Psychia Trust and one with a civil Ian Pretic in Frankfurt testified in support of Counard s to mention that Hill wan mentally incapable of forming an intention of murder. I thy he was suffering mental derangement character item by n com of Contact with Hii environment. Touk oui i to Good Lik tining in the in Rai Isar a Hiram Rosics. Sni Jan a to 3�� he wimm a i a Sim my 3411 it Frak oct Ham to wet Udo no Tim inc m a Washington f c it. State Ockart Mentor said thursday the United states hat atom Gay pro tested to Russia Bulgaria and to mania what to described. Stage mob attacks against Inq u., Lega tons in those countries a a department spoke Stanham these mob actions represent a undesirable. Develop i to the maintenance of relations face tweet governments.". Department press officer Coin White said the Nib actions were just what you would expect in Justern Europe by pro Castro Rob the demonstrations were in connection with the Rebell anti Castro invasion or Cunn police could or int White waa asked to explain whether the s. Charge1 that the demonstrations were siege meant they were directed by the government of the communist countries. He replied that he could not in that "specifically1 but that it we a fact they damaged re lations because the communist countries concerned have the police to prevent the damage.1 White said a crowd1 or som thousands milled about the Ameri can legation tuesday in Sofia capital of Bulgaria hurled atone which broke several windows and attempted unsuccessfully to enter the premises in Bucharest Romania several thousand Ritter invaded Ameri can legation property/1" White said. Mobs also stormed the . Embassy in Moscow hurling Stone Sand breaking windows . Stock Exchange prices by the United fret International Al Ltd Chim Altai Chi Alum Alum. Ltd Amir Aid Atner cub Amer Cyon Amir m Folry am a Mot a a Rimolt Amir t at amt Rte an in 1 army Syhl All .Il h f Avion Hsnk 2sh 79h 37 4 lit 114 bin Dpi corp blah my 51 a it 3ih wbk 91 a Jim 37m 19 we Brun Wilck Chi. Sin can. Edn do i air. Daw chm do pent turn All till Korial Elf a n out Foril 14 44% its a � Uhi 30 it oin Gin Eli Curli in Mitsn pm .Il _ a it 39 Driy hound cult All a Tanto 8tm i Bui myth flt hrs int i not to Ken Chioti a Rok Minn my 3�h41 709 11%71 Jim. 88 4, 42h a 34h haul Wro nut Ottil attn nut sowl int a Rah an ref a Ollit myth own Lodi a pin auth Ajr a Lyl do a Tori or Matur Phylli mar 86 11% of Lert 77 met my we. Clip 3b a h a no ii my 39% 45 1bh77 to a 93% Bra wed clot a Ritus Drui Reynold Tot set it thinly Bihar let in talk w a 30% i a Soh 4411 49i% ,4s% ,144 i. 87% 49ft 41 49 43% Pirry Larul on cum to .Il tin is All . Tunny i ,47% 47%7% thl Ohel trl Ciot Unn Mai unload s. Slot but Unno it Ullh to will Worth Al remt Lio .Il isij4 ii 84 .42.ism m 42m to i Mutual funds prices tall Lucid fun Aloma fund night to f4, a fund Paev. Bid asked Bio 1.o 1,8 1.37ast Sou s.b3 l07 10.01 i a �. Tl42 fund fund in fund i or owl old Lind surf i fund he Rob a a,9t 10.3 t7. 13,57 11.17 10 k i i.t4 to.28 14.4ft tj.14 11.77 12.80 ii.b2, 133 b.b4 8.33 Al a he ref Ftak. Cd Energy fund fld Allty fund Ini Uirt a lfl.7 17.10 12.34 18,10 i2.1b 13.9ft 14,91 8.94 Uiso .2s. by Iton try North induct. Fly i Hamilton Ftp h-c7 Huml Ltan cd hda into nit fourth of fun Ltd 4.iu 5.90 4.8ii. 1103 11,07 10.18, 11.27 10.3 9.71 3.16 9.24bid, 4.79 9.71, m4 11.91 11,45 i3j01 Mcm in it co at amt to Lount. Nut of Antn Kiy Ilont b4kiwi inn Sik Vilont s3 Kiy Iton 84 Luard fund bid ask to Bio 23 1137 .1mb Tittl of inc Tiloi tie Ilia tt.17 �,94 2i, i4. 13.10 11,10 mail. In. . In. True Nail 8�.-ot�. Nit l a .Il i 840, Al com n it Ian c. I e. On Withum 81, �7.00 a fico t7.7t i ftps ii to 14.78h.ij 14-w 8.h 4.14 1w Buji 10.89 Tom �,44 to �. " i4-7s plan a Mutual .Il pro i it of twi Putnam it myth baud 8ta�, pm come 40jb a it stir

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